2011-02-07 ACL Starter Pack


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As presented by Tom Valiquette from CHS

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2011-02-07 ACL Starter Pack

  1. 1. ACL Starter Pack Overview Presented by: Tom Valiquette, MBA, CIA February 7, 2011
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda:•Introduction to Carolinas HealthCare System•Where can I find the Starter Pack•What is the ACL Starter Pack•How do I use the Starter Pack•Questions
  3. 3. Introduction to CarolinasHealthCare System•Owns, leases or manages 32 hospitals in North &South Carolina, more than 600 physician practices,and other healthcare business units.•Employs more than 45,000 full-time or part-timeemployees (including physicians)
  4. 4. Introduction to CarolinasHealthCare System, cont.•Audit shop made up of 25 management & staffemployees (Information Technology, Construction,Clinical Research, Financial, and Operations)•All staff required to use ACL in audit work•Currently implementing Audit Exchange (r3)
  5. 5. Where can I find the ACL Starter Pack?http://www.acl.com/supportcenter/downloads/other.aspx
  6. 6. Where can I find the ACL Starter Pack?
  7. 7. Where can I find the ACL Starter Pack?
  8. 8. What is the ACL Starter Pack?•Group of rudimentaryscripts•“Designed to help youinvestigate large datasets to more quicklyidentify fraud, errors,risk, and inefficiencies.”
  9. 9. What is the ACL Starter Pack? cont.• “The analytics address key areas such as (but not limited to) accounts receivable, accounts payable, vendor payments, general ledger, payroll, corporate credit cards, and travel and entertainment expenses.”• “Each analytic produces one or more output tables that contain the exceptions found.”
  10. 10. What is the ACL Starter Pack? cont.
  11. 11. What is the ACL Starter Pack? cont.
  12. 12. What is the ACL Starter Pack? cont. The objective of this analytic is to ensure that transactions are authorized and valid by identifying split transactions that are intended to circumvent corporate authorization limits. A split transaction is when multiple transactions are made in order to stay within the individual’s single purchase authorization limit. Individual transactions may appear to be authorized and valid. It is only when these transactions are linked that circumvention becomes evident. Depending on the user input, this analytic can be used to detect split invoices, split purchase orders, split requisitions, or split corporate card transactions. Output Table(s): C01_Split_Trans
  13. 13. How do I use the ACL Starter Pack• Right-click → Run• Study script development• Dialogue box use – create interactive scripts• Rough cut data for initial analysis
  14. 14. How do I use the ACL Starter PackDemonstration – C01_Split_Transactions • Identify multiple records that have a common vendor or merchant ID where the relevant date values are equal or one day apart. – C05_Fuzzy_Name_Matching • This script is used to look for similar sounding name matches within a master file and return related transactions. SOUNDSLIKE algorithm based on NY State NYSIIS Code. See http://www.nist.gov/dads/HTML/nysiis.html for details of the method.
  15. 15. How do I use the ACL Starter Pack Script Description Standard Commands Set up results table name Command to run secondary script Format ACL Project Navigator view
  16. 16. QUESTIONS?