Chanel - Part 1 Exhibition Background


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  • This presentation will be separated into 5 part. We will go Part 1 first – Chanel Background
  • Starting in 2008, Chanel arrange many travelling exhibition in this world and our case will be focus on Culture Chanel, Shanghai
  • Indeed China market become important for luxury industry. Nowadays, there is 40% core luxury clients from China and will be the biggest market in 2015. How about Chanel in China? As recent survey, Chanel is 2nd most desired brand in China and generated over 10billion USD per year. However, Chanel still face big challenges : For Chinese, Chanel is “undifferentiated images from other brands
  • Chanel - Part 1 Exhibition Background

    1. 1. Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3 Theme 4 Theme 5 The origins of the legendary The free pursuit of The abstract essence of The illusion of inspiration The hidden luxury ABSTRACTION IMAGINARY ORIGIN LIBERTY Charlotte. Lee INVISIBILITY 28/05/2013 CHANEL
    2. 2. Agenda CULTURE CHANEL Exhibition CHANEL
    3. 3. Chanel S.A. Brand Prism Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel (1883 – 1971) Design Inspiration •Comfort, Easy and Practicality •Male aesthetic into her design •Emancipation of women from “corseted silhouette” Source: Michel Chevalier, Luxury Brand Management: A World of Privilege, John Wilet et Son Ltd, 2008, P188 CHANEL 1 of 20
    4. 4. CHANEL S.A. Background Milestone of History Perfume NO.5 1910 Gabrielle Coco Chanel Haute Bijouterie 1921 Hats Male Perfume 1932 1955 1915 1929 1955 Haute Couture Accessories Leather goods CHANEL Elite Jewelry Glasses 2000 1993 1987 Watchmaking 1999 Cosmetics Karl Lagerfeld 26
    5. 5. Company Background CHANEL: Brand Identity Prism & Product Line Physique Total look for women Personality Instinctive, Daring, Creative, Perfectionist, Understated, Sophisticated Culture Simplicity, Sophisticated, Anticipation, Liberation A brand associated with a wide product family Couture Ready to Wear Leather goods Jewelry Watch Self-image A liberated women’s lifestyle Reflection The modern elegant women Relationship Durable, Flattering, Respectful CHANEL Perfume Cosmetics Accessories Sport Tattoo Key principles of Chanel : Intimacy and Direct Consumer Interaction 25
    6. 6. Marketing Communication CHANEL: 360⁰ Marcom Fashion Show/ Ads Traditional position in luxury fashion community Books In-depth information for connoisseurs Film Depictions Brand education and viral marketing devices Art Restoring image as innovator New Media Communication CHANEL 27
    7. 7. Culture Chanel Marcom: Art and Exhibition Little Black Jacket (2012) Tokyo, New York, Taipei, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, Sydney, Paris, Berlin, Seoul Culture Chanel (2011 – 2012) Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou Northern Women in Chanel (2011 2013) Stockholm, Helsinki Finland Chanel Mobile Art Exhibition (2008) Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, London, Paris Icon Meets Icons (2009) Dubai CHANEL 2 of 20
    8. 8. Agenda CULTURE CHANEL Exhibition CHANEL
    9. 9. lenah hina Culture Chanel in China China = Luxury market •40% cores luxury clientele from China (32 millions) •1st luxury market in 2015 (estimate) •Chinese customer behaviour will be egoistic and rational Chanel in China •2nd most-desired brand in China •> $10 billion in annual sales •Challenges of Chanel in China: “undifferentiated images in the eyes” of Chinese consumers CHANEL 3 of 20
    10. 10. lenah hina lenahChanel in China hina Culture Undifferentiated images in the eyes of Chinese Challenges of Chanel in China: “undifferentiated images in the eyes” Target Client CHANEL 4 of 20
    11. 11. lenah hina Culture Chanel in China Challenges of Chanel in China: “undifferentiated images in the eyes” Target Client CHANEL 4 of 20
    12. 12. lenah hina Culture Chanel in China “Culture Chanel is an exhibition specially made for China, … It is the biggest ever exhibition that Chanel has organized in China” “We would like to take this opportunity to share with the Chinese people our brand’s culture, history and values …” ------ Xu Beini, a marketing executive from Chanel China. CHANEL 5 of 20