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Jonathan Hevenstone (speaker), Mark Johnson (speaker), Toby Plewak (speaker)

Jonathan Hevenstone (speaker), Mark Johnson (speaker), Toby Plewak (speaker)

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  • What are the Trends, Challenges, and new Developments in delivering online content?Trends – open access, mobile technologiesChallenges – staying on top of this ever-changing landscape of content and technologyNew Developments – ebooks, COUNTER 4
  • Institutional Administration ToolsMaintain IP address groups across multiple publisher databasesRun cross-publisher usage reports at one timeCreate automated “A to Z” listFind essential data about your publications for acquisitionsOver 2000 librarians receive alerts from HWGet information on vital services such as OpenURL, SRU, Shibboleth, and SUSHIAnd much more…
  • The biggest challenge is simply change – our industry is constantly shifting. Organizations and businesses that cannot adapt to the changes are vulnerable. HighWire has 2 unique strategies to manage cangeStandards based Open Platform built on modular system and service-based architecture means that adapting for the ‘next big thing’ is straightforward and manageable. The HW Product Roadmap helps HW communicate with publishers and align expectations about product upgrades and new developments.
  • Core Hosting CapabilitiesMix-and-match configuration HighWire Express content on-boarding automationBranding/custom site designAccess/authentication engineContent discoverability optimization via SEO, citation indices, semantic tags, ads, etc.Mobile optimized web sitesFull text support on small footprint devices (e.g, eReaders)Library support services Bench>PressFor Fee’ Application optionsDrupal user interfaceeBooksAdvertisingeCommerce suiteCME/CE modulesiOS and Android appsMini-sites
  • Replaces Release 3 Code of PracticeMost significant upgrade since Release 2


