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Charlotte usa the_new_energy_capital_presentation_7_27_2010

  1. 1. 1 1 8/19/2010
  2. 2. Charlotte USA – The New Energy Capital Mission Statement Position Charlotte USA as a recognized leader in the development and use of energy to attract jobs and investment to the Charlotte region.
  3. 3. What is the New Energy Capital initiative? • Began in 2009 with the support of Duke Energy, the Charlotte Regional Partnership, and the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. • A community led initiative focused on supporting and growing the area’s energy sector businesses, research centers and educational resources that will create a recognized hub for job growth in the region.
  4. 4. How Are We Organized? Advisory Board Business Workforce Technology Development & Public Policy Marketing Work Development Development Work Group Group Work Group Work Group
  5. 5. What Do These Groups Do? • The Advisory Board provide input, direction, accountability, and contacts for the initiative. • Each of the four workgroups have volunteer leaders who work with team members to accomplish specific annual objectives and tasks. • All participants are volunteer ambassadors for the Charlotte USA region.
  6. 6. Who are Some of the Anchor Organizations?
  7. 7. How Do We Define the Energy Sector? • Over 240 businesses • More than 26,000 employees • Over 4,000 new jobs announced since 2007 • Representing a variety of Subsectors including: – Air Handling and Environmental Controls – Energy Efficiency – Energy Engineering, Infrastructure, & Generation – Storage and Materials – Manufacturing / Industrial – Recycling & Waste – Transportation – Water & Wastewater
  8. 8. What are the Markets/Industries? • Air Handling & Environmental Controls – Cleanup / Safety, Emissions Controls, Monitoring and Compliance, Trading & Offsets • Energy Efficiency – Lighting, Building Materials, Glass, Electrical Components, Appliances – Energy Efficiency Services and Software • Energy Generation & Engineering – Nuclear, Solar, Biofuels, BioEnergy • Energy Infrastructure – Management, Transmission, Datacenters • Energy Storage – Fuel Cells, Advanced Batteries, Hybrid Systems
  9. 9. What are the Markets/Industries? • Advanced (Green) Materials – Nano, Bio, Chemical • Manufacturing / Industrial – Advanced Packaging, Monitoring & Control, Smart Production • Recycling & Waste – Recycling, Waste Treatment • Transportation – Vehicles, Logistics, Structures, Fuels • Water & Wastewater – Water Treatment, Water Conservation, Wastewater Treatment
  10. 10. What Are Our Competitive Advantages? • Competitive, proven business environment for manufacturing • Competitive, proven business environment for services/engineering • Accessibility to markets and customers (Eastern coast of U.S.) • Hub Airport with direct international flights • Skilled workforce with transferable skills • UNC Charlotte / Charlotte Research Institute • Existing “Energy Cluster” • Recognized R&D Centers that include EPRI and EPIC • NC Renewable Portfolio Standard and Other Policies / Incentives
  11. 11. What Have We Accomplished So Far? • Established the brand • Built the framework for the initiative • Completed major market research and marketing events, materials, and public relations outreach • Tapped energy and engineering meetings and events to build momentum • Identified additional areas of energy sector to balance effort
  12. 12. Future Activities • Launch new web portal (Fall 2010) • Target market and recruit energy companies • Secure future energy meetings and events • Enhance social networking system • Establish workforce partnerships with k-12 system • Hold professional development sessions and diversify energy orientated disciplines across community colleges and universities in region • Develop balanced technology and financial assistance support resources and network • Engage policy makers to support broad energy issues
  13. 13. How Do I Get Involved or Learn More? • Contact David Swenson with the Charlotte Regional Partnership at 704-347-8942 or • Check out • Join the LinkedIn Group “Charlotte USA – New Energy Capital” • Spread the word that Charlotte USA is “The New Energy Capital”