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Zombieland analysis newwww

  1. 1. SETTING• There are many settings established in this title sequence but the key setting which is signified is America. We can tell that it is set in America as we can see American highways , cars , prisons/prison officer and money.
  2. 2. THEMES• The are many themes portrayed through the title sequence of Zombie land which are comedy , horror , violence and social anarchy. In this picture we see the element of comedy being bought into play as we see a man running from a naked lady with money in his hand. this suggests he has not payed money he owes her. The women is now a zombie which shows how the film brings an element of horror as she is covered in blood. In this clip we also see that zombies are targeting all types of people and not leaving anyone out. We see that zombies attack public serviceman, Business men, and innocent women.
  3. 3. • ICONOGRAPHY The iconography which is shown in the title sequence of Zombieland follows the typical comedy/horror codes and conventions to make the genre clear to the viewer from the start.• Key things, such as excessive gore , signify to us that the film is going to be horrific as we see gore featured in many horror movies such as blood , burnt skin , disfigurement and people running away.• We see prison guards being attacked by the prisoners and the drug dealers overthrowing the mobsters. This shows that society has been thrown on its head and now everything has been opposed. It shows that all the powerful people in society have now lost the power they had.• In this still we see a women being chased by a zombie. The women is wearing pink which in this sequence is representing innocence and purity. We see the zombie wearing very dull and blunt colors which shows that the zombie is going to take over innocence.
  4. 4. NARRATIVE• From watching the title sequence I can tell that throughout the movie it will be very humorous but also quite gruesome as we are constantly seeing blood and characters dyeing. We are constantly seeing the town that people are living in being taken over by zombies , but we not are introduced to any characters which look like they could be main characters in this title sequence. The title sequence involves lots of different scenes this makes the narrative quite unclear because the audience does know what to expect. We now do not know what the film is going to be about because the scenes shown are not similar and do not give away a clear narrative plot.
  5. 5. CHARACTERSBased on this title sequence we are only introduced to the zombies who weknow are antagonists of this movie. We are not introduced to any maincharacters who we think are going to plot against the zombies. We areintroduced to some minor characters such as a prison guard , who is underattack from the zombies who have taken over the town in which the film isset.
  6. 6. STYLE• All of the title sequence is shown in slow motion which makes the actions which are happening a lot more dramatic but also a lot more comical. A lot of the scenes which include gore and violence are made to be humorous by the non-diegetic sound used used throughout the sequence which makes all of the gory and bloody scenes seem amusing.