  • 1. HighWire: Technology Solutions for the Scholarly Community Presenter: Mark Johnson Date: November 7, 2013
  • 2. HighWire Profile • Auxiliary of Stanford University Library since 1995 • Michael A. Keller, University Librarian & HighWire Publisher • Premier, independent, digital services partner to scholarly publishers and societies worldwide • Operated as a “public trust” to promote research dissemination • HighWire Open Platform SaaS Solution • Enrich and host partner content to facilitate discovery, access, utility, impact • Branding, commerce, advertising, mobile, analytics, manuscript tracking, etc. • Renowned HighWire Community Forum • 140+ Publishers & Societies; 50 Million Unique Visitors/Month • 120 staff in Silicon Valley, 10 remote staff, ~30 contractors 2
  • 3. The Choice for Scholarly Market Makers Quality, Depth, Breadth & Traffic 3
  • 4. The HighWire Portal 4
  • 5. The HighWire Portal for Librarians HighWire | Stanford University 5
  • 6. Trends: - Open Access - Mobile Technologies - Responsive Design
  • 7. 60+ Open Access Journals Hosted on HighWire Open Access Journals (May 2013) Publisher URL Launch Date American Physiological Society Animal Frontiers American Society of Animal Science Annals of Family Medicine American Academy of Family Physicians Biology Open Company of Biologists Bioscience Horizons Oxford University Press BMJ Open BMJ Group BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care BMJ Group BMJ Open Respiratory Research BMJ Group BMJ Quality Improvement Reports BMJ Group Bone & Joint Research British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery October 2011 56 Canadian Family Physician College of Family Physicians of Canada August 2007 4,395 Cancer Genomics & Proteomics International Institute of Anticancer Research Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine Cleveland Clinic Foundation Clinical Diabetes American Diabetes Association Clinical Medicine & Research Marshfield Clinic CMAJ Open Canadian Medical Association January 2013 8 College & Research Libraries American Library Association January 2010 6,555 College & Research Libraries News American Library Association January 2010 1,697 Conservation Physiology Oxford University Press Disease Models and Mechanisms Company of Biologists elife elifesciences Endocrine Connections BioScientifica European Respiratory Review European Respiratory Society September 2005 Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health Oxford University Press September 2012 G3 (Genes | Genomes | Genetics) Genetics Society of America Genome Announcements American Society for Microbiology Genome Biology and Evolution Oxford University Press Global Health: Science and Practice Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Haematologica Ferrata Storti Foundation October 2007 Human Genomics and Proteomics SAGE Publications August 2011 Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery Oxford University Press JAHA: Journal of the American Heart Association American Heart Association Journal of Dental Biomechanics SAGE Publications August 2011 22 Journal of International Medical Research SAGE Publications January 2013 1,925 Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports SAGE Publications January 2013 Journal of Legal Analysis Oxford University Press Journal of Radiation Research Oxford University Press Journal of Surgical Case Reports Oxford University Press Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine American Board of Family Medicine Journal of Tissue Engineering SAGE Publications Journal of Vision Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology April 2010 JRSM Cardiovascular Disease Royal Society of Medicine April 2012 mBio American Society for Microbiology May 2010 512 Nucleic Acids Research Oxford University Press April 2000 37,499 Open Biology The Royal Society Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine SAGE Publications Orthopaedic Proceedings: Supplement to The Bone & Joint Journal British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery Physiological Reports American Physiological Society Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics Oxford University Press August 2012 129 Progress of Theoretical Physics Oxford University Press January 2013 15,692 SAGE Open SAGE Publications Sage Open Engineering SAGE Publications n/a February 2014 Sage Open Medicine SAGE Publications n/a February 2015 -- Studies in Mycology CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre February 2007 129 Veterinary Record Open BMJ Group HighWire | Stanford University April 1998 Total # of Articles Advances in Physiology Education 1,011 August 2011 May 2003 78 1,325 September 2011 190 March 2008 February 2011 102 1,186 n/a June 2013 n/a August 2013 -- August 2012 26 -- April 2009 September 2008 357 2,083 May 2001 509 May 2005 1,036 March 2013 6 July 2008 967 December 2012 132 June 2012 27 418 11 June 2011 307 January 2013 300 April 2009 478 March 2013 November 2011 15 5,861 13 4,108 February 2012 208 7 July 2011 64 June 2012 2,366 December 2012 May 2003 399 1,873 August 2011 42 16,039 23 September 2011 95 February 2013 n/a 4 December 2004 26,125 August 2013 -- April 2011 n/a 230 -- July 2013 -- 7
  • 8. HighWire offers Mobile Web and Apps: iOS and Android – Includes institutional subscription tethering/ vouchering – Includes advertising HighWire | Stanford University 8
  • 9. Drupal & Responsive Design 9
  • 10. Challenges: CHANGE - The HighWire Open Platform - The HighWire Product Roadmap
  • 11. The HighWire Open Platform HighWire | Stanford University | Proprietary HighWire | Stanford University 11
  • 12. HighWire Product Roadmap • HW provides Publisher Clients a Roadmap of the coming year • The Roadmap allows for better planning / saves time & money • Publisher clients work with HighWire on Joint Roadmaps Roadmap Category # Product Releases Since 2011 Highlights Monetization 20 eCommerce, Mobile Vouchers, Continued Medical Education Integration 32 Mobile Web, Mobile Apps, APIs Analytics 10 Usage Reports, Analytics Workbench User/ UI-UX 15 Recommendations, Alerts Content 22 ePub, Citation Manager TOTAL RELEASES 99
  • 13. New Developments: - eBooks - Article Level Metrics - COUNTER 4 Briefly: • Collaboration with COUNTER and Publishers on Journal Usage Factor (work in progress) • Work on CHORUS including collaboration with CrossRef FundRef and Prospect
  • 14. “Folio is a flexible ebook solution built on the HighWire Open Platform, designed for publishers who want to get their books up and running quickly.” - Tara Robenalt, Director of Product Management, HighWire
  • 15. Folio – Key Components • Home Page • Book Landing Page • eBook Reader
  • 16. HighWire Folio eBooks Solution • Duke University Press Books • 16
  • 17. HighWire Folio eBooks Solution – Read on any device
  • 18. Article Level Metrics • Integration with • Soon with PLOS ALM 18
  • 19. COUNTER 4 Overview • What’s New in Release 4 • Gold Open Access Report • Multimedia Reports • Mobile Reports • Access Denied Reports • SUSHI Performance Guidelines • Upgrades to Release 3 Reports • Journal & Book DOI • Total Summaries • Select Time Range for Report (Month / Year) HighWire | Stanford University 19
  • 20. HighWire Release Summary • Reports In Release Journal Report 1 Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal Journal Report 1a Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests from an Archive by Month and Journal Journal Report 1 GOA* Number of Successful Gold Open Access Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal Journal Report 2* Access Denied to Full-Text Articles by Month, Journal and Category Journal Report 3 Number of Successful Item Requests by Month, Journal and Page-type Journal Report 4 Total Searches Run By Month and Collection Journal Report 5* Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Year of-Publication (YOP) and Journal Consortia Report 1/1a Number of successful full-text journal article or book chapter requests by month and title Book Report 2* Number of Successful Section Requests by Month and Title Book Report 4* Access Denied to Content items by Month, Platform and Category Platform Report 1* Total Searches, Result Clicks and Record Views by Month and Platform * New Report 20
  • 21. Release Schedule • SUSHI / Performance Improvements • Jan 15, 2014 • Counter Audit • Jan / Feb 2014 • Institutional Release Feb 15, 2014 HighWire | Stanford University 21
  • 22. Technology Solutions for the Scholarly Community 22
  • 23. Thank You Mark Johnson