2011-02-07 ACL Users Group Fraud Toolkit
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2011-02-07 ACL Users Group Fraud Toolkit

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Fraud Toolkit as presented by Sonya Gales

Fraud Toolkit as presented by Sonya Gales

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  • 1. Fraud Toolkit Charlotte ACL Users Group – February 7, 2011
  • 2. Introduction
    • Sonya Gales
      • Data Specialist with Arrowpoint Capital
        • Formerly Royal and SunAlliance
      • Used ACL since 2002
      • Use the network and desktop versions of ACL
      • [email_address]
  • 3. Current Version
  • 4. Purchase the Toolkit - IIA
  • 5. Purchase the Toolkit - Amazon
  • 6. Fraud Toolkit – What is in it
    • Authoritative guidance from David Coderre, renowned expert on the use of computer-assisted audit tools and techniques in fraud detection
    • A CD-ROM containing an educational version of ACL from the world leader in fraud detection software
    • An accompanying CD-ROM containing a thorough Fraud Toolkit with two sets of customizable scripts to serve your specific audit needs
    • Case studies and sample data files that you can use to try out the tests
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to run the tests
    • A self-study course on ACL script development with exercises, data files, and suggested answers
  • 7. Fraud Toolkit – What is in it
    • The toolkit also contains 12 'utility scripts' and a self-study course on ACL scripting which includes exercises, data files, and proposed answers.
    • Filled with screen shots, flow charts, example data files, and descriptive commentary highlighting and explaining each step, as well as case studies offering real-world examples of how the scripts can be used to search for fraud.
  • 8. Dave Coderre says . . .
    • The latest version is "Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL" published by John Wiley and Sons.
    • The improvement over the fraud toolkit is: a complete self study course on developing ACL scripts and 10 utility scripts which do a variety of things.  
    • The self study course includes data, exercises, and answers to the questions. 
    • It also comes with the educational version of ACL - full functionality, but with limited file size.
  • 9. Dave Coderre contact info
    • Dave Coderre [email_address]
    • Known as CAATs on the ACL User Forums
  • 10. Others comments -
    • "When people ask me what they can do to better utilize ACL, I tell them, 'Take an instructor lead course, participate in the ACL Forum, and study (not read, study) David Coderre's Fraud Analysis Techniques Using ACL.' I studied this book, and would not be where I am today without it. Even without the anti-fraud material, the book is worth the investment as a tool to learning ACL!" —Porter Broyles, President and founder of the Texas ACL User Group, Keynote Speaker at ACL's 2009 San Francisco Conference, Official ACL Super User
  • 11. Others comments -
    • "For individuals interested in learning about fraud analysis techniques or the art of ACL scripting, this book is a must-read. For those individuals interested in learning both, this book is a treasure." —Jim Hess, Principal, Hess Group, LLC
  • 12. Fraud Toolkit
    • Plug and play
    • Modular pieces that can be picked up and put in other scripts
  • 13. Fraud Toolkit Demo
  • 14. Questions