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All data from public. Just for acedmic propose

All data from public. Just for acedmic propose

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  • 1. Supplier Operation Procedure – Amazon in China • Online Registration Procedure • Commodity Data Upload • Delivery Procedure • Product Online • Payment & Marketing Prepared by Charlotte Lee 2013 Oct 1
  • 2. Vendor Application Procedure Online registration 1 week Commodity Upload 1 - 2 week Amazon Invite registration by e-mail Vendor self-study Online video Vendor online register V. 1st Upload product details + photo Online video Vendor provide co data Company audit Amazon right offer Amazon cross check vendor infp Vendor self-study Online video Vendor continue to upload balance product data Delivery to warehouse 1 week Vendor self-study Online-Video Product online Vendor online check Inventory check & replenishment V. Create delivery platform e.g. label Online Video Order Checking Online Video study Warehouse booking Update product info @24 hours Vendor delivery to warehouse Amazon product receipt & post online Arrange promotion CS e-mail Vendor Support hotline: 010-85568000 2
  • 3. Online Registration Procedure Online Registration Amazon send the invitation letter by e-mail Data Audit After registration succeed by email, , Vendor need to provide data to Amazon (shown as next page) Vendor get registration link in email and follow instruction Amazon Data Audit (2-3 working day) Vendor provide co register name, email, password, bank account …etc Vendor read and sign Amazon contract by online REGISTRATION SUCCEED!! email notification to vendor Passed Amazon offer “ authorization in platform Not Passed Vendor need to provide more data Amazon will inform next step 3
  • 4. Online Registration Procedure 1. Business Registration License (Copy + Co chop) 营业执照副本复印件 General Requirement 2. Tax registration form 税务登记证(国税和地税)复印件 3. Trademark Certification 商标注册证明 4. Brand Authorization 品牌所有者出具的授权信和商标使用许可 5. China Government Quality Report 国家质检的相应检验报告(如适用) 6. Amazon invitation letter 1. Provide copy + company chop 2. Submit by email to Amazon business development manager Attention 3. Amazon follow Chinese Law 4
  • 5. Commodity Upload and Procedure • • EDI Vendor Central Platform Online Video Self-learning in platform manual High SKU Single Product upload Lot upload Direct to Vendor Platform Product & detail fill-in Self-learning :Online Video, Trial 5-10 product data an send IT manager for cross checking Operation Method: Stock Add new commodity After receipt feedback, vendor can complete the balance product details Self-learning: Online Video Lot upload Amazon manager offer technology support Low SKU UPLOAD SUCCEED!! 5
  • 6. Delivery Procedure Self learning: Online Video Vendor Delivery Platform Video Self learning Check Amazon commodity regulation Buz Development manager feedback (3 days) Prepare adhesive sticker for commodity Courier awb should mark down FBA no E-mail/ telephone for warehouse booking and delivery Product Delivery!! After goods arrived warehouse, vendor contact IT manager about shop online And delivery immediate at same booking • Over 24 hours, the order will be cancelled • Warehoues 8:00-18:00 6
  • 7. Delivery Procedure • Delivery many commodity, it need to do delivery application in “Vendor Control” • Amazon has 2 warehouse but watch only send to Beijing • During delivery application, it needs to prepare 3 documents: Adhesive sticker, packing list, carton sticker as shown below • Contact warehouse by telephone or email. Vendor will get the booking no and write this no in the courier awb form. Set up Qty Sticker Print Product Sticker Print • System will offer EAN • All sticker need to use laser print Select courier Prepare carton Packing List • Each box has 1 packing list as below Provide Details Carton sticker Carton Sticker • Each box has 1 carton sticker 7
  • 8. Product Online – Further Setup 1. Invoice Confirmation Video Self learning – how to arrange invoice 2. Customer Service Email set up Input email address as customer service 8
  • 9. Payment 1. Payment Term : Consignment based; 14-day settle account; 2. Volume incentive rebate: If annual net payment reach Rebate % of total cost price 500,000 – 700,000 A% 700,000 – 900,000 B% 900,000 – 1,100,000 C% 1,100,000 – 1,300,000 D% 1,300,000 – 1,500,000 E% 3. Damage allowance F% of net payment 9
  • 10. Payment and Condition 4. Extra Fee: ASIN fee for new product, fee for unqualified picture 5. Substitution : Not allow 6. 14 day delivery: Order should be delivered in warehouse within 14 days. Otherwise, the order will be cancelled 7. Quantity: Not accept over-ship or short-ship qty 10
  • 11. Marketing Amazon offer difference plans in banner marketing in their platform: Plan Basic Gold Front Page 0 Spotlight 1 Promotion Chanel Ads Promotion E-mail 20% exposure 4 week 1 100% exposure 4 week 10 6 month Diamond 1 5% exposure 2 week 1 20% exposure 6 week 1 100% exposure 6 week 20 12 month 1 5% exposure 4 week 1 20% exposure 8 week 1 100% exposure 8 week 20 12 month Individual 1 5% exposure ¥15,000/week 1 20% exposure ¥5,000/week 1 100% exposure ¥1,000/ week 20 ¥20,000/ year Price ¥ 11
  • 12. Global Selling • Global fulfillment centers: Use Amazon centers service • Online order management: Seller Central System, such as at-aglance order status, messages from buyers, and seller-coaching tips. •Simple shipping: Amazon logistic network 12
  • 13. THANK YOU • This presentation focus on how Joyo operate in China. • Other B2B and B2C platform operation system will be summarizing and compare in last section • New brand + e-commerce strategy in China Prepared by Charlotte Lee 2013 Oct 13
  • 14. Appendix: Vendor Central System 14
  • 15. Appendix: Vendor Central System 15
  • 16. Appendix: Vendor Central System 16
  • 17. Appendix: Vendor Central System 17
  • 18. Appendix: Vendor Central System 18