Abs workout


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Abs workout

  1. 1. Abs Workout Routines That Will Help You Get Rippled MusclesThe benefits of having a fit body and rippled abs is notonly reflected on your overall health but also in yourconfidence. This is the reason why a lot of people wantto trim down their waistline in order to look both goodand healthy. There are a lot of ways for you to get rippledads and while diet plays a very important role in givingyou the abs that you want, exercise also provides youwith rippled abs in no time at all. Having said this, it is nowonder why there are a lot of people who do absworkout in order to get rippled abs. There are a lot ofroutines that you can perform if you want to flatten outyour stomach. You can perform different abs exercises indifferent environment thus it does not mean that youcan only do the routines inside the gym. Below are twogreat workouts that will give you the rippled abs that youwant.Abs Workout #1: Lying Leg Exercises
  2. 2. There are a lot of leg exercises that you can performwhile lying down. The best thing about these exercises isthat you work against gravity so you will be able to notonly tone down your leg muscles but also your lower abs.Types of leg exercises that you can also do as absworkout include the air bike, butt-up exercises and ballcrunches. All of these exercises are performed while lyingdown. The air bike involves lying face up and suspendingyour legs above your body while doing a simulation thatyou are riding a bike. This particular type of exercise canalso help you tone down your buttocks. The butt-upexercise involves raising your glutes up while lying downand this helps make your abs tighter. Lastly, the ballcrunch involves you lying on an exercise ball and doingmodified crunches in order to tone down your lower abs.Abs Workout #1: CrunchesCrunches are great abs workout that will give you leanermuscles in no time at all. Crunches are usually performedwhile lying down as the force of gravity provides bettereffect on your abs muscles. There are three types ofcrunches that you can perform and these include thevertical leg crunch and reverse crunch. The vertical legcrunch involves lying down and making your legs straightup into the air as your knees are crossed over each other.
  3. 3. While putting your hands behind your head, you need tolift your shoulder blades from the floor in order tocontract your abs. The reverse crunch involves lyingdown and bringing your knees toward your chest in analternate manner. When doing crunches you can perform20 to 30 reps for each three set. Make sure that you holdyour position for 20 seconds before you repeat themotion to get the maximum effect.