Making the Impossible Possible, by Kelli Getz, Jeannie Castro, and Nancy Linden; University of Houston Libraries
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Making the Impossible Possible, by Kelli Getz, Jeannie Castro, and Nancy Linden; University of Houston Libraries






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  • GoalsSR 2010 – Unsure of budget so didn’t want to do many changes. SR 2011 – Focus on cleaning up old records, old gifts, etc. Format changes and cancellations allowed but no additionsSR 2012 – Focus on adding new titles in specific disciplines in order to play the Tier 1 game. Also, will have 2 reviews to allow professors to add titles throughout the year
  • Using Millennium4). Output to spreadsheet. 5). Remove binding orders, docs, etc.
  • This spreadsheet shows the journal titles requested via Faculty Photocopy more than 5 times since the service began in 2006. We only scan in the print copy of the title.  If we have moved to online only with the title, this means that older issues of the title are being requested.  This spreadsheet would be a good tool to use when analyzing whether or not backfiles of a particular title are needed.
  • The ILL requests are from 2/1/10 – 1/31/11.  We’ve listed all journals that have had articles requested 7 times or more.  We only have to pay copyright costs after an article has been requested 5 times.  If you have any questions about journal pricing, please contact Kelli.  If you have any questions about the stats or want to know more about how they are collected, please contact Nora.  Do note that if we already have a subscription to a title and have ILL stats for the journal, this means that a patron has requested an article outside of our holdings (e.g. we have from 1999-present but the patron wants an article from 1990).
  • SR2011 Only allowed for Cancellations, Format Changes, and Fund Transfers (moving from one fund to another)Need to keep track because 148 different serials funds in 55 subject areas due to having funds dedicated to standing orders, print and print + online subscriptions, and electronic only subscriptions.Had to work individually with some selectors on figuring out how to accurately look for a title to see if a format change was available. We do not allow username/passwords, so IP authentication was a big problem. Also, had to help them to understand the difference between aggregator access and having a subscription. Had to verify price with Serials Subscription Service (HUGE undertaking, especially when had to request a price quote based on # grad students and faculty in a particular discipline)Then worked with JC to get licensing squared away – used Outlook tasks
  • Sorted by fund codeKept track of packagesTotal # of format changes and cancellations

Making the Impossible Possible, by Kelli Getz, Jeannie Castro, and Nancy Linden; University of Houston Libraries Making the Impossible Possible, by Kelli Getz, Jeannie Castro, and Nancy Linden; University of Houston Libraries Presentation Transcript

