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Getting The Most Out Of Social Media For
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Getting The Most Out Of Social Media For


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For those who are keen to learn about the basics of Social Media and developing a plan for your small business.

For those who are keen to learn about the basics of Social Media and developing a plan for your small business.

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  • 1. Getting the Most Out of Social Media for Your Business
    Charmony Lai
  • 2. Topics to Cover
    What is thing called Social Media?
    Different types of social media and tools available.
    Develop a social media strategyyour business.
  • 3. Background
    Online Marketing Specialist at Custom House, a Western Union Company
    Develops and executes online marketing campaigns using paid search, inclusions and Social Media
    BComm. – University of Victoria
  • 4. What is Social Media?
    Social media are websites or tools where works of user-created video, audio, text or multimedia are published and shared in a social environment, such as a blog, wiki, video hosting site and social networks.
    Source: The Social Media Guide
  • 5. Social Media Types and Tools
    • Content type
    • 6. E.g. Wikis, website content , blog posts, video
    • Channels to disseminate your original content
    • 7. Stumble Upon, Delicious, Digg
  • Social Media Types and Tools (cont.)
    • Tools to connect with peers, prospects and customers
    • 8. E.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Momjunction
  • Why Develop a Social Media Strategy?
    If you find yourself asking these questions, you need a SM strategy.
    “Everyone is on Twitter, I must be on Twitter too?”
    “I’ve tweeted and posted some links on Facebook. Now what?”
    “What I’m really getting out of this?”
  • 9. Campaign Fail
  • 10. Step 1 - Determine Your Goal
    You are investing time, money and resources. What do you want to achieve in return?
    - Market product/ service offering?
    - Extend your marketing footprint?
    - Branding and PR?
  • 11. Step 2 - Research
    Know your customer
    - Who are there? Business or individuals?
    - Needs/ pain points
    - How does your product benefit them?
    * Important: Think benefits, not features.
    - Who are their influencers and where do they ‘hang out’ online?
  • 12. Step 3 – Set a Strategy
    Common mistake – Identifying tools before setting a social media strategy
    Goal vs. Strategy
    • Goal = What
    • 13. Strategy = How
  • Step 3 – Set a Strategy (cont.)
    Goal: Promote my product online
    To promote my product by educating my audience on a business subject.
    Use customer pain points to determine business subject
    Identify publishing methodology. Maybe a blog post or a video.
  • 14. Step 4 – Find the Right Tools
    • Twitter Search: Listen to conversations.
    • 15. URL shortener. Maximize your 140 characters.
    • 16. Twubs for hash tags: Create trending topics so that your tweet is easily searchable.
    • Largest online professional network.
    • 17. People Search, Company and Questions & Answers.
    • 18. Allows you link your blog and twitter into your profile.
  • Step 4 – Find the Right Tools (cont.)
  • 19. Step 4 – Find the Right Tools (cont.)
    • Useful when marketing to individuals and younger demographic
    • 20. Provides you with a business profile and link credit to your profile
    • 21. Pages feature allow you to send updates to all fans and get published on their newsfeed.
    There are many other niche social networking and bookmarking sites out there!
  • 22. Step 5 – Measure Your Results
    Increase in website visits
    • Use your website analytics tool to measure traffic from a referral source and by a specific keyword
    Increase in mentions & clicks
    • Hootsuite &
    • 23. # of clicksthroughs, regions, top referrers and most popular tweets.
    • 24. # of facebook fans
    Increase in revenue
    • Hard to relate to a specific initiative
    • 25. Time revenue spikes with a campaign launch
  • Step 5 – Measure Your Results (cont.)
  • 26. The END
    Thanks for attending and good luck setting up your Social Media Campaign!
    Presenter: Charmony Lai