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DGE Angie Hassler's presentation at Pre-PETS 2013 to the presidents Class 203-2104.

DGE Angie Hassler's presentation at Pre-PETS 2013 to the presidents Class 203-2104.



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  • Welcome and introductions
  • Read ron’s brochure add after the rest is up to youYou not only accepted the invitation to join rotary but also the invitation to be club president and for this, your district leadership thanks you. You are about to embark on the best job in rotary. The leader within now has the opportunity to showcase your real talents and skills. And we’re here to help you get started and help along the way.
  • Presidents elect training is designed just for you. You will attend classes, exchange ideas, make new friends, and be motivated by inspirational speakers. It is a weekend of total immersion beginning with the opening ceremony on Friday afternoon, all the way through Sunday morning with CliffDochterman’s inspirational speech “If I Could be President Again”. And of course there are the hospitalities suites Friday and Saturday eve.The topics are:funding your projects; on being president; great leaders lead; making it happen; building and sustaining your clubelectives: more on building and sustaining your club; how is your club's public image; bring your trf questions here; public speaking tips and tricksPlease add to the arrival sheet that you will be able to bring your laptops/tablets to class.
  • Thank you Tim. As I mentioned before, Rotary wants you to succeed and so offers training to help you. And remember, you are not in this alone, your key people have opportunities to learn as well. You have a hard copy of this slide for reference. Be sure to let your key people know of the training opportunities for them to help them gain knowledge and strengthen your clubs. One note….please change the Lisbon convention date to 23-26 june.
  • Greg.
  • So, what makes an effective club?What should you be doing now.
  • • Reviewing this Club President’s Manual and preparing for the presidents-elect training seminar• Serving as a director of your club’s board, performing responsibilities prescribed by the president or the board*• Reviewing your club’s strategic plan, using the elements of an effective club as a guide • Setting your club’s annual goals, which support long-range goals, using the Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs (appendix 2)−− Assessing your club’s membership situation−− Discussing and organizing service projects−− Identifying ways to support The Rotary Foundation−− Developing future leaders−− Developing a public relations plan−− Planning action steps to carry out your club’s administrative responsibilities• Working with your club and district leaders (chapters 3 and 4)−− Holding one or more meetings with your board of directors; reviewing the provisions of your club’s constitution and bylaws(chapter 3)−− Supervising preparation of the club budget* (chapter 3)• Ensuring continuity in leadership and service projects* (chapter 4)−− Appointing committee chairs*−− Appointing committee members to the same committee for three years to ensure continuity, when possible*−− Conferring with your predecessor*−− Arranging a joint meeting of the incoming board of directors with the retiring board• Ensuring regular and consistent training (chapter 3)−− Attending your presidents-elect training seminar and rotary u*−− Encouraging all club leaders to attend rotary u−− Attending the district conference
  • Thank you Governor Joe… see we may be governors for a year but we move on to other assignments. And now let’s break for lunch.
  • I’d like to take a few minutes to share my membership philosophy with you. As I said earlier, we are all here because we were invited. While recruitment is important, I truly believe if we close the back door we would have a membership increase. Having spent years recruiting and training personnel, from a cost standpoint, it is always less expensive to keep the ones you have. In addition, they become more valuable the longer they stay. They become strong advocates for Rotary and true assets. Think about that special feeling your have when you do something good….wouldn’t you like to share it with others? So be sure your club members are involved so they can experience it too. And what other organization will give not only you but your family the opportunity to have experiences of a lifetime by eradicating polio, providing clean water, medical supplies and medicines to women and children, providing literacy projects, and supporting peace scholars. So many of us say that our best friends are Rotarians, we not only do projects with them, but socialize with them and travel with them. What skills have you not only brought to rotary but also what has Rotary done for you personally. So I truly believe that membership in Rotary is a gift. Now, for the next 25 minutes our assistant governors with lead you in a table discussion with respect to membership.
