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    • PE
    • English
    • Maths
    • Science
  • 3. PE Each month or so we do two different sports, one on the first lesson of the week and the other on the second. Also each month we would do a cross country circuit. Every term we would also do the multi stage fitness test.(the bleep test) My favourite sport was tag rugby, I enjoyed this because I have played rugby since I was four years old so I know the rules well and am also quite so good. My least favourite was Hockey because I do not like the game it’s self, because it is really boring for me! I also do not like gymnastics because it’s not a contact sport, and I mostly enjoy contact sports.
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  • 6. English My favourite topic this year was probably narrative or biography and auto-biography. I enjoyed these because I was able to use my imagination to create some fun and exiting pieces of work, I also find writing them fun. My least favourite topic was poetry. I didn’t find this fun because I am not very good at it and I found it hard to create more interesting and creative poems as easy as it is to create and interesting and fun Narrative. In English we have done many essays, these include; MY auto Biography in 2030 , My Auto Biography , my Skellig Discription , And My fact sheet
  • 7. Charlie Davidson in 2030 Charlie Davidson is currently the swimming world champion for all strokes. This years swimming world championship took place in August and in an attempted to break the world record Charlie Davidson was entered in all events. Swimming for Great Britain, he won in all events and broke the world record in freestyle and breaststroke. “ It took a lot of hard work and a lot of commitment to work my way to the top, but eventually I did, ” quoted Charlie. Charlie was raised in Hong Kong. He lived there for the whole of his childhood. After completing secondary school he then moved to Oxford to study in law. Charlie then moved to Chester in 2019. After living there for two years he moved to central London where he has lived ever since. Charlie started his swimming career when he swam for his school in the FOBISSEA Primary Games in Kuala Lumpur in 2007. He was one of six boys from primary 4. He then continued his career in the 2008 and 2009 games. After he left Primary school, Charlie started swimming for his secondary school, West Island School. He swam for them from year seven all the way through to year thirteen. After graduating, Charlie left for Oxford without taking a gap year. When Charlie finished university he moved to Chester to swim for his local team. He became loved by all of the community but after being scouted by the British Olympic team he moved to central London to focus completely on his swimming and fitness. A few weeks later, Charlie finally settled into his new surroundings and was ready to start training for the 2024 Olympics. A year into training Charlie saw himself with a serious heart condition making him unlikely to make the games. “ Charlie is a fighter. He couldn't let his dreams go, he had to make the games or he would never forgive himself. ” Said Charlie's trainer Jack Smith. 4 months after discovering his sickness, Charlie Decided he would get back into the gym to try and keep his fitness levels up. So from that day he was going to the gym twice a week. What Charlie didn't notice was that his heart was rapidly improving. When Charlie had his monthly check up the doctors told him that he would only be in hospital for two weeks more. Of course that lifted his spirits, so he then started to go to the gym five times a week. Two weeks later Charlie left hospital to return to his normal routine. Charlie now had to lift the pace to regain his spot on the Olympic swimming team. “ Charlie pushed himself to the limit. He came home everyday completely worn out, ” Jack smith said. Finally when the Olympics were about to begin Charlie couldn't have been any more prepared. Although Charlie only won a bronze medal that year, his trainers could tell that this was only the beginning of his career. Charlie continued to win more and more medals, competing in lots of different competitions all across the world. When Charlie found out about his chance to break the world record he couldn't say no. He had always wanted to win in every event but he never thought he could do it all at the same time. He started to train twice as much as had for previous competitions. Charlie's first event was the 100 metre breaststroke. He flew through the qualifying round with ease but when it came to the semi-finals he struggled. Coming in third in his heat he entered the final with the slowest qualifying time. He didn't let that stop him. After an encouraging talk with his trainer Charlie pulled through to win his first gold in the world championship. After winning that event Charlie seemed to find a way to win everything. But after that amazing event Charlie made some serious damage to his left leg when he was training for a biathlon . The doctors told him that he would no longer be able to compete in competition swimming. This put a dim atmosphere in the British swim squad. Everything seemed to go right for Charlie until that day. He is now working as a lawyer. “ I am very disappointed that I will no longer be able to swim for my country but I also feel that it is a way to find the new generation of Olympic swimmers. ” Quoted Charlie Davidson.
