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Facebook marketing helps in gaining website traffic or attention through Facebook ads. Facebook allows you to reach any segment of people, anywhere, with a very short setup time.

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Facebook Marketing

  1. 1. Presented By: Presented Akmela Priya. M By: Ishwarya. M Charulatha. N Kanmani. E
  2. 2. FB Page Creation: Creating a Facebook fan page is an amazing way to promote your business, build awareness for a cause, gather support for your band, or to advertise in a number of other ways.
  3. 3. Navigate to the following URL in a new tab to create your business page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php Choose from one of the following six classifications: Local business or place Artist, band, or public figure Company, organization, or institution Entertainment Brand or product Cause of community
  4. 4. https://www.facebook.com/WebMarketingTechniques
  5. 5. Landing URL’s/Tabs:
  6. 6. Fan Gate Page: URL:https://www.fac ebook.com/WebMark etingTechniques/app_ 190322544333196
  7. 7. FAQ Page: URL:https://www.fa cebook.com/WebM arketingTechniques/ app_340820536415
  8. 8. Event Page: URL:https://www.fac ebook.com/WebMark etingTechniques/app_ 106171216118819
  9. 9. Facebook Ads What are FB ads? Facebook allows you to reach any segment of people, anywhere, with a very short setup time. Anyone can create a Facebook ad, whether it’s for a Facebook Page, Event, App, other destination on Facebook, or your own website.
  10. 10. Ad Board Ads: News Feed Ads : Page Like
  11. 11. News Feed Ads : Page Post Engagement
  12. 12. Ads @ Right Side
  13. 13. Optimized Bidding Rate
  14. 14. Power Editor What is Power Editor ? A free tool to replace & enhance the capabilities of the bulk up loader. Features:  Custom Audience  Look alike Audience  Saved Audience  Conversion Tracking  Save time with bulk editing
  15. 15. News Feed Ad
  16. 16. Ads @ Right Side
  17. 17. Custom Audience:
  18. 18. General Ads: Right Side Sponsored Ads:
  19. 19. Center Sponsored Ads: Domain Sponsored Ads:
  20. 20. General News Feeds
  21. 21. FB Offers What are Face book Offers? We can share discounts with our customers by posting an offer on our Face book Page. When someone claims an offer, they'll receive an email that they can show at the Page's physical location to get the discount.
  22. 22. Face book Offers
  23. 23. Edge Rank
  24. 24. Face book Grid Tool What is Face Book Grid Tool? Images in your ads and sponsored stories should not exceed more than 20% text in that image as per advertising guidelines. URL: https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay
  25. 25. Face Book Insights Face book Insights aggregates information on the sharing and engagement of website links spread throughout Face book. Website owners can see information for URLs from their domains through the Insights Dashboard.
  26. 26. Face Book Admin Roles Manager Can manage admin roles, send messages and create posts as the Page, create adverts and view insights. Content Creator Can edit the Page, send messages and create posts as the Page, create adverts and view insights.
  27. 27. Moderator Can respond to and delete comments on the Page, send messages as the Page, create adverts and view insights. Advertiser Can create adverts and view insights. Insights Analyst Can view insights.
  28. 28. Face Book –Social Plugins Like Button Let people share pages and content from your site back to their Face book profile with one click, so all their friends can read them. Share Button The Share button lets people add a personalized message to links before sharing on their timeline, in groups, or to their friends via a Face book Message.
  29. 29. Send Button The Send button lets people privately send content on your site to one or more friends in a Face book message, to an email address, or share it with a Face book group. Embedded Posts Embedded Posts are a simple way to put public posts - by a Page or a person on Facebook - into the content of your web site or web page. Only public posts from Facebook Pages and profiles can be embedded.
  30. 30. Follow Button The Follow button lets people subscribe to the public updates of others on Face book. Comments The Comments box lets people comment on content on your site using their Face book profile and shows this activity to their friends in news feed.