The csi effect


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The csi effect

  1. 1. The CSI Effect Jeffrey Toobin
  2. 2. CSICrime Scene Investigation
  3. 3. The Essay• Introduction – Wilson case• CSI in real life – Lisa Faber• History of forensic science• Faber’s life and work in NYPD• Process Faber’s used in hair analysis• Faber , the Wilson case, lectures• DNA evidence• Faber, et al and the CSI series• Biotracks – burglary program• Faber’s views on CSI
  4. 4. Introduction – Wilson case• Ronell Wilson killed two NYPD detectives, James V. Nemorin and Rodney J. Andrews
  5. 5. CSI in real life – Lisa Faber• Criminalist and supervisor of the NYPD crime lab’s hair and fiber unit• Investigated Wilson case
  6. 6. History of Forensic Science• Victor Balthazard – Le Poil de l’Homme et des Animaux – 1st comprehensive study of hair• Calvin Goddard – comparison microscope
  7. 7. Faber’s life and work in NYPD• Became interested in trace-evidence analysis (Atlanta child murders)• Majored in East Asian studies (Harvard) and still followed murder cases
  8. 8. Process Faber’s used in hair analysis • 1st – pigment (color) • 2nd – cuticle (outside) • 3rd – diameter variation
  9. 9. Faber , the Wilson case, lectures• “The examinations involving the car were especially difficult and time- consuming” – Faber• Comparison of q and k
  10. 10. DNA evidence• Produces actual probability statements about results• Deals with nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)
  11. 11. Faber, et al and the CSI series• Faber & her colleagues do not visit crimes• Faber has recently taken steps to combine traditional hair and fiber analysis with modern and accurate technology
  12. 12. Biotracks – burglary program• Has information of people’s biometrics (fingerprints, photo, etc.)• Aides in solving crimes
  13. 13. Faber’s views on CSI• “It’s not the nerdy-looking people anymore. They don’t realize that there is nothing cool or funky about this job.”• “They were great, really nice, and we were happy that they decided to do the show but in the end they decided to do it in their studio in California.”
  14. 14. Cause and Effects
  15. 15. CAUSE• The CSI series – its popularity and the way it was presented
  16. 16. EFFECTS presented by the ESSAY• 1. job applicants increased• 2. techniques presented in the series were applied in real life• 3. forensic science and law enforcement were improved
  17. 17. EFFECTS from research• 1. jurors decisions are influenced• 2. criminals learned new ideas on how to avoid being caught• 3. more students enroll in forensic science – based courses
  18. 18. QUIZ!!! Francisco Marlito M. Alforque Charmaine D. Diaz Justin Rafael F. MejosGracias! Merci! Thank You!Arigato!
  19. 19. 1. Who was the 1st person in more than fiftyyears to be executed for a crime. a.) James Nemorin b.) Max Houck c.) Ronell Wilson d.) Channing Robertson2. What is the meaning of NYPD? a.) New York Protection Department b.) New York Police Division c.) New York Police Department d.) New York Prison Department
  20. 20. 3. Who created or made the Le Poil delHomme et des Animaux? a.) Rodney Andrews b.) Ronell Wilson c.) Victor Balthazard d.) Lisa Faber4. What is the meaning of CODIS? a.) Coded Device Intelligence Service b.) Combined DNA Index System c.) Combined DNA Identifier System d.) Coded DNA Inside System
  21. 21. 5. Who was credited with creating the first modernpolice force? a.) Sir Robert Peel b.) Sir Ronell Wilson c.) Lisa Faber d.) Max Houck6. Is it possible for two people to have the samenuclear DNA? a.) No b.) Yes, in the case of identical twins c.) Yes, in the case of siblings d.) Yes, in the case of fraternal and identical twins
  22. 22. 7. Which event sparked the interest of Lisa Faber intrace-evidence analysis? a.) Maguindanao Massacre b.) Texas Child Murders c.) Atlanta Child Murders d.) 9/11 bombings8. What caused the sudden increase of member jobapplications at the Las Vegas Criminalistics bureau? a.) The popularity of the CSI series b.) The idea of the job being easy c.) They want to solve crimes d.) The salaries were raised
  23. 23. 9. What is the first thing to be examined athair analysis? a.) texture - cuticle b.) variation - c.) pigment - color d.) length10. What are the two spinoffs of CSI?
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