4 tips for fast fat loss part ii


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4 tips for fast fat loss part ii. http://www.fatlossproducts.org

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4 tips for fast fat loss part ii

  1. 1. Source: www.FatLossProducts.org/Articles/Article/2/3664www.FatLossProducts.org4 Tips for Fast Fat Loss Part IIFat Loss Tip #2) Drink More WaterI know, I know, weve all heard this one over and over again. But how many of us really drinkenough water? Im talking at least 10 8 ounce glasses of water a day, minimum. You shouldreally try to take in a full gallon of water each day. Keep reading, and Ill include a secret tipon a specific way to drink water that will increase the number of calories your body burnseach day.Why, you ask? Let me count the ways. First of all, our bodies are over 70% water. Thatshould tell you something right there. And you all know that you can go much longer withoutfood than you can without water.The body needs a lot of water in order to maintain its daily functions efficiently. In addition,water helps to flush out harmful toxins, as well as prime the body for fat loss.If your body isnt getting enough water, it does everything it can to hold on to the water itdoes have. The problem with this, is the way it holds onto the water. You see, over 70% ofyour muscle is made up of water. It helps to give your muscles that full, pumped look (alongwith glycogen).However, if your body is not taking in enough water, that water is used for other things,leaving you bloated. And the way to get rid of that excess water, believe it or not, is to take inenough water.This will rid you of that excess water weigh that bloats you, and begin to help your body runmore efficiently and priming it to begin dropping body fat.Once you begin taking in enough water, your body starts dropping weight, possibly 4 or 5pounds in the first week. Now, this is mostly water weight. However, doing so optimizes yourbodily functions, allowing it to run more efficiently and start burning stored body fat forenergy.Heres another little trick you can use. Instead of just drinking water, begin drinking ice coldwater. You see, there is a metabolic cost to eating. In other words, the digestion of food, asyoull read about in the next tip, takes calories. Well, so does drinking ice cold water.The body needs to heat up this water in order to be able to use it properly and doing so takesenergy, i.e., calories. You can burn another 50 to 100 calories a day by drinking one halfgallon to a gallon of ice cold water per day.It doesnt seem like much. However, in addition to all the other benefits of taking in enoughwater, by drinking ice cold water, you can drop almost a full pound of fat each month, orabout 10 pounds per year.Not too bad, if you ask me. Part III coming soon.Gregg Gillies is the founder of http://www.buildleanmuscle.com and the author of Get FitFast. He articles have appeared in Ironman Magazine and he is a regular contributor to BodyTalk magazine. Check out his site on building muscle and losing fat