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Sitra Addus Salaam - Universal Healthcare Thesis Presentation
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Sitra Addus Salaam - Universal Healthcare Thesis Presentation


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Sitra Abdus-Salaam, a senior graduating from Chavez Parkside High School with a 3.7 G.P.A, has been an honor roll student from 2008 to present. Sitra has served as Junior class president and as a …

Sitra Abdus-Salaam, a senior graduating from Chavez Parkside High School with a 3.7 G.P.A, has been an honor roll student from 2008 to present. Sitra has served as Junior class president and as a class officer from 2010 to present. Her interests include community health and psychology which lead to her Capstone and Community actions projects for which she researched and learned about, HIV and AIDs and Obesity. Sitra has gained work experience while completing her fellowship at the US Attorney’s Office and the DC Court of Appeals. Miss Abdus-Salaam will be attending Virginia Common Wealth University in the fall.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • Underinsured = ????(Source: Health Affairs)All statistics are from 2007.Medical treatment is extremely expensive (leads to bankruptcies).
  • Health insurance premium =
  • Individual health insurance = People choosing to get insurance directly from an insurance companydecreased to 169.3 million from 170.8 million in 2010
  • According to Gallup:
  • Transcript

    • 1. By Sitra Abdus-SalaamUNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE 1
    • 2. IS THE CURRENT HEALTH CARE SYSTEM EFFECTIVE?  Problems with current system:  50 million Americans do not have health insurance.  25 million Americans are underinsured.  Approximately 50% of personal bankruptcies are due to medical expenses.  Lack of access to preventative care. 2
    • 4. LAWS / POLICIES Most people get insurance through employers. Individual/independent health insurance The number of people covered by employment- based health insurance and individual health insurance is decreasing 4
    • 5. PATIENT PROTECTION AND AFFORDABLE CARE ACT Free preventive health care Insurance Exchanges All American families and businesses will have quality health care Young adults are allowed to remain on their parents’ plan until 26 The law extends the life of the Medicare trust fund by 12 years, from 2017 to 2029 5
    • 6. IS HEALTHCARE A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT? Healthcare is not spelled out in the Constitution as a fundamental right. People like the late senator Ted Kennedy and President Barack Obama say that health care is a fundamental right. 6
    • 7. IS IT THE GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TOPROVIDE HEALTH CARE?  There are government programs that prove that the government sees health care as their responsibility  Medicaid  Medicare  States vs. Federal 7
    • 8. CAN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FORCEEVERYONE TO HAVE HEALTH CARE? Individual Mandate State of Florida V. Department of Health and Human Services (2011)  Ruled that the health insurance mandate falls outside the federal authority in the Constitution, and that the provision could not be severed; therefore concluded the entire PPACA must be struck down  11th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed Judge Vinsons decision in part; the court agreed that the mandate was unconstitutional, but held that it could be severed, allowing the rest of the PPACA to remain 8
    • 9. IS THE PPACA CONSTITUTIONAL? The Supreme Court is considering:  Whether it is outside of Congress’ power to require acceptance of all health insurance applicants.  Whether the lawsuit is premature.  Whether other portions of the law or the entire act must be invalidated if the mandate is thrown out. 9
    • 10. IS PPACA POLITICALLY ACCEPTABLE? 53% of Independents opposeFavorable Public 88% of Republicans opposeOpinion 66% of Democrats support 35% of the general public supportsCost $940 billion over 10 yearsProven MassachusettsEffectiveness 10
    • 11. Traditional Policy: Alternative Policy: What if? Private Healthcare PPACA Middle ground between current situation and PPACAIs it the To some people Yes, everyone must Broaden group ofgovernment’s (low-income women have healthcare people who qualifyresponsibility and children, senior either through the for government-to provide citizens) government or funded healthcarehealth care? privately.Can the No. Yes, the individual No, but thefederal mandate requires government cangovernment that all people have provide it for moreforce healthcare. people (people caneveryone to opt out).have healthcare?Is the PPACA To be determined Yesconstitutional?Cost Neared $2.6 trillion $940 billion over 10 Approximately the in 2010 years same cost 11
    • 12. WORKS CITED da/ 12
    • 13. WORKS CITED http//  Author: Thomas Reuters  Mon, Dec 3 2007 Book “Universal Healthcare”  Author: Ben Furnas 13