  • Making the Impossible Possible: BestPractices for Running an Effective Annual Serials ReviewKelli GetzAssistant Head of AcquisitionsUniversity of Houston Libraries
  • Serials Review 2011 Background• 7+ years Materials Budget• Overall budget ~$9 million• Serials over $5 million• Flat collections budget• No forced cancellations Serials• FTE 40,000 students ($5 44% million) 56% Other ($4 million)
  • Serials breakdown Serials Titles Received Purchased electronic 39% serials - 45,190 Purchased print serials - 1,013 60% Serials received but not purchased - 29,100 1%
  • Communication • Used Intranet site as main Serials Review hub • Collaborated with Nancy • Attended a weekly Liaison Services meeting • Presented information at monthly Collection Management Committee meeting • Held separate Serials Review meeting for new selectors • Created a Serials Review Blog
  • Timeline – Serials Review 2011 Selectors AcquisitionsSeptember 2010 Create Title ListOctober 2010 Review ListNovember/December 2010 Review List Pay 2011 SubscriptionsJanuary 2011 Continue Reviewing ListFebruary 2011 Continue Reviewing List Check to make sure all changes have been madeMarch 2011 Review ListApril 2011 Review ListMay 2011 Review ListJune 2011 SR 2011 Ends June 10 Sort SR 2011 DataJuly 2011 Sort SR 2011 DataAugust 2011 Final SR 2011 Data due to Serials Subscription Services August 31Sept. – Dec. 2011 Serials Subscription Services Contact Publishers; Acq Pays for 2012 subscriptionsJanuary 2012 Check to make sure 2012 changes have been made
  • Themes SR 2007 – SR SR 2010 – The SR 2012 – The SR 2011 – The 2009 - The year of little year of multiple clean up year years of plenty change reviews
  • “The List”
  • Running “The List”• 1). Create list for RLOC = s and • 3). List as below in order: STATUS not equal z. ▫ a) FUND.• 2). Sort by FUND, then TITLE. ▫ b) PRIORITY (CODE 3). ▫ c) TITLE. ▫ d) AUTHOR. ▫ e) PUBLISHER. ▫ f) CALL #. ▫ g) E-PRICE. ▫ h) ORDER RECORD #. ▫ i) BIB #. ▫ j) ISSN #.
  • Serials Review StatisticsILL Statistics Usage and Price Statistics• Faculty Photocopy Requests • Journal Usage Stats 2009 & (ILL) 2010 (ER)• ILL Most Requested Titles • Journals with Zero Usage 2010 (ILL) (ER)• OCLC’s Top 1,000 Interlibrary • Title Increases Greater Than Loan Requests 20% for 2010 & 2011 (Acq)
  • Faculty Photocopy Statistics
  • ILL Most Requested Titles
  • Additional Resources• Links to past Serials Reviews• Potential Packages• Cancellation information for large packages• Video tutorials with handouts ▫ Searching for a journal title in the ILS ▫ How to find usage statistics in the ERM
  • Collecting the Data: Forms
  • Collecting the Data: Email
  • Organizing the Data: Spreadsheets!
  • Making the Impossible Possible: Whatyour Electronic Resources Librarian can do to help youJeannie CastroElectronic Resources CoordinatorUniversity of Houston
  • How your ER librarian can help• Collaboration is the key• Work with Subject Librarian librarians in providing information• Flexibility and acceptance of the licensing timetable
  • Subject Librarian Collaboration• Certain Subject Librarians asked for assistance with completing their Serials Review• Use Stats provided for ▫ Aggregator titles ▫ Subscription titles• Calculated a cost-per-use based on those stats
  • Subject Librarian Collaboration• Columns added to Spreadsheet ▫ Print, Print + Online, or Online Only ▫ Platform ▫ 2009 & 2010 COUNTER use statistics ▫ 2009& 2010 Serials Solutions Click Through Statistics ▫ Cost Per Use for 2010
  • Subject Librarian Collaboration• For print only resources, checked to see if an online option was available• For those titles, a note was made to Kelli to enquire about moving
  • Serials Librarian Collaboration• Online option availability ▫ If Kelli found a title that needed to be moved we used our ERM to send requests  Premliminary License Request  Format change OK  Subscription declined
  • Serials Librarian Collaboration• Outlook Tasks ▫ Tasks can be assigned between people in Outlook ▫ Kelli creates the task alerting the ER department as to a problem and I respond
  • Serials Librarian Collaboration• As a result of the Serials Review work, it was noticed that many of the titles that Ebsco switched from print to print + online were never set up.• As a result, a new project was created to identify these titles and rectify the situation.
  • Win-Win Situation
  • Making the Impossible Possible:Advice to tech services and to subject librarians foreffective collaborationsNancy LindenScience and Engineering LibrarianUniversity of Houston LibrariesCharleston Conference 2011
  • 4 pieces of advice to tech servicesfor effectively collaborating withsubject librarians
  • 1. Find a subject librarian interestedin working with you on this projectA SL can assist in showing other SLs what’s in it for them and what’s in it for the organizationA SL can translate tech services language into public services languageA SL will understand colleagues’ priorities
  • 2. Find ways to help subject librarians beproductive so that you get what you needProvide tools, info, suggestions upfrontFigure out: where are the tasks most productively done? (i.e. If SL rarely use ERM or tech services side of ILS…)Be prepared to explain-- tech services lingo and processes are foreign to SLIt may be in your best interest to do more in order to get tothe goal.
  • 3. Find opportunities for face time4. Repeat and remind
  • 3 pieces of advice to subjectlibrarians for effectivelycollaborating with faculty
  • 1. Make it easy for faculty Make it easy to read - Edit out unnecessary info/columns and re-label library lingo Make it easy to respond to - Provide some recommendations yourself so that faculty aren’t being asked to do all the work - Send only titles you need responses about or group them (high cost per use titles, high cost journals, any low use titles, low impact journals)
  • 2. It may take several tries to find the bestcommunication method for yourdepartment(s) Work through your department liaison Email entire department Present at department meeting Sit in a department conference room with treats and invite drop-ins Post a survey to Libguide
  • 3. The back and forth with faculty willtake much longer than you expectStart the conversation with faculty at least 2-3 months before actual deadlineGive faculty 4-6 weeks to respond initiallyCheck in with them periodically
  • One last piece of advice to yourorganization: make sure the messageis consistentPost a document on Library website from Administration for across the board cuts or highly charged situationsCraft a communiqué that all SL can use as a template Make sure SL understand the importance of aligning with library message. Discuss it!
  • Changes for SR 2012• Lightning Round • Limited addition of titles with Tier 1 justification • Begin mid-year• Classic • Additions only with cancellations • Regular serials review timeline• Forms • Create new Packages Form • New form to request pricing and licensing• Format Changes • If not requested to remain in print, Kelli will change to online only
  • At your library• Collaborate & Communicate ▫ ER ▫ Subject selectors/Collection Development ▫ ILL
  • Contact Info• Kelli Getz ▫ Assistant Head of Acquisitions ▫• Jeannie Castro ▫ Electronic Resources Coordinator ▫• Nancy Linden ▫ Science and Engineering Librarian ▫