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Professional quality control provider,with rich experience, we offer a wide range of quality assurance services, covering factory audit, social compliance audit, pre-production inspection, during production inspection, pre-shipment inspection, and loading supervision as well.

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Veriquality Presentation

  1. 1. Company Background With 7 years experience in quality control. Best service at competitive price Over 50 specialists in 15 locations around the China Mission Statement In an independent, impartial, objective and honest manner, we strive in every way we can to consistently deliver unequaled service to our customers all over the world. Drawing on our industry specific knowledge, experience and capability, we help customers to reduce quality risk and ensure their business sustainability. Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  2. 2. Our Industry Softlines Textile, apparel, accessories, home textile, footwear, bags, leather and fabric Hardlines Hardware, DIY, houseware, furniture, toys, handicrafts, sporting goods, automotive parts, building products, cosmetic, valve, tool sets, juvenile products, promotional items, gifts and sundries Electrical & Electronic Audio &video products and accessories Luminaries Household electrical tools Telecommunication Others Auto, Equipment & Machinery Motorcycles, Wheels, Auto Engine, Cranes, Forklifts, Tractor, Power Station Equipment, Pip Making Machinery, Food Processing Machinery, etc Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  3. 3. Service Summary Audit Factory audit (Technical audit) Social compliance audit C-TPAT Inspection Pre-production Inspection During production Inspection Pre-shipment Inspection Loading Supervision Sorting Inspection Sample collection Sample evaluation Customized Quality Program Product Spec. Making Factory Visit Escort Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  4. 4. Service Details Factory Audit Benefits: Ensures appropriate suppliers are being selected Key check points: • Manufactures‘ identification & background • Manpower • Production capability • Machinery, facilities & equipment • Manufacturing process & production lines • In-house quality control system such as testing & inspection • Management system & capability • Environment Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  5. 5. Service Details Social Compliance Audit Benefits: Ensures your suppliers fully comply with social responsibility Key check points: • Child labor • Forced labor • Discrimination • Minimum wage • Overtime wage • Working hours • Social benefits • Safety and health • Dormitories • Protection of the environment Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  6. 6. Service Details C-TPAT Audit Benefits: Ensure any merchandise shipments going to USA is in accordance with C-TPAT requirements. Description: Customs & Trade Partnership against Terrorism (CTPAT), a joint US government and business voluntary program to build cooperative relationships that strengthen the global supply chain and border security by improving the security for the transportation of persons, conveyances and cargo throughout the commercial process. Key check points: • Vital Items • Conveyance Security • Container Security • Physical Access Controls • Personnel Security • Procedural Security • Physical Security • Security Training and Threat Awareness • Information Technology Security Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  7. 7. Service Details Pre-production Inspection Benefits: This service allows an early prevention of defective materials / components / accessories / finished products and immediate corrections Description: At the beginning of the production process, we do a visual check on the quality of components, materials, accessories, semi-finished and finished products against client specifications and/or reference samples, to predict any possible problems and make recommendations, and so as to verify that your product specifications are being met early. Key check points: • Factory’s production lines & capability • Factory’s facilities & equipment • Raw materials, main components and accessories • Semi-finished products • Some finished products Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  8. 8. Service Details During Production Inspection Benefits: This service ensures that the quality of products is maintained throughout the production phase, to further pinpoint problems that need earlier correction before completion of the whole consignment. Description: When at least 20% - 30% of goods have been completed, we do a visual check on the quality of semi-finished and finished products against client specifications and/or reference samples. Key check points: • The production status during the manufacturing process • The semi-finished and finished products at random • The production lines & capability • The package details and packing material • Make recommendations Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  9. 9. Service Details Pre-shipment Inspection Benefits: This service ensures finished products are in accordance with specifications Description: A Pre-shipment Inspection is basically an acceptance sampling inspection performed when goods are 100% completed, packed and ready for shipment. Our inspectors randomly select samples from finished goods, according to an inspection level requested in accordance with international statistical standards known as MIL-STD- 105E (ISO2859-1) . Key check points: • Quantity available • Style & color • Workmanship (general appearance) • Functions & safety • Size specification, if required • Package details • Shipping mark Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  10. 10. Service Details Sorting Inspection Benefits: This service ensures each piece of finished products meets specified quality requirements . Description: When goods are finished, 100% Inspection can be carried out before packaging or after packaging according to your request. Our inspectors check piece by piece for all conditions like general appearance, workmanship, functions, safety and other points required by clients, sorting out all defectives and finally sealing goods which pass inspection with stickers. Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  11. 11. Service Details Loading Supervision Benefits: This service ensures containers are in good condition and secured with HQTS seals after loading, to reduce a high risk of product substitution. Description: When loading, our inspectors arrive at factories, warehouses or loading places to check product information, quantity and packaging; supervise the whole loading process and help the manufacturer finish loading under correct and clear working clauses and working processes. Key check points: • Record the weather/ arrival time of container/ container No./ truck No. • Check the inner & outer condition of container to see if there is any damage/ wetness/ perforation / peculiar smell • Check the quantity of goods loaded and record the condition of outer packaging (master cartons/ pallets) • Randomly select and open some cartons to verify that the goods meet the customer’s specifications • Supervise the whole loading process • Seal the container with the customs’ seal • Record the seal Nos. and departure time of container Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  12. 12. Service Details Sample Collection Benefits: The service ensures that product samples taken from the production line conform to the prototype production sample requested for testing. Description: On clients’ request, select product samples at a factory during inspection or other sampling location without inspection by our inspectors. Those selected product samples will be forwarding to a client, or to laboratory appointed by the client for testing. Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  13. 13. Service Details Sample Evaluation Send samples to our office for evaluation before mass production against to your specification. We will issue you product evaluation report together with photos. It is a simple, highly effective way of saving turnaround between you and your vendors and safeguarding you against costly import risks. Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  14. 14. Service Details Product Spec. Making In order to save our clients’ resources and reduce manpower cost, we help clients to make product specification based on approval samples. The technical product specification would let all the parties involved in the production and inspection to better know the products’ requirement. It is helpful for the factory to improve the product quality and efficiency, to save the communication time and avoid any misunderstanding as well. We are able to explain technical Spec sheets & specific technical issues to your vendors if they have any query. Factory Visit Escort When visiting your vendors or factories, you might face the problem of time schedule, language obstacles, cultural clashes, quality issues or other difficulty during negotiating. To address your concerns and ease your mind, we provide factory visit escort service as well. A professional engineer/specialist who is experienced in your products and speaks fluent English will accompany you throughout the whole visit, serving as an interpreter, answering quality questions, ensuring a comprehensive and fruitful review of the conditions of the factory and providing assistance in negotiating with the factory as your need. We endeavor to make your stay in China not only joyous but also successful. Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  15. 15. Why Clients Choose Veriquality Comprehensive services including auditing, inspection, testing and consultancy services for a full-range of consumer products are provide in a manner that help you grow your business. Competitive price to save your cost Flexible & customized services to our clients. Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations
  16. 16. Meet Your Specifications, Exceed Your Expectations