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Film Trailers

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Film trailers

  1. 1. Film trailers are used to promote or advertise an upcoming film, traditionally they were shown at the end of the film, but this was seen ineffective due to crowds leaving after the film, hence the name trailer. The first was shown in 1913 for the film musical The Pleasure Seekers.Film trailers have many different conventions, for example, a voice over or a soundtrack, snapshots of the actors involved, or if they of a high enough profile names of the director/producer/actor/actress will be shown to capture the audiences attention. These names will also be shown for example if Tom Cruise was shown the audience would immediately affiliate the actor with an action film due to the previous genres and successful films the actor has starred in.The genre of films I am going to look at are crime, famous directors of this genre include Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. The films I am going to study are The Departed (2006), Dead Man‟s Shoes (2004), and Harry Brown (2009).
  2. 2. The trailer is 2:31 minutes long, making a fairly long trailer. The Departed, one of my films I have chosen, focuses on the crime genre. But there is also a very strong theme of identity, it "affects ones actions, emotions, self-assurance and even dreams” Stanley Kauffmann the film critic quotes. In the trailer all the main themes are portrayed, such as action through gun fighting, sex and relationships, and betrayal. Special effects are used such as slow motion as the gangsters move from their car, this is used to signify their importance and malice. Transition between slides cuts to a black out to show a slower and more effective change of scenery and actors, most of but not all screen shots are of an action such as loading or shooting a gun or of a conservation and then it is usually a mid-shot, close ups tend to be used more on scenes which want to show you something, either typing on a phone or once again, loading a gun.
  3. 3. Captions such as Sacrifice is a test give the trailer a break from its vocal and more confrontational style. The trailer features 4 different soundtracks, ranging from The Rolling Stones‟ Gimme Shelter to Dropkick Murphys‟ Im shipping to Boston. However, the music soundtrack only features as a background track as vocals (mainly conversations) take the main part in the trailer, mainly conversations about “killing” or crime. Supporting and emphasising the genre of the trailer. Caption placed for deliberate effect to indicate the themes and to indicate death and loss, which features heavily in the movie. This director is renowned for his “gangster” and crime type movies, this indicates to the audience the type of film. Also the colours used for the forename and surname seem to indicate that the blue colour indicates the police force and the white the crime. Another subtle hint to the films theme. The final slide in the trailer shows the release date and the films website along with al theThe list of very popular and well films institutions, this is a fairly traditional endknown actors will catch the to a trailer for a big budgeted movie.audiences attention and realisethis is an “all-star” cast.
  4. 4. The opening of the trailer shows one of the main characters – Jack Nicholson – as the voiceover and in the scene smoking in a part of a town, giving the effect of his superior role in the film. Themes of the trailer are portrayed early on, for example, action, through the image of a gun firing. The camera is showing a close up of the gun , this shows that guns and violence is a main theme in the film. The depiction of violence is demonstrated through the anger of the attacker and his fist about to omit paid in to the victim.These connotations of action and screenshots show the stereotypical action shots. This gives off the genre ofthe film and the trailer. The trailer starts off with slow side transition to set the motif and also with longerscenes to let more vocal and peaking patrts from one of the main characters, then as the trailer gets into thedepth of the pot, action shots tart to appear followed by a screenshot with some text on it. The slide transitionspeed up and so does the amount of action and the trailer comes to a close after an action pcked 2:31seconds.
  5. 5. The trailer for Dead Man‟s Shoes is 1:39 seconds long, making for a medium length trailer. The film is about a disaffected soldier who returns to his hometown to get even with the thugs who brutalized his mentally-challenged brother years ago. Richard returns home from military service to a small town in the Midlands. He has one thing on his mind: revenge. Payback for the local bullies who did some very bad things to his brother. At first his campaign employs guerrilla tactics, designed to frighten the men and put them ill at ease. But then he steps up his operation, and one by one these local tough guys are picked off by the terrifying angel of vengeance that Richard has become.The film is part of the thriller genre but also drifts in and out of crime and drama genres. The films motif is very much focused on revenge and I am planning to focus this as my own main plot in my own trailer. Because the films motif is revenge and vengeance, the film is basically a tragedy.Towards the end of the trailer the main character (Paddy Considine) is heard to be saying‟ God will forgive them and allow them into heaven, I cant live with that.‟ this is a very sinister line and foreshadows the tragedy, drama and thriller in the film.
  6. 6. The trailer starts out very soft, the soundtrack is soft and gentle under the conversation between the two characters, which is not in sync with the films genre.This is still continuing the strange vary ingenre, representing the drama side of thefilm, the technique used to show a lackscreen and a faded out use of text give theimpression of something being hidden andsubtext that will later be revealed. This screenshot is placed before this one This gives the affect of how a brother will do anything for his own, and the „Vengeance‟ typeface is very aggressive and explosive. It shows the anger and violence intended throughout the trailer.
  7. 7. The scene is showing a struggle of a man being almost The creepy mask indicates that of a serial killer (again aforced into something – he is being dragged by a rope code and convention of a thriller genre) which sends out(almost animalistic) this gives off the traditional codes and the fear to the audience.conventions of thriller.The use of the axe indicates the violence in the trailer The stance of the character shows his confidence andthroughout the film, it also is a foreshadowing of the blood composure whilst holding an axe which makes the wholeand gore. scene look incredibly sinister.Text is displayed in a dirty red colour (probably blood) and The review and quote from a famous correspondent gives theshows the violence, horror and thriller aspect of the trailer. The audience a reassuring vote of confidence and shows thetext itself, „One Down‟, is a disturbing term which indicates the scary aspect of the text used, „Disturb‟ and „Gripping‟, give theelimination and murder of people. quote a reminiscent to the thriller genre of the film.
  8. 8. Harry Brown is a 2009 British crime thriller film directed by Daniel Barber and starring Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Jack OConnell, and Liam Cunningham.The film also features actor and artist Plan B who, with Chase & Status, is also responsible for the films theme music track "End Credits.”Harry Brown had its World Premiere as a "Special Presentation" at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival and was released theatrically in the United Kingdom by Lionsgate UK on 11 November 2009; the film was released in the United States by Samuel Goldwyn Films and Destination Films on 30 April 2010.The story follows Harry Brown, a widowed Royal Marines veteran, who had served in Northern Ireland, living on an Elephant and Castle housing estate that is rapidly descending into youth crime. Harry fights fire with fire after a friend is murdered. The trailer is 1:48 long and features varied slide transition, different character voiceovers and towards the end of the trailer it features a song from the director himself.
  9. 9. The early signs at the start of the trailershow violence and fighting. This is aforeboding factor on how the genres arerepresented in the trailer. The depictions of violence are showing vandals and youths(the main antagonists) are seen throwing petrol bombs at a car and starting fires. This is in tune with the codes and conventions of thriller.Scenes of a man being broughtaway by police, again coincidewith the codes and conventionsof thriller and crime and dramagenre.
  10. 10. The depiction of the threatening with a knife Another representation of weapon An explosion indicates the action side,and the clothing chosen to represent the which shows that the thriller genre is it also is a good code of thriller. Theattacker is very much in sync with the codes ever-present throughout this trailer. fire is a great part of portrayingand conventions of the traditional „hoody‟. violence. The scene with a character tied up The relaxed position the gun holder The quote from the well-known with a bag over his head is a very is in proves his capability and ease at correspondent supports the idea thriller-esque code and convention. It the situation, supporting the thriller for a viewer to watch the film. demonstrates the struggle and fight genre. This also supports the trailer, as people have to overcome in times like in it bolsters the strength from this. numbers of the likeness of the film.