5 proven ways to safely make positive life changes


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5 proven ways to safely make positive life changes. http://www.fatlossproducts.org

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5 proven ways to safely make positive life changes

  1. 1. Source: www.FatLossProducts.org/Articles/Article/1/83www.FatLossProducts.org5 Proven Ways to Safely Make Positive Life ChangesOne of the most important aspects of living a healthy and prosperous life is understanding"risk." By this I mean knowing how to understand and analyze situations in life that affecthealth. Being able to accurately weigh benefits and risks when making health decisions isvery important! Too often decisions are based on incomplete or inaccurate information andthis is a huge mistake with significant consequences!Failure to accurately assess risk keeps people locked in all kinds of unhealthy situationsincluding poor eating and exercise habits (lifestyle), relationships and jobs. Sometimespeople are just afraid to step out and make a change. They see "risk" in making a changewhen the REAL risk comes from NOT making a change. From my perspective, living with thestress, unhappiness and frustration of indecision and poor health is the greatest risk of all,and one that is definitely not worth taking!Accessing "risk" is nothing more than collecting information, weighing the alternatives andthen making appropriate decisions based on the information.Some risks to our health are more "real" than others. For example, it is common knowledgethat obesity is associated with a wide variety of health problems. On the other hand, thereare some health risks that are so remote we rarely think about them. On a practical level,eating highly processed foods and avoiding a daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables israrely considered serious. But, as too many have already discovered, the long rangeconsequences of this practice are real and devastating.Failure to accurately assess risk limits us in many ways. We imagine the "risk" of talking withour children about drugs, dating or sex and we put off having the "talk," even though the risksof NOT talking are infinitely greater. Fear of flying and public speaking are two more "risks"affecting millions of people. But practically speaking, these fears are unfounded. People ridein cars every day, even though cars are far more dangerous than commercial aircraft! Its afailure to accurately assess risk, and it limits our health, prosperity and pleasure in life.The goods news is that failure to accurately access risk is reversible! The effects of thosedecisions to eat inappropriately or NOT to exercise are, as the common expression goes,"do-overs." We can effect positive change in our lives by following a few simple steps toaccurately access risk:1. Accurately define your present situation and access your health "risks". Are you eating ahealthy diet? Are you getting enough exercise and good quality sleep? What are theconsequences if you DONT change? Weigh the benefits of healthier living vs the potentialrisks such as increased cost, inconvenience or discomfort.2. What do you stand to gain if you change your present circumstances? Assess the "up-side" potential. Too often we look only at the "downside" risk and forget the benefits. Whatgood things might happen if you take the risk and win?3. Limit the "down-side" if you happen to make a wrong decision. Dont continue down a pathif it does not produce results. This is especially important when following weight lossprograms. If the pounds are not coming off or if the weight loss is only temporary, find a new
  2. 2. program! You not only want to lose weight, but want to sustain the weight loss for as long aspossible. Take steps to ensure this will happen. Clear, concise, realistic objectives willdefinitely help.4. Reduce your risk by being smart! Understand the situation and seek the advice of expertsin the field of health and nutrition. This includes finding and forming partnerships to receivesupport and get good advice.5. Have a fall-back position. If the decision you make fails to produce the desired results, beprepared to take a long, hard look at the circumstances and be prepared to change what youare doing.Everything in life involves some element of risk. Driving your car, meeting someone new,crossing the street...but we do them every day. Winners in life are willing to accept the riskand continue on their way! Get involved, be smart about how you play the game, comeprepared for a few failures along the way, but dont quite. You will reap the benefits for youreffort and live a happier and healthier life. I like to remember the words of the great WinstonChurchill when he said, "Never, never, never give up!"The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intendedto medically diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Consult a health care practitioner beforebeginning any health care program.Emily Clark is editor at Lifestyle Health News and Medical Health News where you can findthe most up-to-date advice and information on many medical, health and lifestyle topics.