With Social Networking: Anyone Can Do Money Making Online


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what is the best way to make money online

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With Social Networking: Anyone Can Do Money Making Online

  1. 1. With Social Networking: Anyone Can Do Money Making Online<br />By: Charles Githongo<br />Social news websites in Germany are still not yet fully established. However, most social sites in Germany are used to provide news and links which are really helpful in other websites to advertise. <br />The user, who writes the new short message link and then puts them into the social news portal, knows how to make real money online. Other users will evaluate the message then. The more users are logged in the site, the faster and higher the land contribution to the home page of social news portal. So far, these portals are often used by bloggers to search and advertise related products and their site, respectively.<br />To further increase the number of people going in and out the site, some social portals offer financial incentive for users who create accounts on their site. So you can create these sites to earn advertising revenue. <br />As with contributions and payment, most sites get revenue from Google Adsense. However, in contrast to the article directories, the cost is much lower since there is no separate written review that is written.<br />How money can be earned with Social News?<br />When it comes to making money using social news, here is one ideas to make money, with the model use of Google Adsense sharing. This portal integrates paid text ads. These ads are generally involved in contributions which have set itself the user. So when the user linked a new message to a descriptive text about this message and has written little commentary, the Adsense ads are displayed on this review. Once a reader clicks on the ads, money is earned. The share of revenue varies also between different social news sites.<br />These social news portals involve their users in the revenue:<br />Yigg.de<br />Google is one of the largest social news portals and it was only a few months ago that it decided to participate in the revenue generated by the user. So far Yigg paid 100 percent of the revenue from Adsense on the relevant pages clicked by the users.<br />Infopirat.com<br />Info pirate is also a well-attended provider of social news and social bookmarks. Since Infopirat is clearly on the upswing, joining its activity may well be worthwhile here. The user will be using 80 percent of the Adsense revenue on the respective sides involved.<br />One3p.de<br />One3p is a social news network where anyone can earn money. Members are also involved here in the Adsense revenue.<br />Shortnews.de<br />In Short News, you can not directly make money. The activity of members shall be rewarded nevertheless. There is a graduated list of activity levels. The more active the member is in the setting of new news in the site, the better the chances of getting one of the attractive prizes. Ideas to make money here is to have a lot of social interaction online.<br />