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Double page spread

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Idea’sRolling In the Deep.What made you to create this song, because it seems like a kind of ‘In yourface’ song?Yeah well, it was my reaction to being told my life is going to be boring and lonely and rubbish andthat I was a weak person if I wasn’t able to stay in a relationship. So yeah, I was rather insulted sodecided to write it as a kind of F*** you... It takes a lot of s*** to upset me and make me crazy, sowhen I’m about to get angry my heart, I can really feel my blood flowing around my body.Once you roughly wrote the song, how did you take it further to be sure itwas what you wanted for your album?Well I went to Paul Network and um, it turned out to be exactly what they had in mind to do withme I suppose, I wasn’t really expecting a major reaction cos he is known for being very “Indie” andI’m known for being very “Pop” so I wasn’t sure if it would end too well but it ended up being amatch made in heaven really.Rumour Has It.What is the story behind ‘Rumour Has It’?Well after working all day I would come home and try and re-link up with all my friends and catchup, I’d go for lunch or whatever go out for a night out and like my friends would be like ‘Oh so Iheard your seeing blah blah, hope you’re not seeing him cos I heard he f***ed her and I heard, ohand I heard you with him’ and all this stuff you know so like my own friends were gossiping aboutme you know what I mean and like it’s got nothing, I think some people might think cos it’s called‘Rumour Has It’ I think people might think it’s about blogs and magazines and paper’s but it’s notit’s about my own friends making up or believing something they hear you know I just, it’s prettymortifying.Turning Tables.How did ‘Turning Tables’ come About?It is the 2n one of the two tracks I wrote with Ryan. The Grammy in 2009, we were both staying inthe same hotel and I got in the elevator with about one hundred heart balloons and then Ryan gotin as well and all he could hear was my cackle, and he was kinda searching through all the balloonsto find me and then we were like amazing we defiantly have to work together now. I arrived and Iwas quite upset cos I was kinda in the middle of all the rubbish that was going on at home and Iturned up and I was just going who the f*** does he, I didn’t know Ryan at this point by the waybut was like who the f*** does he think he is, always f***ing turns the tables on me. So then hetook that turning table you know he kinda come up with the phase which I loved.
  2. 2. Double Page Spread Idea’sDon’t You Remember.We know the song and lyrics is about a man who you loved by whatemotions are behind the lyrics, what made you use them?It got to the point where I managed to step out of the mode I was in when I was writing the recordand I then suddenly felt that I was kind of analyzing my songs then looking back at the lyrics thenlistening to the vocals and all that and I suddenly got really ashamed and disgusted of the manor Iwas betraying someone who was really important to me, I felt really bad and felt childish that Imade him out as being a complete twat. I just thought of kinda reminiscing of how at thebeginning like my skin would tingle any time he ever touched me and I’d wait by my phone and belike going crazy cos he didn’t text me back within 10 seconds and stuff like that and I was sortathinking about stuff like that and I bet he doesn’t remember why he loved me you know so it wasjust kinda like that.He Won’t GoNow this record is really personal to one of your friends as we know, but whydid you decide to produce the song?Well it’s about two friends of mine that I met after the first record, I was home and I was living onmy own, settled into my new flat and um sorta had no like normal friends in my area it was allkinda work friends or someone I had met through work and I met these two lovers of dogs andshortly after, about a couple of weeks after I found out that he was a heroin addict and was kindof on his journey to go into rehab. Their bond with each other that kinda over road, kinda cameeverything that was going on. It really, really touched me and really, really moved me and um I’mso proud of them both and I’m proud of him, he’s been clean for over a year now and it’s just youknow it’s just quite exciting, quite kind of seeing a new life happen when your kinda 30 odd.Take It AllWhat is ‘Take it all’ mainly about?It is written with Ed, who I did Chasing Pavements and Melt My Heart To Stone and Tired with onthe first record. I can’t really remember how Take It All came about, he played a cord and I juststarted singing it and it’s about my devotion to someone and them not caring really and taking thep*** out of me and like kind of exploiting me I guess in a way and literally it was just as I sang itthe lyrics happened it wasn’t sort of sitting there writing about it, it was literally like imaginesitting down with someone and saying that this really isn’t working cos your making me look like amug, it was literally like something out of West side story.
  3. 3. Double Page Spread Idea’sOne and OnlySo, this song is also about a guy, but is it the same guy as the rest or someonenew in your life?No, it’s not about the same guy, it’s a happy song! It’s about someone that I’ve known for yearsand we’ve always really liked each other and never been together um even though I’m prettyconvinced I’m probably going to marry this guy in the end. And when I wrote the middle eight, itwas really cheesy. The night before I wrote the middle eight I watched ‘Never Been Kissed’ withDrew Barrymore in it and you know at the end where she describes as being kissed as the wholeworld slows down and goes in slow motion and everything else goes blurry and the only thing infocus is her and that fitty guy that whoever’s playing that other character and I kinda see it likethat. Even though I don’t think ‘Never Been kissed’ is an epic movie but I can kinda imagine bringin the middle of Trafalgar Square, don’t know why I would be in the middle of Trafalgar Squarekissing someone but and the whole world is slowing down and it being a bit like a fairytale butyeah it’s a bit of a sorta daydreaming song I suppose.LovesongYou said this song is for you mum, how did it come about?My first concert ever was the cure at Fingy Park and my mum took me, it’s such a touching songand it’s all one take and it’s very raw and it’s sad and it’s cos I’m missing home and it’s the wholeexperience of being in Malibu, it was a bit over whelming, not in a sad way but I felt quite heavysort of you know by it all you know and that song sorta set me free a little bit and I sang it for mymum and it’s a really stunning recording, the sounds and everything about it is just amazing in theway it’s all recorded and my voice had gone as well which I was a bit kinda paranoid about but itactually suits the song really, really well.Someone Like YouHow would you overall summarise ‘Someone Like You’?Someone like you is the last song on the record that was again I guess I go a little well when I waswriting it I was feeling pretty miserable and pretty lonely which I guess is kind of contradictsRolling In The Deep when I was like I’m gonna to be fine without you this one was me kind of onmy knees really. Yeah I mean that relationship, the entire records about that is really summed upin the Someone Like You was, changed me in a really good way it kind of well really made me whoI am at the moment, you know I’m sure there will be another relationship, well I hope so anyway,that it helps change me and defines me as well but I can imagine being about 40 and looking forhim again and turning up and he’s settled and he’s got a beautiful wife and some beautiful kidsand he’s completely happy and I’m still on my own, it’s kind of about that and I’m quite scared atthe thought of that you know it’s kind of all in that.
  4. 4. Double Page Spread Idea’sHow do you feel about your last album 19?On 19 I feel like I sounded a lot younger and I sounded really naive and childish and innocent anddumb on it I think, even though a lot of people always think its mature and that I’m wise beyondmy years I don’t at all think I was, and on this one you know I kind of, well I know a bit more aboutmyself and I’m accepting things now like rejection. I’m fine with it. I’m an adult. It upsets me but Ican deal with it do you know what I mean and its doesn’t make me question myself that mucheven though it probably should make me question it, but I think this entire record is a bit morekind of grown up and mature and sincere. Like that lyric that was just said from Someone Like You‘I Wish Nothing But The Best For You’ it’s kind of stubborn I’m being stubborn even though I’msaying it but you know you can’t really hold grudges forever cos it just weighs you down and thatsomething that I only learnt in the last year while vie kinda been recovering from everything thathappened and I feel better for it I feel lighter and healthier for not dwelling on things really.