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Trailer Research

  1. 1.  Lighting Mise-en-scène Sound – diegetic/ non diegetic/ narrative Camera Angles Editing – fast to build tension
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  3. 3. This two shot shows the relationship between the motherand daughter, and seems to be a very happy scene.This long shot is completely different to the previousimage – everything is very dark and remote. There is onlyone long winding road and only one car, this relates moreto the horror film and also shows how isolated and alonethe main character is in the car.
  4. 4. This shot again shows the isolation of the main characteras she wanders around a deserted town, also the fogmeans that you don’t know what she is walking towardsand helps to build suspense.This medium shot of the sign shows that the location isvery important in this film and that there is somethingsignificant about it, also it shows where the title of the filmcomes from.
  5. 5. This again shows the significance of the location andbegins to explain some of the story behind it. It also makesthe audience want to know why Silent Hill is a ‘taintedtown’.This medium shot shows the small girl from beforesurrounded by hooded adults and makes the audiencewant to know what has happened, also their costumes area lot more old fashioned and the girl is wearing a lightercolour which makes her stand out form the others andshows that there is something significant about her.
  6. 6. This close up is very dark which relates to the horror genre,also the girl looks pale faced and almost scared looking.This medium shot shows some characters that don’t lookhuman and are coming out of the dark towards theaudience, again showing the horror genre.
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  8. 8. This medium shot sets the scene and introduces the maincharacter, also he talks about what they are going to bedoing – looking for the paranormal which alreadyintroduces the paranormal genre.This shot shows that something has happened in the pastwhere they are due to the date on the footage and itintroduces the horror genre as everything is dark andcreepy.
  9. 9. This long shot shows some more of the characters andagain shows the horror genre because of the dark humanshadow in the background that then walks to the left as thecamera zooms in.This shot shows one of the characters isolated and alone inthe dark, looking terrified. The audience can’t see anythingbehind him and his only light is from a torch, thisemphasises the horror genre.
  10. 10. This long shot emphasises the paranormal genre as theperson is flying through the air and the lights are suddenlyvery bright.This again emphasises the paranormal genre as theperson’s face is twisted and no longer looks human.
  11. 11. This shot shows some of the story about why they areinvestigating this supposedly haunted building – the manon the left is showing the investigators what has happenedbefore.This shot shows that something unnatural is happeningbecause the window is opening by itself, also the text in thebottom right corner makes it seem more real because ithas a date on it along with the text ‘actual footage’.
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  13. 13. This introduces the main character and shows how normalhe is and how normal the party is. This shows that the laterdisaster could happen at any time to anyone which makesthe audience feel more sympathy because they can relateto it more.There are numerous shots, similar to this one, thatintroduce the main characters as they talk to the camera.
  14. 14. This shot shows that something has started to happenbecause the lights have gone out and the characters arestarting to panic. This shows that something big has happened that has caused an earthquake and is being shown on the news which emphasises the disaster genre.
  15. 15. This shot shows that something really bad has happened,again emphasising the disaster genre, because thecharacters are running panicked, also the camera is shaky.This again shows a lot of frightened people running awayfrom something which shows both the action and disasterthemes.
  16. 16. This medium shot reinforces the disaster theme becausethe statue of liberty’s head has been thrown on top of a car.This shot shows the obliviousness of one of the charactersas he says that it is the best party ever, and it is also ironicbecause of what is about to happen.
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  18. 18. This establishing shot already shows the social realismgenre because it is a normal shot of a normal street, also itis in black and white which demonstrates ‘hard times’ thefilm was set in.This introduces the main character and shows what he hasto deal with and how bad his situation is. It also makes theaudience empathise with him because of hi suffering.
  19. 19. This, again, makes the audience feel empathy towards themain character and reinforces the social realism genrebecause of what has happened to him.This medium shot introduces another of the maincharacters and shows the beginning of the relationshipbetween them.
  20. 20. This close up introduces the last main character and showshow different she is to them.This shot shows that life is hard for the other boy as well,and how his father doesn’t approve of his friend.
  21. 21. This shot shows how things could change for the boysbecause of how happy they are, this could make theaudience curious about what is happeningThis again shows how things re changing for the boys andit also shows they strong friendship.