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2012 Slides for Open Angel Forum Boulder
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2012 Slides for Open Angel Forum Boulder


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • Our mission is to give peace of mind and proactive help to anyone who feels unsafe.
  • In 2009, I was single and living alone, and I realised if I didn’t come home on time from an online date, who would know and when would they know? I had friends stay up at all hours to text me. When I responded with a predetermined code word, they knew it was really me and that I was OK.
  • When we check on you, we’re looking for your “I’m OK” or your ‘I’m not OK’ code word.
  • We tell them everything we know about where you are and what you’re doing. We map you and your contacts, and enable them to coordinate getting help, if it’s needed.
  • Our system can be used to improve the lives of online daters, Craigslist buyers and sellers, travellers, college kids, stay-at-home moms, the elderly or infirm, taxi drivers and delivery people, and the friends and family members who worry about all of these people.
  • Our app can’t cater to every audience and use case, so to allow for extensive scalability, we created an API. We know that improving safety can help businesses retain employees and allow websites like travel and dating services to see increased usage. We are already in talks with a well-funded American company who has a dating site in India with 4 million members. The CEO loves our idea, and is considering building our features into their first mobile app. Now that our API has launched in alpha, we’ll be aggressively pursing developers and other API partnerships.
  • What makes CIOM different? Anything seeking to solve personal safety needs to have both of two elements. It can’t wait for you to have the time and ability to hit a panic button. And if an attacker can disengage your safety system, it’s useless. Anything else just doesn’t work.
  • Child safety apps Lojack your child’s phone, but you don’t know if they need your help.LifeAlert’s mobile app is mostly a LifeAlert speed dial. Panic button apps like Guardly, which got $2M in funding, focus on the sole use case of attacks. Calls for help are easy to cancel. It’s just a panic button, which can be hard to get to during an emergency situation.These don’t solve personal safety.
  • We have two sources of revenue. Our smartphone app is B-to-C. After a free trial, it will cost just a few dollars per month for unlimited use. Emergency contacts can use it for free. Our app is INHERENTLY VIRAL since the system requires users to add their network of friends and family. Each is then a potential new customer. Our B-to-B model involves our API. We are currently looking at mission-critical and freemium APIs to determine the most appropriate pricing.
  • With new products just coming into the marketplace, we’re just starting to collect usage data. We look forward to sharing that with you in the coming weeks.
  • I’m the founder. I have 17 yrs UX and interaction design for web and mobile including working at Sony and Wells Fargo. Rich Brooks is my CTO & Tech Co-Founder. He has over 13 yrs in programming and IT.I have great advisers. Jeffrey McManus was the API & platform evangelist at eBay and then at Yahoo once upon a time. He’s currently also an advisor to Twilio.
  • $500K in funding for first the next 12 month’s milestones, whichcentre around business and consumer customer acquisition.Bootstrapped $15K.Additional funding from Hub Ventures and $50K seed from Lakeland Ventures DevelopmentFunding would be used primarily to build our team, develop API partnerships, and continue product engineering.
  • Only approach to personal safety that works.Improving personal safety and peace of mind.Concept proven, now developing what people want.Debbie Levitt [Deb@CheckInOn.Me]Explore www.CheckInOn.Me Find us on Angel List and Gust.
  • Transcript

    • 1. CheckInOn.Me
    • 2. Personal Experience
    • 3. Solution: CheckInOn.Me
    • 4. Solution: CheckInOn.Me
    • 5. Target Audiences
    • 6. API Dating Workers Seniors API Students Travel Global
    • 7. True Personal Safety
    • 8. Competition ($2M funding)
    • 9. Business Model API ~$3.99/month after free trial Free for emergency contacts Freemium App is inherently viral
    • 10. Progress API Q2 2012: Full Patent Filed Q3 2012: Q4 2011: Android app & API Bootstrapped MVP Q4 2012: ~50 users iPhone appQ4 2010 to present: User interviews
    • 11. Key Team Members
    • 12. Funding Needs Q4 2012 Q1 2013 Q2 2013 Q3 2013TotalApp 1,000 4,000 9,000 15,000UsersAPIIntegrations 2 8 15 25
    • 13. CheckInOn.Me