Résumés - Getting Started


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Introduction to the key considerations for writing résumés

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Résumés - Getting Started

  1. 1. getting started with your Charlotte Quigley Manager, Career Services
  2. 2. Uh oh … a test 4 Questions:
  3. 3. Pre-workshop test 1. What is the role of your résumé in the job search process? 2. Before you start writing your résumé, what information should you gather? 3. What is the best résumé template to use?
  4. 4. Which is correct? 4. Your résumé is: a) A marketing document b)Intended to make you stand out c) A summary of professional highlights d)All of the above
  5. 5. Your résumé is a . . . summary of your qualifications brief history of your relevant professional experiences tool to alert prospective employers to your skills used to get you an interview A marketing document
  6. 6. Your résumé is NOT . . . Autobiographical dump of everything you have ever done Created once for everything and all time Supposed to look like everyone else’s (even tho it should follow guidelines) Misleading. Ever.
  7. 7. Hermione Watson 12 Grimmauld Place ∙ Town, NJ 06000 ∙ (732) 555-5555 ∙ hwatson7@middlesexcc.edu Objective: Marketing Manager Education: Middlesex County College, Edison NJ Major: English Literature; anticipated graduation May 2014 Minor in Marketing 3.5 cumulative GPA 3.6 GPA in major Honors Dean’s List all semesters Foundation Scholarship, Academic years 2012 - present Skills Technical: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Languages: proficient in French Strong writing and organizational skills Marketing Experience Marketing Assistant and Newsletter Editor, Watson Inc., Phoenix, CT • Created the layout and graphic design of the monthly company newsletter. • Interviewed, researched and composed articles for publication • Planned and organized the annual corporate party. • Assisted in the composition of numerous magazine advertisements for print. • Collaborated in the design of marketing products for upcoming 2009 tradeshow. • Designed motivational posters for workplace. Other Work Experience Human Resources Student Assistant, Saint Michael's College, Woodbridge NJ • Opened and distributed incoming mail. • Filed payroll paperwork. Summer 2013 July 2012 - present
  8. 8. General Resumé Tips  ALWAYS 100% TRUTHFUL  Know your audience  Keep to a reasonable length based on your experience (1-2 pages – 1 page for entry level)  Format consistency throughout the document: ◦ Capitalization (summer/Summer) ◦ Abbreviations (NJ/New Jersey, St./Street) ◦ Years (four or two digits: 2009 or ’09) and months (spelled out, abbreviated or numbers: December, Dec., 12)
  9. 9. Résumé do’s and don'ts  Do’s ◦ proofread thoroughly  Don'ts: ◦ no typographical errors ◦ highlight experiences, both employment and volunteer ◦ do not include personal information (height, weight, marital status, health, etc..) ◦ use a standard print style and font size, easy to read font ◦ consistent format ◦ use action verbs and be concise ◦ Remember the 5 second rule ◦ stay away from hard to read fonts ◦ information should not be difficult to find ◦ don’t exaggerate experiences
  10. 10. Read this:
  11. 11. Let’s Build a Résumé: new Grad or Current Student Contact Information Objective or Profile or Qualifications Summary Education: expanded with courses and honors etc. Relevant Experience (if any) Skills Work Experience Certifications and Licenses Community Service / Volunteer Activities
  12. 12. Let’s Build a Résumé: Career Changer Contact Information Objective or Profile or Qualifications Summary Skills & Competencies Relevant Experience Certifications and Licenses Work Experience … maybe Community Service / Volunteer Activities Education
  13. 13. Résumé: New Grad Contact Information Objective or Profile Education: expanded with courses and honors etc. Relevant Experience Skills Work Experience Certifications & Licenses Community Service / Volunteer Activities Résumé: Career Changer Build your “story” with the most directly relevant info at the top Contact Information Objective or Profile Skills & Competencies Relevant Experience # 1 Relevant Experience # 2 Certifications & Licenses Work Experience maybe Community Service / Volunteer Activities Education
  14. 14. Let’s Build a Résumé: How do you decide what goes where?
  15. 15. Contact information • Name • Address(es) ▫ Current, temporary ▫ permanent • Phone number(s) ▫ voicemail and answering machines ▫ Clearly label cell number • email ▫ check regularly ▫ professional email address
  16. 16. Your Objective # 1 rule: write from the employer’s perspective! #2 rule: tell ‘em what you want!  Be clear - provide a definite objective  Keep it short - don’t get too wordy, not more than one line  Don’t be too restrictive or too vague: “To obtain the Sales Division Trainee position with XYZ Company in Boston”
  17. 17. Objective Examples • Entry-level accounting staff • Marketing position with an advertising or public relations agency • An internship with a financial services organization • A position in human resources working with benefits administration • College student seeking part time position in an office setting where my experience provides value to your customers
  18. 18. Education • • • • • • • • College Name and Location Degree and Major Date of Graduation Minor, Concentration GPA, Awards, Honors Scholarships Relevant Courses Other Colleges, Study Abroad
