Charlesmore Partners International 2012

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Capabilitties Presentation: Charlesmore Partners International

Capabilitties Presentation: Charlesmore Partners International

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  • 1. Consultants in Organizational Strategy
  • 2. Charlesmore Partners International A unique management consulting firm with a single focus Helping clients develop organizations that deliver strategy
  • 3. Why Organizational Strategy Matters Top performing companies successfully leverage their organization more effectively than rivals and ff ti l th i l d derive over 64% more profit per employee than next-tier performers www.charlesmore.comSource: McKinsey & Co.
  • 4. So What is O ga a s Organizational S a egy Anyway? a o a Strategy y ayOrganizational Strategy: g g Takes a holistic and integrative view of organizational needs over contiguous time horizons Maps out a portfolio of initiatives to transform the organization from its current state to a desired state
  • 5. Organizational Strategy ProcessCopyright (c) 2012.Charlesmore PartnersInternational. All Rights www.charlesmore.comReserved.
  • 6. Selected Client ProjectsGuided financial services client Designed and launched a Greenfieldthrough a major business advanced manufacturing plant, applyingtransformation from a B2B to a socio-tech principles and staffed with selfB2C operating model. directed work teams.Led major turnaround at Developed a competency-baseddistressed industrial plagued performance and developmentwith poor performance and process for a consumer servicesfiduciary irregularities. company.Developed organizational Designed and led multi-facetedstrategy for green tech leadership development program fordevelopment firm. sector-leading nonprofit.Helped a medical device company Designed and program managed talentglobalize its business. acquisition campaign for high growth technology consulting firm.
  • 7. Selected Clients
  • 8. Typical EngagementsOrganizational strategy, design and developmentBusiness (and organization) performanceimprovement and restructuringSuccession planning, leadership development andexecutive coachingChange managementCulture assessment anddevelopmentTalent management bestpractice designGlobalizationGl b li ti
  • 9. How We WorkWeW consider strategic, operational and organizational factors, id t t i ti l d i ti lf tthink across different time and priority horizons and assure anintegrative view across functionsWe bring to bear current expertise and knowledge of other g p gindustries and best practicesWe provide an assessment of readiness to change and what will beneededWe transfer skills and build the capability tomake change happenWe help executive teams make difficult pdecisions and tradeoffsWe earn trust, but stay independent We Deliver Results, Not Reports
  • 10. More Information +1.215.353.6472 ♦ ♦