Money making online how to make a blog to be successful


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Money making online how to make a blog to be successful

  1. 1. Money Making Online: <br />How To Make A Blog To Be Successful<br />By: Charles Githongo<br />I was looking for information online about themed blogs, I found no fewer than 10 sites (including forums and blogs) that literally are abandoned, and wondered how to make a blog successful? What if these people had not abandoned their respective blogs? Would they not be making money with Adsense? Could it be that these people did not do marketing to attract visitors?<br />In reflection, we discussed the reasons for a person to leave a blog (or forum), then I want to share the conclusions that we reached which may seem basic, but the conclusion is shocking.<br />What motivates a person to leave a blog or a forum?<br />Although the reasons are various, the principal might be:<br />It is not profitable, possibly one of the strongest reasons. We all believe that to have a website or blog, first you need to do marketing and have to promote yourself in many means as possible.<br />One of the best ways to make money with a blog is Adsense, where you may not be paid much, but certainly I tell you, at least in our opinion is the best, most secure and reliable method of money making online. With Adsense monetization system on your website, there is a possibility to make large sums of money, but we need to increase visitor traffic visits. Visitor traffic that increases as time goes on, especially if you get it directly from the search engines better.<br />Another way to make money is by selling spaces blog, writing reviews for other blogs, inserting links on your site, selling advertising banners, etc ... you see, there are opportunities to make money online the problem is that, you have to take the time to find out what are the ways to make extra money from home with a blog. There is much information about this online.<br />Ill-posed project, not master the subject. This is another very important way in which people abandon their blogs, not one issue dominates the blog to keep it updated.<br />But this is also an excuse because you can hire a writer to feed the blog for you. In the blogosphere there are several sites which offer good writers of articles for blogs of various topics, and the price may be between $ 4 - U $ 15 (average) per article written.<br /> <br />