Women Trends in the Middle East


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Women Trends in the Middle East

  1. 1. Jh/sept  2012/  Cheil  UAE   WOMEN 2012 TRENDS
  2. 2. INTRO…What will make the world tick in 2012? What will consumers do in 2012?What is the forecast of trends in the near future? Planners and intelligencedepartments did their share of the job and thousands of reportseverywhere are evaluating, analyzing, studying and demonstrating thecrucial trends of the current year..At Cheil UAE, our observation skills, trendspotting & pattern recognitionare “made in the region”. From different global and local research tosupermarket visits, café ear-dropping, social behaviourism and practicallyanything that showcases or hints to any new pattern being built, wedeveloped our second MEA 2012 collection of trends, this one focused onwomen.
  3. 3. #01Super Nanny
  4. 4. #01Super Nanny  Although often grouped with other household workers, the new nanniesoften carry responsibilities that are heavier and more significant. Whileparents pursue careers and work to make life better for families, thisnew age of educated nannies ensure that the children are safe, healthyand happy. They only take care of the children, playing with them, whiletheir main focus is teaching them, just like old school governesses. Example: According to Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) figures, the Philippines deployed 13,184 household service workers, including “Certified Nannies” to the UAE in 2011. The UAE is the third largest employer of Filipina nannies, next to Hong Kong and Kuwait.
  5. 5. #02The WonderDeal
  6. 6. #02 deal   The wonder Is it because it brings us back to our bargaining traditions, an activity that especially appealed to Arabs throughout time? Or is it because women take pride in finding THE exclusive deal in town? Women in the Middle East now can show off when buying Smart! Social commerce is now an integral part of consumers’ lives: Groupon, Cobone, LivingSocial etc.. aren’t just about saving money: it’s the thrill, the hunt, the control, and the perceived smartness these women are after.•  Example: Banyan Tree and LivingSocial Escapes ME have set a new standard in online travel sales in the ME: The promotion featured a 50% discount on a romantic one-night stay for 2 at the Zawya April 2012 Banyan Tree RAK and has seen over USD 1,100,000 of room nights sold within a space of 14 days.
  7. 7. #03LocalSocial
  8. 8. #03  Local social  There are 2.3 million Facebook users in the UAE from which 66% aremale and only 34% are female. Though Emirati women are becomingincreasingly aware and digitally competent with Smartphone devicesthat enhance the constant use of social networking sites, as amajority they prefer to use Twitter over Facebook, findingFacebook’s privacy settings “untrustworthy”. Research conducted at Zayed University- The National Example: Women in the United Arab Emirates tweet seven times more than the average user, with 60 percent admitting that they are constantly checking their accounts throughout the day. They trust the micro-blogging site and don’t feel exposed like with Facebook *Arab Social Media Report
  9. 9. #04Womenthe new Men  
  10. 10. #04the new MenWomen  Women in the region are becoming as powerful as men if not more.Women are the majority of the workforce in Dubai where expat womenare Managers and CEOs of international companies. Local women arebecoming ministers and directors of major governmental companies.In the Middle East the power of the purse has never been morepowerful. Example: Lebanese Actress and Director Nadine Labaki is the new face of the Scotch Whiskey brand Johnnie Walker. This new campaign marks the first time ever a woman has appeared in a Johnnie Walker Ad.
  11. 11. #05Reces-shion  
  12. 12. #05Reces-shion    If the devil wears Prada, the world wears H&M. Call it recession, call itfashion, we call it “back to reality”! Brands’ (and designers’) aim is,today, having the opportunity of reaching a wider audience. Thedifference between the new reces-shion and the all time masstige(mass luxury) is that the consumer can afford to pay more but is notnecessarily willing to pay more for luxury after the recession. Example : When High street giant H&M announced their latest designer collaboration with Versace, people in the UAE actually waited in line from 5:am for the Dubai Mall and MOE stores to open. Source: Gulf News Collection was sold out in 30mn. Last year’s Lanvin collection for H&M was sold out in the UAE in a matter of hours!
