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Digital all around

  1. 1. Hi,I am Charlie.
  2. 2. Curiosity & hands on attitude,made me a communication maven. Television Music PR & Communication Advertising Design & Brand StrategyTv Producer & Presenter A&R Communication Consultant Strategic Planning Creativity & Brand strategyContent Producer Marketing & Communication Digital strategyProducer- Director Content ProducerCopywriter& Author
  3. 3. My Passion? ...Communication
  4. 4. We live inin the digital era We live the digital age... Ubiquitous two way communication one way communication 1st mass medium
  5. 5. Technologybrings new behavioursThe ability to adapt determines your survival“New media is simply a matter of digital darwinism that effects any andall forms of marketing and service. in the world of democratizedinfluence, businesses must endure a perpetual survival of the fittest.ENGAGE or DIE.” nce- Brian Solis -
  6. 6. My Pillars of Thinking
  7. 7. Human BehaviourEverything we do is Human driven.The starting point to any challenge should focus on people.Their attributes, their culture, their trends, their needs, niches or tribes.
  8. 8. Social InfluenceThe social currency is influence and spreadability.How much you can impact and reach with your content and relevant actions, reflects on your outcome and results. John Cardinal challenged Coca cola for a pink REACH , RELEVANCE, RESULTS bottle in favor of Cancer awareness & charity source:
  9. 9. RelevanceEverything we do must add value.Brands and businesses use innovation and technology to add relevance.From services to products, to be relevant is to fulfil a need, create a breakthrough and disruptive asset/value thatallows conversation and Return On Engagement ROE. ADIDAS&GOOGLE TALKING SHOE SHOPKICK NIKE FUEL
  10. 10. Collaborative ConsumptionWe live in a thriving social economy. The connected generation no longer accepts a one way speech,instead, they listen, observe, compare, react, advocate or criticise. Text
  11. 11. The democratized paradigm empowers them, making the challenge for brands and businesses a collaborativeone, the product or service is a mean to a goal and not the goal itself. Free is an Urban Outfitters brand. Through digital and social media, the brand turned customers into advocates enhancing brand propagation. Text Tiffany&Co used the raison d’être of their product - love stories. Peugeot took a physical experience and turned it Digital. Customers and users can upload and tag themselves in a map of their city. empowering the users to interact and share the experience.
  12. 12. Methodology
  13. 13. Digital ThinkingThings do not Happenthey are Made to Happen Explores what is happening in society, culture and economy because of digital.- John F. Kennedy - .It exists to solve problems in a social, aggregator, facilitator and fun way. .It is user centered, behavioural, adaptive and modular to change.
  14. 14. The KwanIf you are just going to be like What: is the brand, business, product or serviceeveryone else, why are you doingthis? value and what can we do to enhance it.-Rework -Jason Fried&David Heinemeier Hansson Why: are we adding value and with what purpose. Is it for the long run? Is it consumer driven? disruptive or innovative? How: will the value we add reach, the consumer, client or community?
  15. 15. GoalsPlanning without meaningis meaning without planning .Clarify the goals and objectives- Winston Churchill - .Develop human centered scenarios based on thePlan with the goal in mind goal.- Brian Solis - .Define resources to meet the goals .Design thinking through driven consumer insights.
  16. 16. Summary
  17. 17. summary:Be human drivenFocus on people, start by identifying their needs and add value
  18. 18. summary:Be human drivenFocus on people, start by identifying their needs and add valueInfluence is networksharing is caring, the more relevant your content is more spreadable it becomes
  19. 19. summary:Be human drivenFocus on people, start by identifying their needs and add valueInfluence is networksharing is caring, the more relevant your content is more spreadable it becomesCollaborative consumptionCo- creation, curation, cooperative, the game changed.People make the brands and businesses come to life, by making their voice heard.It´s now a two way street, a help me help you situation
  20. 20. @charliemonteiro music interviews other people helps me. - Sagmeister things I learned so far in my life-