3 guilt free fat burning food after dinner snacks


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3 guilt free fat burning food after dinner snacks

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3 guilt free fat burning food after dinner snacks

  1. 1. Source: www.FatLossProducts.org/Articles/Article/2/3624www.FatLossProducts.org3 Guilt Free Fat Burning Food After Dinner SnacksWant an after dinner snack? Jealously watching your family consume full-fat ice-cream,biscuits and cakes as youre reading this, and feeling left out? Then try these deliciousalternatives, designed not to limit your calorie intake, but to be satisfying, providing nutrient-rich and low energy dense food.Fat Burning Snack Idea No. 1: 1 handful of strawberries in a bowl topped with a serving oflow fat fruit yogurt.Substituting low fat yogurt for ice-cream is a good way to cut your saturated fat intake, assome yogurts have less saturated fat than ice-cream. It is also a source of calcium, and yourbodys absorption of calcium peaks just before going to bed.Fat Burning Snack Idea No. 2: Make yourself some low fat, low sugar (use dried fruit insteadof sugar to sweeten) bran muffins through the day or on the weekends. Throw some nuts inas well.Freeze them down and get one out at night when everyone else is having cakes or snacks.Eat them with a nice warmed cup of plain low fat milk.If youre not consuming your 30 grams of fiber each day, the extra fiber from the bran willhelp get things moving making this a good choice for an after dinner snack.Fat Burning Snack Idea No. 3: Buy Yourself Some Biscuits But Do Your Homework ? Look InYour Local Health Food Store.Read the nutrition panels and look for brands that contain low levels of sugar, total fat,saturated fat and sodium. A biscuit that contains low levels of fat, but high amounts of sugarwill not achieve your end of consuming less calories per gram of food, so make sure thebiscuit is both low in fat and sugars.Also look for the lowest levels of sodium that you can find in a biscuit. Many overweightpeople also have high blood pressure If youre one of these people, this may be somethingyou watch already when shopping.Having encouraged you to buy a healthier biscuit, this snack should still only be anoccasional snack and should not be used as an everyday treat.So the moral to the story is to do as the Romans do, but leave out the saturated fat, addedsugar, and sodium and give your body fat burning food with nutrients it cant live withoutsome of which are calcium and fiber.Want more information about fat burning foods, research, recipes, or just test yourknowledge, then visit Savvy Fat Burning FoodsCopyright @ 2005 Jenny Mathers All Rights Reserved.Date Written: 28th April 2005