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Source: Secrets Your Diet Book Wont Tell YouAre you ...
experience or current fitness level. NiteTrim is an all-natural supplement that effectively burnsfat, and the company offe...
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3 secrets your diet book wont tell you


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3 secrets your diet book wont tell you

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Transcript of "3 secrets your diet book wont tell you"

  1. 1. Source: Secrets Your Diet Book Wont Tell YouAre you wondering why youre not losing weight? If youre like me, youve tried every fad dietimaginable, and nothing seems to work ? at least not long-term. Ive personally tried WeightWatchers (that worked great until my schedule changed and I was no longer able to attendmeetings), Atkins (not easy to follow for someone who travels a lot and loves to dine out),and crazy fad diets like the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet, juice fasts, and countlessothers. I was hungry all the time, and I wasnt able to sustain any substantial weight lossbecause there are three secrets that NONE of those diets told me.First, diets dont work, PERIOD. Any plan thats highly restrictive, structured or specialized isunrealistic for long-term maintenance. Plus, any diet that requires you to totally eliminatefoods from your diet is a recipe for disaster. Personally, I dont care for chocolate. However,when someone tells me I cant or shouldnt have chocolate, its amazing how I suddenlycrave it! When someone takes away a choice, the average person wants that choice back ?even if it didnt mean much when the option was available in the first place. Additionally, mostdiets dont work for everyone, and you wont know if a diet works unless you try it. Tryingmany diets without seeing results can lead to "dieters frustration" which, in many cases, justpacks on more pounds.The second point that most diets fail to mention is that you must eat frequently to regulateyour metabolism and burn fat. Extreme low-calorie and tiny "portion-control" diets put yourbody into starvation mode, which means your body clings to food because it doesnt knowwhen its next meal is coming. This explains how you can actually eat less food and consumeless calories, and still not lose any weight. If your diet makes you feel hungry all the time,thats definitely not a good sign. The best nutrition plans require that you eat five or six smallmeals per day, no more than four hours apart.Finally, diets are lying to you when they say you must be "patient" and expect to lose onlyone to two pounds per week. For someone like me, who had fifty pounds to lose, thisinformation was devastating. If you have a lot of weight to lose (50 pounds or more), it is notunhealthy to drop three to five pounds per week, particularly in the beginning. In myexperience, the greatest motivator is early results. When you can see the fruit of your efforts,you are much more likely to press onward when the going gets tough. Early results can helpyou maintain focus and keep your determination alive. An excellent all-natural supplementsuch as NiteTrim ( can jump-start your results from other weight-loss efforts. Supplements such as NiteTrim can also help you break through the dreaded"plateaus."Once I discovered these three secrets, I realized that the best way to get in shape andmaintain a healthy body is through proper nutrition, regular exercise and appropriatesupplementation. By far the best program Ive found is a combination of Bill Phillips Body forLIFE ( and NiteTrim ( Bill Phillips has trulymade nutrition simple, effective, and easy to follow. Additionally, the Body for LIFE bookprovides step-by-step exercise and fitness guidance suitable for anyone, regardless of
  2. 2. experience or current fitness level. NiteTrim is an all-natural supplement that effectively burnsfat, and the company offers a 30-day free trial supply, as well as a money-back guarantee atwww.NiteTrimDirect.comAmy Grant is an avid fitness enthusiast who enjoys SCUBA diving, photography, andempowering people to achieve their goals.