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Proposal for Innovative gym

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Volt Project

  1. 1. VOLT Generation: On
  2. 2. A health consciousness is growing among today’s digital pioneers: Young, creative urban professionals who spend more time tweaking their blogs than training their bodies.
  3. 3. Their physical lives are closely tied to their digital identities. They blog, upload, and publish the nuances of their daily routines while interacting with their digital friends as regularly as their physical friends.
  4. 4. However, with the gold rush to social media and digital environments, these users regularly neglect their physical needs, often feeling fatigued and “digitally drained”.
  5. 5. Meanwhile, current fitness companies range from conventional to trendy, yet none has fully embraced the growing digital generation utilitarian trendy fitness conventionality
  6. 6. VOLT men WOmen VOLT is a new approach to the fitness business. VOLT transforms its athletes into power generators, harnessing massive amounts of kinetic energy that is expended while working out. At VOLT, physical resistance isn’t measured in pounds (lb.) but rather in volts (V).
  7. 7. VOLT has contracted teams of mechanical engineers, industrial designers, and exercise scientists to design fitness equipment that is networked, intuitive, and [POWER+] certified. [POWER+] or “Power Plus” is VOLT’s philosophy that a gym should be as charged as its members while adding to the power grid of a surrounding community. concept fitness equipment
  8. 8. Tracking Website Power Cell drained Buzzed Humming Amped While working out, plug a USB key into your machine to track your progress. This workout data is integrated into the online VOLT experience, where users can track workout progress and are awarded different fitness levels. This achievement system is then networked to social environments like Twitter, FourSquare, and Facebook.
  9. 9. This workout data is also monitored by VOLT. After covering its net energy usage, a VOLT facility offsets city infrastructure with clean, human generated energy. For members, their cost of utilities is lowered though a partnership with the civic energy infrastructure. The generation of kinetic energy allows members to get fit while giving improving their community by reducing the need for fossil fuel.
  10. 10. In addition to power generated by customers, VOLT facilities are housed in architectural structures that are designed to collect passive solar energy and minimize the material cost of construction VOLT facility in Miami charging stations As hybrid vehicles become more prevalent, VOLT facilities are outfitted with outdoor charging stations for electric cars and bikes. VOLT facilities thus create an active way for people to reduce their footprint, power their community and reducing the usage of non-renewable fuels while getting fit.
  11. 11. VOLT Generation: On