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Chanel - Part 4 Problem & Suggestion
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Chanel - Part 4 Problem & Suggestion


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Exhibition Recommendation + 2 Video …

Exhibition Recommendation + 2 Video
All data from public. Just for acedmic propose

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3 Theme 4 Theme 5 The origins of the legendary The free pursuit of The abstract essence of The illusion of inspiration The hidden luxury ABSTRACTION IMAGINARY ORIGIN LIBERTY Charlotte. Lee INVISIBILITY 28/05/2013 CHANEL
  • 2. Agenda CULTURE CHANEL Exhibition CHANEL
  • 3. Suggestion Exhibition Interpretation • Integrated Marketing Communications Replay some films of the Coco Chanel legend before holding exhibition. It emphasis audience knowledge about what era Coco lived it • Contextual Interpretation Using poignant contrast of Coco Chanel’s contribution at her era. Emphasis the pioneer images and creativity of Coco Chanel CHANEL 17 of 20
  • 4. Suggestion Exhibition Interpretation • Virtuality and Reality It helps to create the illusion that the physical existence of those work of art was entirely function of the sensory experience - virtual reality of Coco Chanel apartment - Screen behind exhibit to show its meaning and heritage CHANEL 18 of 20
  • 5. Suggestion Exhibition Interpretation Websites Smartphones Social Media CHANEL 19 of 20
  • 6. Conclusion Experiential marketing • Experiential marketing is the act of connecting consumers with a brand through a live interaction • This experience provides consumers with the ability to understand a product or brand by using their senses and engaging with it • Success experiential marketing requires planning to use the right measures at the right time along with the right messages CHANEL 20 of 20
  • 8. Methodology 2 Information sources Netography •6 bloggers from 3 main-stream blogs (total 300 messages) •analyses the comment of bloggers about their Culture Chanel discussion Quantitative Survey •72 respondents •from Culture Chanel communities or discussion blogs •Questionnaire completed 23% (total 312 visitors) CHANEL 21
  • 9. Exhibition Success or not? Recognition of Western history and Art knowledge • Less Preference: “Abstraction” & “Imaginary” Reason: personal dislike, difficulty to understand • Q5. There were 5 themes in the exhibitions. Please comment your preference on them: 1 (very dislike) to 5 (very like) More Preference: “Origin” Reason: personal like, easy to understand Q6. Which the theme you give the highest score? Why? CHANEL Q7. Which the theme you give the lowest score? Why? 21
  • 10. Exhibition Success or not? Difference Culture and Value of Chinese and Western on Art Q9. What kind of exhibits impress you a lot? Q12. Have you been impressed by artists’ work in the exhibitions? What artist do you impress the most? Q10. What kind of exhibits impress you less? • Less Preference: Manuscripts: Musicians & Poets • CHANEL More Preference: Haute Couture Perfumes 22
  • 11. Exhibition Success or not? Intention to Purchase Q4. The reason of you purchase Chanel product: Q3. What do you think about Chanel Brand? Q11. After visited the exhibition, do you want to buy Chanel product(s)? What is it? CHANEL 24
  • 12. APPENDIX EXHIBITION: The Origins of the legendary ORIGIN CHANEL 29
  • 13. APPENDIX EXHIBITION: The free pursuit of LIBERTY CHANEL Hidden Luxury INVISIBILITY 30
  • 14. APPENDIX EXHIBITION: The abstract essence of ABSTRACTION CHANEL The illusion of inspiration IMAGINARY 31