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Black history
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Black history






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Black history Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Done by: Chen Dewei 2P304
  • 2. Agenda
    • Slavery
    • The Civil War
    • Jim Crow Laws
    • The Civil Rights Movement
    • Montgomery Bus Boycott and Scottsboro Trials
    • Traits of a true Southern Belle and Southern Gentlemen
    • Harper Lee
  • 3. Slavery
    • Began in 1760 BC (Code of Hammurabi)
    • The town of Lagos, Portugal was the first slave market created in Portugal for the sale of imported African slaves
    • Slaves were brought from Mauritania
    • Whites from the Southern State traditionally owned and bought slaves
    • Slaves could not refuse to work, leave their owners or demand compensation
  • 4. Slavery
    • In relation with To Kill a Mockingbird
    • - Both had discrimination against the Blacks
    • - In the novel, the Blacks were discriminated and convicted of crimes though innocent
    • - I learnt about how the slaves were treated (discriminated), which allows me to understand the novel better
  • 5. The Civil War
    • Southern states – Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana
    • Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the war against the South
    • Waged in a bid to fight for rights of Blacks and curb spread of slavery
  • 6. The Civil War
    • Causes of the war
    • - Northern states had abolished slavery
    • - Southern states were afraid to lose control over slavery
    • Lasted for 4 years from 1861 – 1865
    • The deadliest war in America’s history
    • In To Kill a Mockingbird, Tom Robinson had to fight with The Ewells (Black vs White)
  • 7. Jim Crow Laws
    • A song
    • State and local laws enacted in the US between 1876 and 1965
    • Laws of segregation between the Blacks and Whites
    • Blacks were inferior to Whites in almost everything
    • Black Americans were very unhappy as they were treated unfairly
  • 8. Jim Crow Laws
    • In the novel, Tom Robinson was wrongly accused by Whites that he had raped Mayella Ewell. In fact, Tom was innocent, and was wrongly accused and insulted due to his skin colour
  • 9. The Civil Rights Movement
    • Began in around 1950
    • A worldwide political movement for equality before the law
    • Led to improvements of human rights, but did not fully achieve the goals
    • President John Kennedy supported the movement
    • In the end, Blacks were equal as compared to the Whites
  • 10. The Civil Rights Movement
    • Chicano Movement
    • - Sought political empowerment and social inclusion for Mexican-Americans
    • American Indian Movement
    • - Violent protest gatherings, resulting in the deaths of 2 men
    • In relation with the novel, Atticus defended Tom Robinson even though he was a Black to prove his innocence
  • 11. Montgomery Bus Boycott and Scottsboro Trials
    • Fighting for the rights of Blacks in transport as the transport system was biased to the Whites. Blacks had to give up their seats to the Whites
    • In the Scottsboro Trials, nine black teenaged boys were accused of rape in Alabama in 1931
    • Tom Robinson was wrongly accused of raping Mayella Ewell as well
  • 12. Traits of a true Southern Belle and Southern Gentlemen
    • Southern Belle: A young woman of the American Old South’s upper class
    • Southern Gentlemen: Men with good manners and respect
    • Atticus – Polite and just, decided to defend Tom Robinson in the court
    • Bob Ewell – Violent, inhuman for he raped his daughter, discriminated and insulted the Blacks
  • 13. Harper Lee
    • Born in 1926 in Alabama
    • Pursued a law degree at the University of Alabama
    • Published her first and only novel To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960
    • The character ‘Dill’ was inspired by Harper’s best friend, Truman Capote
    • Awarded the 1961 Pulitzer Prize
    • Book made into a successful film in 1962