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All data are fictitious. Just for acedmic propose

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Innovation Management -Unilever bliss

  2. 2. OBJECTIVE Ambition To become the new mayo hero long term wise  Grow the core (incremental)  Grow our market share  Improve our gross margin  Ratio of real:bliss:light = 20:40:40 in five years Scope COUNTRY BRAND
  3. 3. THE COUNTRY : SITUATION      Largest contribution to Unilever Mayonnaise turnover: 30% Mayonnaise: big contributor to the dressing category Hellman‟s is the main brand and the market leader: 70% of MS Growth rate of mayonnaise consumption is declining in the UK As a market leader, challenge Innovation Strategy & Consumer Insights
  4. 4. TARGET GROUP CORE TARGET REMAINS THE SAME » Target with Voltaire’s philosophy » “Nothing would be more tiresome than eating if God had not made it a pleasure as well as a necessity” » Urban women : 30-45 years old with kids  Looking for the best and the nutritious food for the families.  They are women who are looking out for their family’s health, especially with food, but they do it all in a balanced matter without compromising on taste  Organized and always have plan for the family  Busy and are always looking for new recipes such that everybody loves it
  5. 5. TARGET GROUP …BUT THE NEW PRODUCT TARGET HAS TO BE BROAD: • More willing to experiment and not reluctant to novelty • More likely cookers and would love to try new tastes • They adapt to changing times, are open-minded and connected • Peripherical targets such as children and teenagers who influence their mothers in their purchase. “Our target is not looking for light, just for good”
  8. 8. PRODUCT PRODUCT PHILOSOPHY  Products made from authentic and quality ingredients such as free range eggs, oil rich in omega-3 (good fats)  33% oil (vs. 70% for full fat and 25% for light)  New X technology delivering delicious & unique taste & texture SUSTAINABILITY, A PRIORITY FOR HELLMANN'S QUALITY PRODUCT
  9. 9. PROPOSITION Rational Benefits Emotional Benefits 1. Good and selected ingredients 1. Reliable and true products 2. Blue ribbon brand 2. British culture and History identity 3. Double whisked mayonnaise which make it creamier 3. Tasty Product 4. Only 33% of Oil 4. Pleasure and enjoyment of food 5. Healthier Reasons to believe 100 years of expertise and a commitment to real/simple and sustainable high quality ingredients creates an undeniable taste and texture. New process of making the new mayonnaise: “Double whisked” which bring a new texture. Product X which bring a new taste. Less fat content: Only 33% of oil.
  10. 10. PROPOSITION ESSENTIAL FOR REAL PLEASURE “Having a tasty mayonnaise which keep the essence of Hellman‟s mayo, its core values, but has something different, a plus, the X factor” “Hellman‟s offers a creamier mayonnaise, which offer a new texture and taste but keep the Hellman‟s identity” “It‟s not fat, it‟s not light, it‟s just as food should be: TASTY”
  11. 11. PACKAGE + ESSENTIAL Essential Plus 1. Keep the essence of real mayonnaise 1. Creamier plus 2. Essential to enjoy food 3. Light plus 3. Essential for tasty food and real pleasure Innovation Strategy & Consumer Insights 2. Whisked plus 4. Plus to every dish to make it even tastier Essential +
  12. 12. PACKAGE Same jar shape to keep Hellman‟s identity „New‟ sticker to catch the eye. Orange color: Stay close to Hellman‟s identity (yellow and blue), be different and unique. Product name in Hellman‟s blue Essential+ motto: message about the product. Could be modified after the launch of the product. Keep the nutrition message. Innovation Strategy & Consumer Insights
  13. 13. PRICING SURVEY DESIGN FOR CONJOINT ANALYSIS Attributes Levels Taste Colour Texture Fat content1 Smell Price2 (GBP/400g) 1 Tangy White Fluffy <=27 % Strong 1.89 2 Savory Cream Creamy 27 %-75 % Mild 1.723 Thick >=75 % 3 Salty-sweet Pale yellow 2.08  By Orthogonal array selection, No. of questions = 17  So, No. of questions in each survey = 20  No. of concept cards in each view = 2  Sample size = 36 1. Levels decided based on fat content of Hellman‟s real and light. Source: 2. Prices Source: 3. Competitor‟s product range does not include 400g pack so price for 430g has been converted to 400g
  14. 14. PRICING Pricing Analysis Survey: Sample Question
  15. 15. PRICING Feature Relative Importance (%) Level Distribution Salty-sweet Tangy Savory 0.510 4.35 Taste 0.480 0.499 22.95 7.11 Texture Fat content 26.14 White Cream Pale-yellow 0.451 0.594 0.436 Fluffy Creamy Thick 0.481 Color 0.531 0.489 <=27% 27%-75% >=75% 0.575 0.569 0.394 Strong Smell 16 Price(GBP/400gms) 23.44 Mild 0.554 0.444 1.89 1.72 2.08 0.484 0.586 0.424 Even though the most-accepted fat-content is less than 27%, the negligible difference between <=27% and 27%-75% indicates good acceptance
  16. 16. PRICING Relative Importance Of Attributes  The pie chart indicates the relative Price 24% Taste 4% importance of the six attributes studied in Colour 23% the survey:  As is evident in the results, fat content and price are the two most important characteristics.  Another interesting observation is that even though the respondents are extremely price sensitive, Hellman‟s is smell 16% Fat Content 26% Texture 7% the market leader despite being priced higher than the competitors. Hence, customers are willing to pay higher for a trustworthy brand.
