Microsoft Power Point Charles Pearson Improving Online Engagement Mr Sconference June3rd2009


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3 Ways In Which Online Engagement Can Be Improved -- Presented June 3rd, 2009 At The MRS Online Research Methods Conference in London

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Microsoft Power Point Charles Pearson Improving Online Engagement Mr Sconference June3rd2009

  1. 1. Online Research Methods Conference – Making Online Research Even Better June 3rd, 2009 Crown Plaza, The City of London Topic: Improving Online Engagement Speaker: Charles M. Pearson Co-Founder & Managing Director EasyInsites
  2. 2. Online engagement has tended to focus primarily on the various ways in which the survey task can be made more interesting and engaging This includes flash and related interactive tools such as card sort, drag and drop, etc. to make the question types more interesting for the respondent to complete These tools result in somewhat higher completion rates on these particular questions, as well as improved overall completion rate to the survey and response rates long term More recent focus (such as what Pete has discussed) includes addressing the screen out problem whereby too many respondents are not able to complete a survey when ready However, determining what respondents want and how to implement and enforce their wishes has been virtually ignored ... until now!
  3. 3. What Do Respondents Really Want? Custom Panels Panel Exchange
  4. 4. A Good Survey Experience: a survey that works and is logical and for which they feel a sense of relevance and satisfaction upon completion The Sharing Of Results Or Outcome: to know how their feedback is being used and what difference it is making to decision making, brand and product choices, advertising, public policy, etc. To Take Short Surveys: this is demonstrated time and time again by the fact that drop off increases considerably at certain points of time beyond 25 minutes To Be Contacted Regularly But Not Harassed: this means not being bombarded by emails and being able to indicate how frequently the contact should occur To Be Compensated Fairly For Their Time: this means a direct incentive paid each time a survey is completed as well that the amount varies dependent on the time spent More Consistency Of Experience: this means they can concentrate on the task without being concerned as to whether the survey will work, be appropriate, or whether they will be compensated for it More Affinity With The Panel Owner: a stronger relationship and affinity with the panel owner will mean less attrition, higher response rates, and in general a greater commitment to provide thoughtful feedback
  5. 5. • Major panel companies have disclosed that over 50% of their panels need to be replenished each year, thereby Higher Attrition increasing the overall cost as well as limiting the ability to build and sustain deep profile information on the majority of the panel • Response rates rarely discussed in detail, likely because Lower Response they are worsening as invitation volume increases and greater opportunities are presented to join and Rates participate on panels • Although there are increasingly methods for addressing, Fraud And there is a continued effort on the part of fraudsters to game the system and earn money. Also, increasing Duplications pressure to complete projects results in turning a blind eye to the potential duplication whenever possible. Weak • Relatively little contact outside of email invitations to surveys, panellists are rarely if ever asked about their Relationships experience and importantly little is done to address With Panellists their concerns • Online marketing/advertising methods are still the Higher Cost Of primary source for recruitment, and these costs are increasing as online advertising becomes more popular Recruitment and effective
  6. 6. Typically recruited from customer or consumer databases Often branded, thereby reinforcing the relationship with the manufacturer, but can be blinded Enable more in depth profiling Results from previous surveys are stored and easily accessible for targeting future invitations and the added benefit of not having to re-asking these questions Re-contact or continuous tracking or diary research is easier than with any access panel or other approach Most cost effective because panel owners own the panel and therefore do not incur any CPI each time they are used Can feedback results easily to panel members through the panellist website, newsletters, or other such communication As a result, generally lower attrition, higher response rates, and better overall engagement (and added benefit if managed in an Exchange of being paid if it is “open” to other researchers)
  7. 7. An environment where custom panels are residing under one roof where consistency can be implemented and instant access to complete information across all panels is obtainable • Build unlimited number of panels within environment Panel • Extensive information is accessible to understand how each panel Build has been recruited • Can set as open or closed, along with custom permissions • Consistent global profile measures enabling consistent feasibility and Profiling targeting • Potential for more useful information beyond standard, since each panel will identify and collect custom ones relevant to their own needs Feasibilit • Run across all panels within a market simultaneously y and • Price your own study with full pricing information disclosed by the panel owners Pricing • No need to wait around or have to correspond with so many different people to launch sample, do this yourself when and how you want Approvals and • Consistent checks and approvals conducted by those who manage the Launching Exchange
  8. 8. Panel Blending - Sample can be drawn from multiple panels simultaneously to reach hard to find target groups and eliminate source bias and therefore reaching panelists with different motivation factors Random & Stratified Sampling – within the required targets, sample is randomly generated as well as being stratified by high, medium and low responders Quarantine and Contact Settings – Both panelists and panel owners can set the maximum number of surveys permitted or contacts Exclusions – Panelists are automatically excluded from taking part in surveys in the same subject category or project regardless of panel they belong to Maximum Survey Length Limit – surveys beyond 27 minutes across entire panel exchange are not permitted
  9. 9. Be Contacted Regularly But Not Compensated Take Short Harassed Fairly For Their Surveys Time More Sharing Of Consistency Results Or Of Outcome Experience Custom Panels Managed More Affinity Good Survey With The Experience Within A Panel Owner Panel Exchange
  10. 10. Respondent experience is considerably improved with a custom panel where there is a higher affinity toward and commitment to the panel owner and a greater commitment by the panel owner to accommodate the specific needs and desires of its members Enforcing standards and consistency regarding survey length, incentives, and other quality measures is most easily accomplished when all panels are managed under one roof We need to continue to think about structural solutions such as custom panels and panel exchange to fully address the issues and concerns regarding respondent experience
  11. 11. Charles M. Pearson Co-Founder & Managing Director EasyInsites D: +44(0) 1483 549418 M: +44(0) 7920 791182