  • 8. Auto-biography I Charlie Davidson might not have been called Charlie. I could have been called a very Scottish, Douglas. How I would have hated my parents for that. If I had been a girl, I might have been called Phoebe or Chloe, or even another very Scottish name Flora. At 11pm, on January the 13th 1998, my parents were waiting patiently for my arrival in hospital. At 11:20 my Dad said to my Mum “ at least we wont be having him on the 13 th . ” If only he knew. Twenty minutes after this point, I was born; 2 weeks late. I was born with a full head of hair weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces. My baby self was almost the same as I am now, I was always hungry. As our house was being redecorated, we all had to live in one room. That became a nightmare; because of the lack of space I became very stressed and when I was stressed I cried twice as much as normal. Of course that made everyone else stressed so that didn't help. The final straw of that event was when my Mum was walking me through the house when a worker walked past carrying a radiator. As he walked past he dripped oil all down my face. My Mum got so cross it was scary.
  • 9. Skellig Character: Skellig Setting: Garage Skellig is wearing an old coat with a white shirt underneath. His trousers are tatty and have holes all up the leg. Dead bluebottles cover his whole body. The Garage is falling apart, the walls are barely holding up. Bugs and spiders litter the floor. The room is extremely dark. Only trickles of light flow through the cracks in the walls and the door. “ Why am I here? I don't have anything to do or eat. Its not worth living. I wish Arthur would leave me alone. My life is agony. I hate it! The only thing good 'bout it is that beautiful 27 and 53! oh! I wish I could have it the whole time, but I have to stay I here. Can't go lookin' through the trash any more. I wonder if that new family will discover me and maybe bring me some 27 and 53. That would be good. I wish! ”
  • 10. MY POEM FOR ASSESMENT I say to my teachers “good mornin' miss” and put an apple on their desk they look at me and only hiss as if I was some sort of pest I sit down and watch 'em write on the board writing things only they understand This teacher hates me, I can see Ignores me when I raise my hand All of the kids are falling asleep the teacher is getting hacked off The room is full but you can't hear a peep there isn't even a cough The bell rings and heaven is here Children laugh and play everyone playing with their peers Everyone is shouting hooray Finally it's home time, yippee the buses are lined up outside people say goodbye to me finally I'm home let's go inside!
  • 11. Pheasants Female Male http://www.ultimatepheasanthunting.com/info/pheasant-facts/ http://www.pheasant-birds.com/ There are about 50 species of pheasant. Most of them are native to Central Asia, Ukraine and China. At the moment Pheasant are found in a variety of habitats, from the snow in the Himalayas to the jungles of Indonesia. Pheasants have two names. Males are called roosters or cocks and females are called hens. Like dogs and cows, they do not need to air condition their bodies they must instead pant to release all excess body heat. Straight after birth pheasant chicks start growing flight feathers and can start short flights at around two weeks. Pheasants can fly at a speed of up to forty eight miles per hour.
  • 12. MATHS This year in maths we have had many topics these are Statistics, Arithmetic, Number Patterns, Algebra, shapes and construction, symmetry, Decimals, Fractions and percentages, 3D shapes, Directed Numbers, Solving equations, Area and Perimeter, angles and bearings, transformations, Probability, Graphs, power, routes and estimation. At the moment I am working on level 6 work and in my end of year test I will be working on a level 5 – 7 test. I sit next to Josh and Calvin and we work very well together finishing tasks swiftly with ease!
  • 13. MATH REFLECTION My favourite topic was probability, this is because I found it really simple and really understood. So when doing class work we would finish and not have any homework. My least favourite topic was area and perimeter, this is because when I was doing a practice test for my end of year test there were some questions about finding the area and I could not remember the way of finding the area for different shapes.
  • 14. End of Year Test On Friday the 4 th of June, I did my end of year test. I was working on a level 5-7 test. I only got my results yesterday. I got 53 marks out of 61!!! So this means that I got a level 7a and at the start of next year will be working towards a level 8!!!
  • 15. This year in science we have done many topics. My favourite topic is probably simple reactions because I liked watching how some of the chemicals reacted with each other. It was also very interesting and I watched and acknowledged all that was taught to me. This showed because I got a 100% mark in the level 6 test. My least favourite topic was forces, I didn’t like it because I didn’t find it very fun. Also it was not that interesting in my mind. This was also one of the tests I did not do very well on.
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  • 17. CAS activities This year I have done a couple of activities, most of of which are action. These include Football, Rugby and Basket ball for action. And for service I have worked in the drink stall at the WIS fair, I have worked in the reception and I have helped my mum in the PTA shop.
  • 18. ROA Record of Achievement
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  • 20. QUESTIONS!!!