Chelsea Neal Visual Resume


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This is my Visual Resume for my presentation class at Full Sail University. It is a way for me to get my name out to some of the companies I hope to work for one day.

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Chelsea Neal Visual Resume

  1. 1. h"p://  h"p://   Many card games claim to be the best one ever made.!
  2. 2. But only one ! Has Survived! The Test! !Of Time! h"ps://  
  3. 3. Chelsea Neal: Card Game Specialist! h"ps://­‐Photography/405614085069?sk=photos_stream  
  4. 4. Food and Culture! Art and Mythology! h"ps://   My life revolves around!
  5. 5. And  Especially…  Card  Games!   h"ps://  
  6. 6. I’m constantly scouring the internet reading anything and everything about cards games.! From card games of the past to those being played presently. !
  7. 7. And out of all of them, I believe Magic: The Gathering is the most dedicated and community centric card game.! Art  by:  Jamie  Jones   From  the  Ravnica  Fan  Kit:  Provided  by  Wizards  of  the  Coast  
  8. 8. Think like an! Act like a! My Personal Motto! From  the  Ravnica  Fan  Kit:  Provided  by  Wizards  of  the  Coast  
  9. 9. “Imagination is the beginning of creation.! ! You imagine what you desire,! You will what you imagine,! And at last,! You create what you will.”! - George Bernard Shaw! From  the  Ravnica  Fan  Kit:  Provided  by  Wizards  of  the  Coast  
  10. 10. “You can’t wait for inspiration,! ! You have to go after it with a club.”! - Jack London! From  the  Ravnica  Fan  Kit:  Provided  by  Wizards  of  the  Coast  
  11. 11. My ! Skill! Set!
  12. 12. Studied traditional art at the von Liebig Art Center in Naples, Florida for 5 years! Photos  from  me  
  13. 13. Currently studying Computer Animation at Full Sail University! 3D  models  from  me  
  14. 14. Spent a year over in Japan and have studied Japanese.! h"p://    
  15. 15. Uninhibited Imagination! Whether it be a new deck recipe, creature design, or my newest card game creation, I am always thinking creatively. ! h"ps://  
  16. 16. My  Ausm   h"p://   Due to early therapy, all of the bad autism traits I had are gone.!
  17. 17. h"p://   Leaving behind a great attention to detail, observational skills, and excellent memory.!
  18. 18. Work Experience!
  19. 19. For about 3 years I helped out my friend with his card store, Undead Gaming.! h"ps://­‐Photography/405614085069?sk=photos_stream  
  20. 20. In store and in conventions this gave me insight into the life of a card game store.! h"ps://  
  21. 21. At the same time I was taking a job at Publix and working as a server at a restaurant called IM Tapas! h"ps://  
  22. 22. h"p://   Both these jobs taught me the importance of working with others, respecting higher ups, and to give excellent customer service to anyone you can.!
  23. 23. My Personal Goals!
  24. 24. h"p://   My personal goal, is for me to have a stable career that can support a family.!
  25. 25. h"p://   But  to  also  have  that  career  be  something   that  I  truly  enjoy  working  on.    
  26. 26. h"ps://   Working on Magic: The Gathering would be a dream come true for me.!
  27. 27. h"ps://   Working with like minded individuals who also love the game that they create.!
  28. 28. Contact Me! Email:  nealha"   Facebook:  h"ps://   Twi"er:  h"ps://twi""yDrago   Linkedin:   h"p:// id=324596554&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile    
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