~The Zodiac Signs~♥


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Know things about your Zodiac Signs! ^_^

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~The Zodiac Signs~♥

  1. 1. AriesYour element: FireYour ruling planets: MarsSymbol: The RamYour stone: RubyLife Pursuit: The thrill of the momentVibration: EnthusiasticAries Secret Desire: To lead the way forothers.Description:Aries are fire signs and those born underthis element are regarded in astrology asadventurous, active and outgoing. It wontmatter where you go or how remote orunusual it is - from the Outback to the
  2. 2. TaurusYour element: EarthYour ruling planets: VenusSymbol: The BullYour stone: EmeraldLife Pursuit: Emotional and financialsecurityVibration: Determined energyTaurus Secret Desire: To have asecure, happy and wealthy life / marriage.Description:Underneath their cool, calm and collectedexterior, Taureans differ greatly from allthe other signs of the zodiac. Taureansmanage to discreetly stay apart from the
  3. 3. GeminiYour element: AirYour ruling planets: MercurySymbol: The TwinsYour stone: AquamarineLife Pursuit: To explore a little bit ofeverythingVibration: Intense mental energygemini ‘s secret desire: To be ahead of thecrowd.Description:In ancient Greek mythology, Geminis ruler -Mercury, was the light-footed messenger of the godswho darted back and forth across the heavensdelivering news - which might explain why those bornunder the sign of the Twins are always on the move;
  4. 4. CancerYour element: AirYour ruling planets: MercurySymbol: The CrabYour stone: AquamarineLife Pursuit: To explore a little bit ofeverythingVibration: Intense mental energycancer ‘s secret desire: To be ahead of thecrowd.Description:Those born under the sign of Cancer, ruled by themysterious Moon, are one of the zodiacs enigmas. It is fairto say that most Cancers are a bundle of contradictions.Compassionate and caring with friends, family andlovers, yet they can cut to the bone with their jealousremarks and ever-changing moods. Endearingly eccentric
  5. 5. LeoYour element: FireYour ruling planets: The SunSymbol: The LionYour stone: PeridotLife Pursuit: To lead the wayVibration: Radiant energyLeo‘s secret desire: To be a star.Description:Love triumphs over all for this sign, which isruled by the heart and operates from thisdimension too. Leos are born fortunate.Charismatic and positive-thinking theyattract not only an abundance of friends andopportunities, but manage to survive lifesstormy times with style and good humor.
  6. 6. VirgoYour element: EarthYour ruling planets: MercurySymbol: The VirginYour stone: SapphireLife Pursuit: To do the right thingVibration: Compassionate and caringvirgo’ s secret desire: To love and to be lovedin return.Description:Virgos are often put down badly by manyastrologers and written up as being fussy andnarrow-minded. But when a Virgo shines, thereis practically no sign to match their innerlight. An in-tune Virgo is a treat to meet. When
  7. 7. LibraYour element: AirYour ruling planets: VenusSymbol: The ScalesYour stone: OpalsLife Pursuit: To be consistentVibration: UnsteadyLibra’ s secret desire: To live aneasy, uncomplicated life.Description:Every adolescent Librans fantasy is to find the Princeor Princess of their dreams. As their lives unfold, theexperiences, false starts, dramas, broken hearts anddisillusionment they encounter seeking this personalHoly Grail, often shapes their futures in the mostextra-ordinary manner. Love and love-lost makes a
  8. 8. ScorpioYour element: WaterYour ruling planets: PlutoSymbol: The ScorpionYour stone: TopazLife Pursuit: To survive all against theopposition.Vibration: Resilientscorpio’ s secret desire: To triumph.Description:Reputed to be the "most powerful" sign of thezodiac, Scorpios lead fate filled lives and haveintense and dramatic personal relationships. Evenas children Scorpios are often found to be wisebeyond their years. Many astrologers call thisthe sign of the "oldest souls". Old and wise beyond
  9. 9. SagittariusYour element: FireYour ruling planets: JupiterSymbol: The ArcherYour stone: TurquoiseLife Pursuit: To live the good life.Vibration: Overly expressive - frequentburnoutsSagittarius Secret Desire: To make adifference in the world.Description:Ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter, Sagittarianspossess a natural exuberance, sense of adventure andlove of life that makes them one of the most optimisticzodiac signs of all. Like their astrological symbol - theArcher - Sagittarians are renowned for aiming their
  10. 10. CapricornYour element: EarthYour ruling planets: SaturnSymbol: The GoatYour stone: GarnetLife Pursuit: To be proud of their achievementsVibration: Powerfully resilient energycapricorn’ s secret desire: To be admired bytheir family and friends and the world atlarge.Description:The sign of the high roller, Capricorn isregarded as the zodiac’s top, but aLsoquiet, life and business achievers. But, thereare two very different types of Capricorns.
  11. 11. AquariusYour element: AirYour ruling planets: UranusSymbol: The Water BearerYour stone: AmethystLife Pursuit: to understand Life’s mysteriesVibration: High frequencycapricorn’ s secret desire: To be unique andoriginal.Description:Special note for Aquarians: With the new Millenniumheralding the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, at thistime, ready or not, your sign is regarded as the zodiacsleader. You are the trendsetter for the future andbecause of this high responsibility, many under born yoursign will be undergoing at this time, as we approach the
  12. 12. PiscesYour element: WaterYour ruling planets: NeptuneSymbol: The FishYour stone: BloodstoneLife Pursuit: To avoid feeling alone and insteadfeel connected to others and the world atlarge.Vibration: Erratic Energy levelscapricorn’ s secret desire: To live their dreamsand turn fantasies into realities.Description:Mysterious and alluring individuals, most Pisces are extremelytalented, but even though they are gifted in many ways, theystill manage to spend most of their lives battling "confusing"conditions. Pisces is the sign symbolized by the image of two fish.