Mobile World Congress 2013 Overview


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Wrap Up of the Mobile World Congress 2013 by Cheil UK head of Mobile, Kim De Ruiter (@hollypecks)

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Mobile World Congress 2013 Overview

  1. 1. MWC Overview15.03.2013
  2. 2. 21/03/2013 We are Cheil
  3. 3. What did we see? The congress was twice the size, for starters…. • 70k attendees. That’s a LOT of nerds • New devices from Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony, Asus, HP, Caterpillar, Kyocera, Fujitsu • Trends including bigger, smaller and even no screens as well as some devices with muscles (!) • More focus on retail than ever before, including payments, loyalty, mTicketing and more • Cool stuff including robots, surround sound headphones, a "real size" connected city, AR goggles21/03/2013 We are Cheil
  4. 4. Devices with muscles! For those who break everything • Caterpillar-branded CAT B15, an aluminum- and-rubber-clad Android smartphone – the builder’s dream! dream! • Kyocera Torque - an ultratough handset that’s still a modern smartphone. Unlike the Kyocera Hydro that was released this past summer, it isn’t only waterproof, but it fulfills military specs for durability, too.21/03/2013 We are Cheil
  5. 5. Operating Systems (OS) The Geeky Stuff • Multi-OS - Thanks to Windows Phone, Mozilla OS and Blackberry there might be space for more OS challengers even though Android and iOS still dominates • Lots of focus on Windows Phone 8 - Microsoft was platinum sponsor of the congress, Nokia launched new WP8 devices, HTC pushed Windows phone21/03/2013 We are Cheil
  6. 6. No-Screen Neonode Impress your friends at parties • Next-Generation user interface • Allows you to take an experience beyond the screen • Any surface becomes touchscreen! • Check out the video here21/03/2013 We are Cheil
  7. 7. Enterprise Mobility If we market them, we’d better be using them effectively! • Ever thought about how a company with 10.000+ people manages all the mobile devices and business applications the employees carry? A big theme for MWC 2013 was mobility management and security services • During MWC AirWatch announced a $200m Series A funding – the largest investment in an enterprise company so far in 201321/03/2013 We are Cheil
  8. 8. Retail NFC, NFC, NFC……. • GSMA, Visa, Mastercard, Samsung and numerous other brands and operators were pushing NFC but consensus is it’s not quite ready to become a serious enabler for payments, ticketing and other transactions • Mobile point of sale - both PayPal and Visa launched their POS services. Interesting opportunity for retailers to equip their staff with a mobile device Check it21/03/2013 We are Cheil
  9. 9. Ultra-Targeted Advertising Yes. Big Brother IS watching you. t • Companies are maximizing engagement success with relevance, reach and valuable analytical insights via targeted advertising models. Yoose helps leading brands and agencies to effectively target and engage mobile consumers on a hyper-local level.....Check it21/03/2013 We are Cheil
  10. 10. Cool Stuff You can actually get your hands on t • Surround sound headphones from Qualcomm and DTS. Impressive headphones are a thing of the past! This software/SDK makes mid range headphones ($40) sound like a $10,000 audio surround sound system • Nokia Cinemagraph - launched a while ago but the technology is now available in all the top Lumia devices. Amazing sensor and software technology CheckIt21/03/2013 We are Cheil
  11. 11. Thank you