  19. 19. Education EDUCATION Middlesex County College, Edison NJ anticipated graduation: May 2012 Associates Degree in Engineering GPA: 3.6 / 4.0 Relevant Course Work:
  20. 20. Skills: things of value to the employer that won’t show up anywhere else  Technical/Computer ◦ Hardware ◦ Software ◦ Operating Systems  Bilingual/Multilingual ◦ Proficiency Level  Laboratory  Communication
  21. 21. Skills Examples • Software Applications ▫ Dreamweaver, SPSS, Microsoft Office Suite, FrontPage, Exchange, Avid, PhotoShop • Skills/Certs specific to your career field ▫ e.g. LexisNexis, AutoCAD, SafeServ • Programming Languages ▫ HTML, C++, COBOL • Foreign Languages ▫ Highly proficient in Spanish, Portuguese ▫ Bilingual: English/Urdu
  22. 22. Experience • Employment vs. Relevant Experience • Consistent format • Reverse chronological order in each section • Bullet points vs. paragraph format • Job descriptions: use ACTION VERBS, not full sentences • ACCOMPLISHMENTS
  23. 23. Experience Example Sales and Public Relations Intern, Fall 2011 New Jersey State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ ▫ Sold subscriptions and advertising space ▫ Composed press releases and public service announcements to publicize events ▫ Oversaw production of posters, flyers and programs for four major events ▫ Helped increase event attendance by 10%
  24. 24. Relevant vs. Other Experience  Relevant ◦ Experiences related to the position ◦ Can be employment or volunteer  Target your skills and responsibilities to the job  Action verbs  Other ◦ highlight skills that may be useful to any employer (communication, integrity, loyalty) ◦ Shows consistent employment  Action verbs
  25. 25. Community Service, Volunteering, Campus Organizations  Campus Organizations  Athletic Involvement  Volunteer Experiences  Community Organizations  Artistic Endeavors  Leadership Roles
  26. 26. Community Service, Volunteering, Campus Organizations ACTIVITIES  Quo Vadis (student newspaper): o editor-in chief (Spring ’11), o managing editor (Fall ’10), o staff reporter (Spring ’09 & ’10)  Colton English Club/Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor society): o co-president (2010-11), o vice president (Spring ’09), o historian (2009)  Volunteer with Junior Achievement (taught business concepts to middle school students)  Freshman Student Orientation Leader  College-wide library committee: student representative
  27. 27. Interests • Career related! • Demonstrate valuable skills
  28. 28. References • • • • NOT ON YOUR Résumé How many? Who? Permission to use Verbal vs. written
  29. 29. Jayne Wyatt 503 Center Street San Francisco, Ca (415)555-012 Social Security Number - #555-00-0000 soccermomma@getmail.com Objective: To gain experience in the Bay Area business environment that has a potential for growth and further responsibilities so I can increase my skill set and become more marketable. Education: Stanford University, Stanford, CA, May,1981 Bachelor of Science Chabot College, Hayward, CA, May 1986 AA, Liberal Arts Hayward High School, Hayward, CA 1984 High School Diploma Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook, Internet Experience: Netriton Corporation, Jersey City, NJ 1999 - Present Executive Assistant I was responsible for supporting the CFO, CIO and CEO. Managed the front desk staff and created a procedures manual. Kept the calendars and made travel arrangements. Put together conferences and metings Gillian and Associates, Newark, New Jersey 1995 - 1999 EA Reported to the President directly. Made sure calendars were up to date. Created business correspondence and special reports. Did all of the faxing, filing, mailings and answering the phones. Hobbies: Golf, Skiing, Painting, Running, Knitting and taking care of my two children. References Available upon Request
  30. 30. JAYNE WYATT 503 Center Street San Francisco, CA 91234 " (415)555-0123 " jwyatt@getmail.com Experienced Executive Assistant with over eight years of demonstrated ability in supporting all levels of Management • • • • • SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Extremely professional, positive attitude and a strong work ethic Strong verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills Excellent project management, meticulous attention to detail and good time management Ability to work independently with little or no supervision Superior ability in multi-tasking, adaptive to fast-paced and changing environment PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Netriton Corporation, Jersey City, NJ 6/99 - Present Senior Executive Assistant • Provides direct support to CEO, CFO and CIO • Managed front desk staff, created a procedures manual which saved $5000 annually • Handles details with a high degree of confidentiality • Interfaces with senior level executives, customers and vendors • Prepare and execute presentations for management using Powerpoint • Coordinated logistics of conferences and meetings • Performed ad-hoc reporting and analysis on special projects • Maintained executives schedules, appointments, meetings and travel arrangements Gillian and Associates, Newark, NJ 10/95 - 6/99 Executive Assistant • Directly supported the President of Company • Handled all calendar requests, meeting arrangements, travel and appointments • Designed and executed Powerpoint presentations for monthly meetings
  31. 31. Questions?