  • Hi, for those of you who don’t know me I’m Mike Cloutier from the Rotary Club of Oakland. I’m the original architect of the District’s Youth Protection Program and the current Assistant District Abuse Prevention Coordinator.Please hold any questions until after the presentation is complete. Thanks!Our theme for the next Rotary year is “Engage Rotary, Change Lives” and there is probably no more fulfilling way to change lives that through the District’s New Generations programs.
  • Because of an ineffective sexual harassment prevention program and his own lack of action to correct and eliminate problems, this man’s rich legacy will be forever over shadowed by the unforgivable actions of a subordinate. Don’t let this happen to Rotary! Our District’s Youth Protection program is the underlying foundation for all of our New Generation programs.
  • Click -- The Club Certification Form is a testament that during your year as Club President, your Club will follow the requirements of the RI and District Youth Protection Policies.Click -- The form requires your signature, and that of your New Generations Chair. Please remember that your New Generations Chair and Club Youth Protection Officer must be fully Certified under the Youth Protection Policies. Click -- Two signatures, five minutes, done!
  • As Club President – Lead by Example.Click -- If you really wanted to get this done fast, it will probably take less than 3 hours. You can do the four items in any order, but let’s start in a logical order.Click -- There are two on line courses that are located on the District Web Site. Each of these courses will take no longer than 45 minutes to complete. You read the material, and then take the test (70% minimum to pass) and then make sure you hit the submit key to pass it along to the Youth Protection System. 1.5 hours Click -- Next, complete the Youth Protection Volunteer Affidavit Form (VAF), including the listing of three references. Please let the references know that someone will be calling to ask them a few questions. When complete give the VAF to your clubs Youth Protection Officer (and please make sure you have a Youth Protection Officer) and he/she will ask you a few questions, and then contact your references to complete the process. Time 15 minutes.Click --Finally, LiveScan. First please make sure that you do not ask for the FBI LiveScan, just the Department of Justice. Complete the LiveScan Form, and be sure you put your club name on the form. Then take it to a LiveScan location to have your fingerprints taken. Time 1 hour including drive time.
  • Your Club YPO’s basic job is to monitor the members of your club with regards to their training and Certification. The requirements are listed in the Youth Protection Training matrix, but most Club members will fall into one of two categories: First, all Rotarians and other Volunteers who have contact with youth in a Rotary context must complete the Youth Protection Awareness course. For example, if they are in the speech contest meeting, they must complete the Awareness course.Second, any Rotarian who will have one-on-one contact with youth in a Rotary context, and members of Club or District New Generation committees must be fully certified.That’s it! It isn’t rocket science, it’s simply taking each step one at a time. So please don’t delay, get this out of your way now. Doing so will ensure that you understand the requirements, and eliminate the need for many emails and phone calls.
  • I want to take a few minutes to talk about partners in service. All of your clubs have had over the past 9 years a visitor from another country who was the program for one of your October meetings. This will occur again this year, and as soon as we have the exact dates we will advise you but in the meanwhile alert your program chair of this.
  • We’ve asked past club leaders for tips to help get your year off to a good start. Here are some of their suggestions :• Plan early, keeping continuity in mind• Continue to support past projects that carry on into your year• Fill your team positions as early as possible• Never be afraid to delegate – you can’t know or do everything yourself• Remember your resources and ask your club, district, and zone level leaders for advice• Become acquainted with your counterparts at the district training meetings• Consult new members as a sounding board and old ones for historical knowledge• Prepare three short speeches on general Rotary topics that can be adapted to the situation• Don’t forget to say thank you – people appreciate being appreciated• Remember that planning is key, but action is where the service is• Have fun!But most of all remember you have the leadership skills and ability to Engage Rotary, Change Lives That’s why I’m suggesting you develop a 1 to 2 minute story that is close to your heart and share it.

