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Otoplasty Dr Charles Cope


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  • La otoplastica [ ] è comunemente eseguita negli adulti. L'otoplastica di solito non è un intervento doloroso, e viene eseguito frequentemente sui bambini, per evitare che vengano presi in giro a scuola.
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Otoplasty Dr Charles Cope

  1. 1. North Shore Cosmetic Surgery is a group of Plastic Surgeons dedicated to providing a high standard of service to the North Shore. PRACTICE LOCATIONS All members are Fellows of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, Australian Society of Plastic A patient guide Surgeons and Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and have been trained to the Level 1, 357 Military Rd to understanding highest possible standards. Mosman 2088 Prominent Ear Correction Suite 507 SAN Clinic North Shore Cosmetic Surgery provides a Wahroonga 2076 (Otoplasty) comprehensive range of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, as well as a full range of ancillary treatments. Prepared by FOR ALL APPOINTMENTS CALL Dr Charles Cope MBBS BSc(Med) FRACS 9908 3033
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION THE SURGERY AFTER THE SURGERY Otoplasty is a commonly Otoplasty is performed in adults but is more Otoplasty is not usually a painful procedure, and performed operation to frequently performed in children in order to avoid usually only simple pain medications are needed correct ears which stick teasing at school. In children, it is usually best afterwards. The head bandage needs to be kept out too far from the side of performed any time after the age of six, by which dry and is left in place for a week, at which time the head and to improve time the ear cartilage is mature enough to be it is removed and any stitches that need to be the shape of the ears. It shaped. It is best to wait until your child wants the removed are taken out. From this time the ears can be performed to surgery so that they can co-operate with the are left uncovered and you can shower normally. correct differences between surgery and the aftercare. You will need to wear a headband at night for a the two ears as well as to few weeks following the procedure. bring the ear position more into harmony with the The procedure is performed under a general rest of the face. This can improve your appearance anaesthetic, usually as a day-surgery procedure. and enhance your self esteem, making you feel During the surgery local anaesthetic is also used, more self confident. which helps with post-operative pain relief. BEFORE THE SURGERY It is important to discuss with your surgeon any The scars for otoplasty are all placed behind the pre-existing medical conditions which you may ear so as not to be easily visible. In order to have, any history of bad scarring, as well as improve the shape of your ear a combination of notifying them of any regular medications that you either moulding the cartilage or using stitches take. Tablets such as anti-inflammatories, nurofen may be used. Additional stitches may be used to and aspirin should be avoided in the 2 weeks pull the entire ear closer to the side of the head before surgery, as they can increase the risk of and also to correct prominence of the ear lobes. SUMMARY bleeding. Before you wake up a head bandage is applied Correction of prominent ears is a around the forehead and ears. common surgical procedure which You will need to discuss what results you are can improve your body image and expecting from the surgery, and your surgeon will your self confidence. be able to show you some photos of other patients who have had the procedure.