  13. 13. #06Fat phobia  
  14. 14. #06Fat Phobia  Being obese or overweight is a worldwide concern. In Dubai and the UAE the problem is a main subject of conversations between new expats and old residents. We acknowledge that the sedentary life we live and the long working hours help us gain weight.. But from diet food in a box to boot camps to private trainers to VelaShape™ and Power Plate®, the fat war became somehow more of a trend matter than a health problem. Example: The diet food delivery companies are one of those fast-growing trends in Dubai: Live’ly, Right Bite, Gulf News.com June 2012 `   Health Factory, Kcal... Women (and men) receive the diet food in a box along with the promise to help her shift the pounds, while eating healthily, saving her time.. and looking trendy.
  15. 15. #07GrannyChic
  16. 16. #07chic  Granny  Grannies aren’t what they used to be! At 60, 70 or even 80 years old,women still want to look their best and wear the best. I dare you tolabel a 50 + women by “3rd age”. They understand beauty and they buyFashion. Brands also understand that age today is nothing but anumber and grand-mothers these days will not wear granny clothes. Isit too cliché to say 70 is the new 30? Example: The new Burberry Ad featuring Isabella Rossellini aged 60, and the new Dolce & Gabbana campaign featuring a happy mix of generation in UAE local magazines : Monica Belluci 47 years with model Bianca Balti 28 and model Daphne Selfe 82 years old… are today all equally considered brand consumers.
  17. 17. #08 LipstickNation  
  18. 18. #08 Nation   Lipstick UAE women spend 38% more than their French counterparts on cosmetics and consider these products “daily necessity”. Particularly young women who allocate a larger part of their income to Make Up, especially “bold color lipstick”. This clearly shows a change in trend from a traditional discourse on beauty based on modesty to one influenced by Western brands, moving away from a conservative approach to a modern affirmation of personal beauty attributes. .   Example : Consumption of facial and eye Euromonitor International, Gulf News 2011 make-up and lip care products will continue to grow over the next years in the UAE to reach 519.5 Million dirham in 2014. Eye make-up but particularly lip make-up products including lipstick, lip gloss & liners are projected to be the largest segments of this market.
  19. 19. #09Duosmom  
  20. 20. #09Duos-Mom  One does not have to look very far to see that multiple births are on the rise in the region. The statistics do seem to show a trend toward higher multiple births. According to scientific research conducted, age and fertility treatments are the leading two causes of the increase in multiple births. A new demographic target is “Born” (pun intended) which represent an amazing opportunity for brands in the region. Example: Brands should take this new target into consideration when *Middle East Fertility Society Journal developing new services or new promotions: kids products, FMCG’s, clothing, hotel promotions... You name it! The ‘buy one get one free’ has never been so rationalized.
  21. 21. #10KoreanWave  
  22. 22. #10wave  Korean  Many Emirati are “captivated” by Korean Culture. They are obsessed with everything from the boy band members, to TV dramas, food, fashion, beauty products and language. They study Korean at the university. They order creams and make-up from South Korea. Soap operas, subtitled in Arabic, are more conservative than their Western counterparts. Lyrics also are less explicit than in American hip-hop. Example: The popularity of K-pop is growing in the ME. Last April, 7 members of boy group ZE:A held a fan meeting in Dubai sponsored by Samsung. Thousands of fans arrived for a chance to receive Gulf News. April 2012 autographs. The boys also held a special showcase in Abu Dhabi where thousands of female fans where waiting for them.
  23. 23. ABOUT CHEILCheil worldwide (www.cheil.com) is Korea’s largest and one of the world’sleading advertising groups. Established in 1973 with headquarters in Seoul,Cheil operates 53 offices in 28 countries with over than 3,000 employees.Operating in Dubai since 2006, Cheil UAE is an integrated ad agency producing creative and added value solutions for its clients through“ideas that move” - Ideas that move consumers, brands metrics, products.
  24. 24. To find out more about our “ideas that move” or more info on our local Trendspotting & Marketing to Women knowledge and how it can help move your business, please contact: seongjin.ki@cheil.com or joumana.hage@cheil.com