Pre pets 20130126 angie Pre pets 20130126 angie Presentation Transcript

  • Pre-PETSSaturday, January 26, 2013
  • Our Theme
  • To help you:•Sustain & grow membership•Implement successful service projects•Support the Rotary Foundation•Develop leaders (beyond club level)
  • ROTARY ZONES 25/26 FAR WEST NORTH AMERICABritish Columbia (portions)WashingtonIdaho (portions)OregonNevadaCaliforniaArizonaHawaii
  • FAR WEST P.E.T.S.District 5000 – HawaiiDistrict 5130 – N. California CoastDistrict 5150 – North Bay AreaDistrict 5160 – N. CaliforniaDistrict 5170 - South/East Bay AreaDistrict 5180 – Delta/SacramentoDistrict 5190 – E. Calif. / N. NevadaDistrict 5220 – Central Valley Calif.District 5230 – Central Coast/ Central Valley
  • Key Dates12 Febrauary Grants Training AdMail Express, Inc. 31640 Hayman St. Hayward, CA 9454426 February Technology Training AdMail Express, Inc. Hayward27 February Grants Training San Jose DoubleTree Hotel1-3 March FAR WEST PETS San Jose DoubleTree Hotel1 March Foundation Memo of Understanding San Jose DoubleTree Hotel Due1 March Club Youth Certification Form Due San Jose DoubleTree Hotel21 March District Golf Tournament Silverado (Napa)22-24 March District Conference Napa (Meritage Resort & Spa)1 May Foundation Goals Due Member Access16 May Rotary U San Jose DoubleTree HotelMay & June Membership & Foundation Seminars In Areas1 June Membership Goals Due Member Access23-26 June RI Convention Lisbon1 July WE’RE OFF & RUNNING! Engage Rotary, Change Lives More to come!
  • Challenges? Contact:
  • What should I be doing now?Review club Presidents manualServe on your boardReview your clubs’ strategic planComplete the planning guideHold meetings with your boardSupervise budget preparationEnsure continuityEnsure club leaders are trainedRegister for Member AccessPromote and attend Joe’s conference
  • Guidelines for Successful LeadershipHave a vision!Select your Leadership Team wisely!Promote teamwork and collaborationShare both responsibility and recognitionBe a peacemaker – reconcile differences and encourage unityBe accessible to your team membersAbove all, lead by example!
  • Guidelines for Effective CommitteesDefine the purpose for the CommitteeConsolidate, eliminate, expand or addMake Committee appointments based on interests and talentsProvide concrete assignments and goalsKeep track of progress and record resultsAlways provide recognition for accomplishments
  • Fiduciary responsibilitySpending plan to support club activities Projects Programs Fellowship Membership development Etc.
  • When: NOW!Review last 3-5 yr P&L’sCompare current budget vs YTD resultsDetermine prioritiesReview club’s 5 yr strategic plan (focus)
  • Current & future treasurersCurrent PresidentPresident Elect & NomineeClub ChairsSpecial Advisor(s)And YOU
  • The Balance Sheet of the Rotary Club of Your Town As of January 31, 2013Assets:Cash:Checking XXXXXXSavings * XXXXXX Report each account separately.Total Cash XXXXXXAccounts Receivable XXXXXX Usually unpaid dues.Prepaid Expense XXXXXX Paid future expendituresFixed Assets XXXXXX Assets owned by the club with an useful life of three years or more.Total Assets XXXXXXLiabilities:Unpaid Dues RI XXXXXXUnpaid Dues District XXXXXXOther Unpaid Expense XXXXXXLong Term Debt XXXXXXTotal Liabilities XXXXXXClubs Net Worth XXXXXX Difference between Assets and Liabilities.
