Crowdfunding flipbook by csgc


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Flipbook for film260 by CSGC

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Crowdfunding flipbook by csgc

  1. 1. Crowdfunding Everything you need to know A flipbook by CSGC
  2. 2. Crowdfunding has gained a lot of attention since the development of web 2.0 and internet mediated platforms. Why Crowdfunding?
  3. 3. Despite Being a digitally integral service, it is still a peer based community and word of mouth can make the difference in the success of your campaign.
  4. 4. Friends, family and local website traffic play a big part in the stirring up of early interest. An early push by the people close to you can inspire others to follow
  5. 5. Sharing updates early and often shows people you’re working. In fact more Facebook friends the better. A study found that having more than 1,000 friends on Facebook will boost your odds of a successful venture by 40%
  6. 6. Including a promotional video can increase your chances of getting funded by 26%
  7. 7. Spellign errors don’t help. Typos will reduce your odds of getting funded by 13%.
  8. 8. Estimates show that over a million projects were funded in 2012 Worth more than $2.7 billion
  9. 9. While Kickstarter is the most popular platform in North America there are many other viable options. This includes: IndieGogo, CrowdFunder, RocketHub, FundAnything and GogetFunding.
  10. 10. There are some more specialized options such as Sellaband, which is aimed at artists looking to raise funds for music production.
  11. 11. Should you wish an international development opportunity, there is Kiva or CrowdBaron.
  12. 12. Depending on your outlook the different providers give alternative models.
  13. 13. While Kickstarter follows the “all-or-nothing” scenario. Others such as Rockethub and IndieGoGo use an “all-and- more” model whereby fundraisers may keep all donations even if the goal isn’t achieved in exchange for higher service rates.
  14. 14. The most successful ventures to date include a video game known as Star citizen @ $43,851,315 with a target of $500,000
  15. 15. A smart-watch known as Pebble @ $10,255,845 with a target of $100,000 and the OUYA video game console @ $8,596,474 with a target of $950,000.
  16. 16. While the lucky some have made millions the average successful campaign on Kickstarter raises under $10,000.
  17. 17. Smartphone the Ubuntu Edge, set the highest target of any crowdfunded project to date, attempting to raise $32,000,000 over a one month period.
  18. 18. Boasting incredible specs the Edge made a valiant effort @ $12,809,906 but fell short. Have realistic expectations and set an attainable goal.
  19. 19. Remember most platforms take 3 – 9% commission and to budget for this in your objective.
  20. 20. Thank you for Reading! Most importantly, stick with it! You can learn a lot from even a failed campaign, and always take the good with the bad.
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