Cook Street 180 October Class


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A chronological look at the food cooked by the students in my last class

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Cook Street 180 October Class

  1. 1. Cook Street 180 ° October class
  2. 2. Week 1 Monday Turin with goat cheese compound butter Quiche Lorraine Gianduja Mousse
  3. 3. Tuesday Clafouti Roasted Pork Loin w/ Red pepper coulis Roquefort Tart
  4. 4. Wednesday Fettucine and poached chicken soup Grapefruit and basil salad
  5. 5. Thursday Orange and grilled fennel salad, beet vinaigrette Roasted duck w/ pur é e parmentier Saffron poached pears
  6. 6. Friday Tomato tart Potato crusted bass with saffron and green olive broth Molten chocolate cake
  7. 7. Week 2 Monday Le Grand Aioli
  8. 8. Tuesday Foie gras w/ red onion marmalade Pan fried foie gras with cherry reduction Chicken supr ê me with garlic saffron broth Coconut sorbet with chocolate macaroons
  9. 9. Wednesday Scampi Proven ç ale with Fazzoletti Fresh berry Vacherin Brandade Tapenade
  10. 10. Thursday Fig wrapped in prosciutto Boudin blanc Fennel and black pepper crusted salmon Lemon Lavender tart
  11. 11. Week 3 Monday Blood orange and green olive salad Pan fried kampachi w/ gnocchi Proscuitto & melon
  12. 12. Tuesday Cr ê pe souffl é w/ tomato coulis Tilapia sauce Grenobloise Espresso granit é
  13. 13. Wednesday Roasted strip loin Onion tarts Oeufs à la neige É pi crown
  14. 14. Thursday Radish green soup Jaeger schnitzel Deconstructed black forest cake
  15. 15. Friday Osso bucco w/ gremolata Consomm é with julienne vegetables
  16. 16. Week 4 Italian Monday Passatelli Sgroppino Bistecca ala fiorentino Tortellini al pesto
  17. 17. Tuesday Fonduta Spinach Soup Marinated roasted peppers
  18. 18. Wednesday Cake buffet Butternut squash Agnolotti Bagna Cauda Quail stuffed w/ fig Peperone farcito al tonnato
  19. 19. Thursday Lasagna Tiramisu
  20. 20. Week 5 Monday Omelette, spinach w/ bacon vinaigrette and cr ê pes Parmentier Chanon Watson
  21. 21. Artichoke Soup with Frico Grenadins of beef with gnocchi à la parisienne Fresh fruit tart Tuesday
  22. 22. Wednesday Mayonnaise Derivatives Pear tart Bordaloue Celeriac remoulade Potato salad Mushroom soup Poached salmon
  23. 23. Puy lentil salad Thursday Chocolate Éclairs Roasted stuffed rabbit with pommes Dauphine
  24. 24. Friday Oeuf en meurette Poulet Belle M è re Trio of sorbets
  25. 25. Week 6 Monday Leek soup w/ salmon quenelles Filet of sole en papillote Crème caramel
  26. 26. Tuesday Duck confit and rabbit rillette Halibut à la nage w/ pistou aioli Chilled lemon soufflé
  27. 27. Wednesday Clams Casino Striped bass wrapped in brik w/ a shellfish emulsion Chocolate soufflé
  28. 28. Thursday Oysters Rockefeller Fruit soup Lobster à l’am é ricaine
  29. 29. <ul><li>Friday: </li></ul><ul><li>Seafood buffet </li></ul><ul><li>Smoked trout with beet horseradish </li></ul><ul><li>Salmon gravlax </li></ul><ul><li>Assorted caviar with blinis </li></ul><ul><li>Fresh oysters with mignonette </li></ul><ul><li>Steamed clams </li></ul><ul><li>C é viche </li></ul><ul><li>Mocha P ô ts de crème </li></ul>
  30. 30. Week 7 Monday Provence Crespeau Rack of lamb with a pistachio crust and ratatouille Paris Brest
  31. 31. Tuesday Alsace Flammenkuchen Choucroute Garni
  32. 32. Wednesday Southwest France Duck with wild mushrooms Orange intermezzo Trout à la Basquaise Napol é on
  33. 33. Thursday Loire Salmon and sorrel soup Venison sauce Grand Veneur Tarte Tatin Crottin
  34. 34. Friday Burgundy Jambon Persill é Poussin à la moutarde Seasonal fruit Pithivier
  35. 35. Week 8 Monday Panzanella Veal Parmesan with gnocchi Zuccotto
  36. 36. Tuesday Fettuccini with braised garlic Veal Saltimbocca Rice pudding
  37. 37. Wednesday Acquacotta Seafood risotto Soufflé glac é
  38. 38. Week 9 Tuesday Salade Ni ç oise
  39. 39. Lobster bisque Prime rib w/ gratin Dauphinois Wednesday
  40. 40. Thursday Duck consomm é Duck w/ grapes and walnuts Chocolate Bavarian
  41. 41. Friday Spanish garlic soup Roasted chicken w/ Samfaina Pommes Berny
  42. 42. Week 10 Monday Sauce Week Gratin of endive Grilled lamb chops Hollandaise derivatives Quatre quarts
  43. 43. Tuesday Crab bouch é Tomato and cauliflower soup Chicken w/ sauce Robert Crème brul é e
  44. 44. Wednesday Seared scallops w/ beurre blanc Duck sauce Bigarrade Tri colored chocolate cake
  45. 45. Thursday Vol au vent with sweetbreads au mad è re Filet with sauce Bordelaise and truffled pommes frites
  46. 46. Friday Composed salad Chicken Ballotine
  47. 47. Week 11 Monday Savoie Dauphin é Pasta w/ comt é and Cucumbers Pork medallion with matefaim Gateau St. Honor é
  48. 48. Tuesday Truffle potato Agnolotti Potage Parmentier Filet with foie gras and truffles Black currant and almond tart
  49. 49. Wednesday Frogs legs Romesco Sole Normande Blue Cheese
  50. 50. Thursday Game hen terrine Cr ê pes calvados w/ caramel ice cream Braised short ribs
  51. 51. Friday Fris é e salad with Humboldt Fog goat cheese Cassoulet
  52. 52. Week 12 Tuesday Pasta Carbonara Lamb with broccoli ala romagna Zuppa inglese
  53. 53. Cast of Characters
  54. 54. Richard Barriteau
  55. 55. Patricia Belaire
  56. 56. Craig Dobson
  57. 57. Mallorey James
  58. 58. Jeremy Jamison
  59. 59. Brittani Johnson
  60. 60. Jennifer Klein
  61. 61. Jessica Nellis
  62. 62. Michael Rigatti
  63. 63. Matt Ross
  64. 64. Lucy Strumbos
  65. 65. Chanon Watson