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Profit & Loss StatementWhat to ReportIncome: All items of income broken down by source (e.g. dues; meals; fundraisers; happy $’s; social; etc)Expenses: All items of expense broken down by source Expense items broken down by category (e.g. club; avenues of service; fundraisers; social; etc) Do not comingle TRF & local foundation funds Report each event separately
  • Membership Billing
  • Member Billing OptionsPay as you Go  Q1 includes: Dues (club; district; RI)  Q2 includes: Rose Parade Float  Meals are paid at the door  Events are prepaid or billed
  • Member Billing OptionsAll Inclusive  Q1: Dues; advance quarterly meals  Q2: Advance quarterly meals less make-ups  Events can be prepaid or billed
  • Presidents PETS $ 450.00Speech Contest $ 175.00President support for RI Convention $x,xxx.00 (varies upon locale)Member support for Rotary U $ 42.00 ppMember support for Avenues of Service $ 42.00 ppRose Parade Float $ 3.00 pp (recommended)District Dues $ 51.00 ppRI Dues $ 71.00 ppRYLA Scholarship $ 495.00 per camper
  • Due 15 November of each yearFiled by each club treasurer or CPA or EAHuge penalties if not filed
  • Awards and Recognitions
  • District TotalsYTD thru January 25th/Annual Giving Goal 2011-2012 2012-2013 Goal $593,580 $623,956 YTD $547,493 $562,651 % TD 92% 90% Total for $658,879 ????? Year
  • Club Information25 Clubs Have Met Their Goal !!!EVERY Club has made donations!!!21 Clubs Over 60% EREY13 Clubs Under 50% EREY..53.9% District EREY Total
  • Every Rotarian Every Year Annual Giving Top Fives $Dollars Club Contributions Members Cupertino $50,632 182 Los Altos $38,412 171 San Jose $31,850 501 Livermore $30,900 131 Oakland 21,646 303
  • Every Rotarian Every Year Annual Giving Top Fives% To GoalClub Per Cent MembersLos Altos Sunset 411% 14Freedom 260% 39Los Altos 176% 171Tri-Valley 171% 9Mountain View 168% 33
  • Every Rotarian Every Year Annual Giving Top Fives $ Per Capita Giving Club Per Capita Members Los Altos Sunset $499 14 Sunnyvale Sunrise $350 17 Sunnyvale $342 58 Tri-Valley $341 9 Freedom $333 39
  • Every Rotarian Every Year Annual Giving Top Fives % Every Rotarian Every Year Club Per Cent Members Tri-Valley 100% 9 Sunnyvale 100% 58 Mountain View 97% 33 San Jose North 95% 40 San Lorenzo Valley 94% 16
  • Polio Plus CampaignThe Rotary Foundation and You!• When: February 2014 to June 2014• Goal: Clubs Set Goals (now)• Who: Rotarians and Non-Rotarians (OPM)• How: Fund Raisers, Loose Change, Matching Points, Your Ideas!
  • Paul Harris Society
  • Grants
  • Club Foundation Committee
  • Committee Duties EducateReview Motivate Allocate Manage
  • Your Foundation Goals
  • The District Web SiteThe Rotary Foundation:• Mission Statement• Club Annual Giving Campaign• PolioPlus• Paul Harris Society• Future Vision Program• Scholar Grants• TRF NewsToday
  • Chris di Salvo
  • Why Youth Protection?
  • Club CertificationWhat’s needed to complete club certification form? Club President signature Club New Generations Chair signature
  • As Club President – Lead by Example It’s not hard—take it one step at a time. Training: YP Awareness; YP Certification Next: YP Volunteer Affidavit and Interview Finally: LiveScan
  • Club Youth Protection Officer’sDuties•Get Certified•Ensure Club remains certified (3 Rotarians)•Understand training matrix•Monitor members requirements progress•Assist in screening Club Rotarians
  • 2013 District Conference…………March 21-24Rotary U……………………..……..May 16, 2013Partners in Service……………..…October 2013Avenues of Service………………..October 2013Richard D. King Speech Contest…April 2, 20142014 District Conference…….........April 11-13