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Padre user experience Padre user experience Presentation Transcript

  • Padre User Experience
  • What is Padre?An IDE for Perl built in Perl.What is Strawberry Perl?A binary executable for Windows to enable Perlinterpretation.
  • The Hardware10.1 inch Asus Eee PC Netbook Model#: 1015 PE
  • Installing Padre in Windows• Via the cpan client that is available in Strawberry Perl. ( Best approach for updated version but takes about 1 ½ hours to install )• Via the msi executable that will have Padre and Strawberry Perl. ( old version of Editor )
  • Using Padre
  • View• Outline – List elements of current code.• Bookmarks – Save state of current line being viewed.• Project Browser – Great way to navigate across modules for a project.• Full screen (F11 to enable full screen)• Output – Returns the output of script execution. ( F5 to run script)
  • Using the Outline Panel• Double click an element will show the current line of the element in the file.• Right click will show 2 options – Show current line of element. – Show documentation ( if element is a module or pragma ).
  • Debugging interface• Menu driven – No shortcut keys.( can be solved by key binding ) – Driven by mouse clicks.
  • Tools• Key Binding – Great for custom shortcuts.• Regex editor – Makes complicated regex easy.• Plugin Manager – Manages Plugins that are available for use.• Plugin Tools – Allows a user to create his/her own plugins.
  • My thoughts• I really like the ease of use.• It is hard to start because it is not packaged for installation of latest version.• Makes learning regex easy & fun.• Running on a net book is ok but a PC should be better.• Should have a introduction book for beginners.
  • How to contribute• Via IRC chat ( server: server ) – Chat room: # padre• Mailing list ( subscribe on link below ) –• Enable Padre Popularity Contest Plugin• Check out the link below for other ways to contribute –