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puppy pals

  1. 1. By: Chelsey Campbell Renee Ferland Collin Tucker Konstantin Berger
  2. 2. *Individual Roles *Mission Statement *Team Goals *Operating Principles *Community Partner *Fundraising *Community Impact *Team Improvement Plan *Lessons Learned *Parade *Conclusion
  3. 3. *Collin Team leader, Float supervisor *Renee Secretary, Administrator *Chelsey Wiki director, Meeting Organizer *Konstantin Humane Society representative, Materials director
  4. 4. We are a group of student volunteers working with the Humane Society to raise awareness for animal adoption in a sustainable way. Role models giving back to the community through the leadership of our project. We hop to influence the community to adopt animals if they are able to.
  5. 5. *Raise $300 for the shelter *Collect 50 cans of dog and cat food *Each team member commit to at least 10 hours of volunteer work with the shelter *Make fully sustainable float with recycled materials from the shelter *Educate at least 50 people about animal adoption
  6. 6. *Be on time to meetings or inform group members otherwise *All members respond to emails within 24 hours *Know expectations of all group members *Be on time to volunteer and work appropriately *Complete respective tasks in a timely manner
  7. 7. • Each team member volunteered on a weekly basis throughout the semester • Completed a dog training course • Worked with each animal on basic commands to increase their life quality and chances of getting adopted • Set up collections in designated locations to take donations for the humane society as well as raise awareness in our community
  8. 8. *Set up table in campus center to collect donations for the humane society *Worked with the fraternities and sororities on campus to collect donations *Set up a collection box to collect cans, food and money *In total we collection $26, 76 cans of dog/cat food, 7 bags of treats, 4 bags of dog food, 3 jars of peanut butter, as well as many other items
  9. 9. *Set up several booths in various place around campus and Dartmouth throughout the semester to educate the community about the importance adoption *Worked with the UMD fraternities and sororities and informed them about the shelter *Participated in the earth day parade and raised awareness for adoption in our community
  10. 10. *The purpose of our project and our float was to raise awareness about adoption and to promote adoption from shelters. *Our work with the shelter included training dogs to make them more adoptable, which is a huge focus for the humane society. *Through the help of our community partner we used 100% recycled materials that the shelter collected for us in our float. *Our float was focused on promoting adoption through the humane society
  11. 11. *Float made out of 100% recycled materials from the animal shelter *Carpooled for volunteering *Used recycled paper when making the signs that we put on our tables *Worked with each animal to increase their life quality as well as their chances of getting adopted
  12. 12. *Got most of our creativity from our supplies from the shelter *Brainstormed ideas for our float and came up with a “Dog-house” design *Added new ideas to the group to make the best float that we possibly could with our supplies *Used all recycled material
  13. 13. Areas of Key Difference: Avoidance of accountability Fear of Conflict Areas of Strength: Trust Our Plan: Through our strengths we were able to impact our opportunities, trusting in our team members that they will hold themselves accountable for tasks and that we can discuss issues because it is in the best interest of the team.
  14. 14. *Delegation/task management needed improvement *Accountability among team members *Making online meetings run smoothly *Using email more instead of texting
  15. 15. *Our whole team attended and overall we had a good time taking in the atmosphere and showing off our hard work *It was educational and interesting
  16. 16. *As a team we had excellent team chemistry *We had a fun time volunteering and educating the community about adoption and the shelter *Was a good life experience *Overall we were a successful team