  17. 17. PRICING 1.89 2.08 0.484 Price(GBP/400gms) 1.72 0.586 0.424 23.44 The relative importance of price in determining purchase intention is 2nd highest As expected, the utility of the lowest price point is the highest but looking at the market share of Hellman‟s in the UK we inferred that the price point of 1.89 GBP for the 400gms jar is apt As Essential+ is a better product, made with the double whipped technology to deliver a creamier texture at a lower fat level, lowering the price is not an option
  18. 18. PRICING Perception about Hellman‟s • Hellman‟s is perceived to be top-of –the market product. • Being used since generations • Real: Very rich, thick and smooth, salty-sweet flavor • Light: Lighter in texture, smooth, salty-sweet flavor Attributes sought in Mayonnaise • Smooth, rich texture and flavor • Tastes like home-made Market competitors • Heinz, • Essential Waitrose • Other private label players in supermarkets eg Tesco
  19. 19. PRICING Texture Color Taste FatContent Smell Price Expected Market Share Profile 11 Thick Pale Yellow Saltysweet >=70% Mild 1.89 16.67% Profile 2 Creamy Cream Saltysweet 30%70% Mild 2.08 55.56% Profile 3 Fluffy Cream Saltysweet <30% Mild 1.89 27.78% Market Share Simulation Pricing Decision • The results of the market-share simulation shows that even at an increased price of 2.09 GBP which is 5% more than Hellman‟s existing price point, the market share of Essential+ would be the highest as the other attributes are highly favorable • But qualitative analysis shows that consumers have an emotional connect with Hellman‟s and especially Real, so we do not propose raising the price of Essential+ as it might hamper trials. 1. The profiles have been chosen to resemble Hellman‟s Real and Light variants based on the results of the in-depth interviews
  20. 20. PLACE Supermarkets  With 5% growth rate in Super/hyper markets  As our mayonnaise consumption is increasing, we would invest more so as to compete with other brands for shelf space in Supermarket  High Level: M&S and Waitrose  Middle Level: Sainsbury‟s  Low Level: Tesco‟s  Focus on ASDA and Morrison due to their increasing presence Restaurants: Bar & Inn   Competitor penetration through this channel Focus on Subway and salad bars so to keep nutritious and healthy message  We do not recommend to present in fast food, at the beginning at least
  21. 21. PLACE In Store Strategy Pamphlets at the entrance of Supermarket / Store   At POS Promotions should be introduced at this stage Samples near entrance or food section     To induce trials Trial with tested and tried recipe Recipe education Customer engagement Near to the host foods   For changing consumer‟s habit To remind customers Position of the Shelf   Between Real on the left and Light on the right Light is on the right as we don‟t want to cannibalize it
  22. 22. PLACE Online Supermarket  Considering the importance of online shopping, it is very essential to be present in digital arena  All the online shops of super markets we are in such as tesco, aida etc  We also can consider to sell in Amazon and Ocado which are currently opening their online shop to food and sauces.
  23. 23. PROMOTION Objective: Cannibalize the Real mayonnaise To create awareness about „Essential+‟ and show its usage Communication idea: “Essential for real pleasure” “Mom as Super hero for a house” Communication Mix: TV 20 % Print 35% Digital 35% OOH 10%
  24. 24. PROMOTION STRATEGY  We advise to set up a big promotion strategy to create the Essential+ product awareness  We recommend to go mostly through two means of diffusion:  Print (35%)  Digital (35%)  We choose not to focus on the radio  Radio is not appropriate as it is considered as an old media and its audience is not enough broaden. All this promotion is going to be supported by the in-store promotion strategy
  25. 25. PROMOTION PRINT  Keywords:  Sandwiches  Love of food moments  Fun  Use humor  Customers will remember it
  26. 26. PROMOTION PRINT Where ?  Billboards – Massive presence  Choose the best places  Full pages in magazines  Free magazines  Targeted magazines Need to set up a media planning strategy to identify which magazines we need to build a partnership with.
  27. 27. PROMOTION DIGITAL New website  Create viral content:  Recipes and menus using Essential+ mayonnaise (on the go preparation for instance)  Forum to create a community of consumer: They can exchanges recipes, ideas  Newsletter and RSS feeds Objective: Involvement of the customer to create advocacy.
  28. 28. PROMOTION DIGITAL (continued)  Social media strategy  Facebook: Advergaming in cooking game.  Contest on Instagram: The best,  Be present on the pack  Videos of recipes on YouTube channels to a famous cooker (Jamie Oliver ?)  Application for Smartphone: QR codes on mayonnaise to have the last recipe Aim is to create viral content and make a buzz
  29. 29. PROMOTION DIGITAL (continued)  Assure a qualitative presence on-line  Need to identify the main digital influencers (as food bloggers)  Create ambassadors of the brand (famous people…)  Development of PR within the bloggers Aim is to create positive digital impacts
  30. 30. PROMOTION TANGIBLES & TESTIMONIALS  Give elongated spoon : With this spoon, reaching each point of the jar is not impossible anymore!  Ergonomically designed for Hellman‟s jar. „‟ I was aware of the importance of consuming seafood but my little son used to reject tuna fish and whatever I did was not useful and couldnt convince him. Then I tried new sandwich recipe with Essential plus. Now, the biggest fun of triangle tuna sandwiches is my son! We are all happy, thanks Hellmans! ‟‟ Julia Brown, 35 Teacher, mom of Johnny
  31. 31. PROMOTION Mobile Newspapers Magazines Sandwiches Love of food Print Ad Barcode/QR code More recipe and recommendations Recipe by SMS In Store Pamphlets at the entrance Demo for inducing trials Recipe education on package itself 3600 Campaign TV Spot TV Website with recipe Food bloggers for Advocacy Facebook contest Facebook Game Video of recipe on YouTube OOH Digital Hoardings in the specific locations Digital hoardings Testimonials