How to Recover Lost WAV Audio Files from SDHC Micro Card?


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Want to know how to recover lost WAV audio files from a SDHC micro card?; digital media recovery software can restore photos, music and video files from all camera flash memory cards including memory cards, Compact Flash card, SD card, MMC, XD Picture Card, microSD card, Sony Memory Stick (Duo and Pro), Zip disk, USB flash drives and hard drives

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How to Recover Lost WAV Audio Files from SDHC Micro Card?

  1. 1.
  2. 2. WAV Audio File Recovery Introduction How WAV audio files get lost over SDHC card Lost file recovery possible or not Introduction to recovery software Features of the software How to execute recovery
  3. 3. Introduction WAV file is an audio file format, known as Wave Audio File, introduced by Microsoft. Very often users keep their WAV files saved on micro SDHC card. But in few unfortunate situations, users may experience problems of data loss. It is required to know which reasons are responsible for WAV file loss over SDHC cards so that users can avoid those data loss issues. 1 2 3
  4. 4. How WAV audio files get lost over SDHC card?  Losing WAV files because of unintentional data deletion  Any kind of errors or interruption during WAV file transfer procedure  Corruption issues on SDHC card because of file system conversion  Accidental format of SDHC card when any error messages occur
  5. 5. Lost WAV recovery is possible or not? Whenever users lose any of their WAV audio files, it is possible bring back their lost files from SDHC cards. As long as their lost files won’t get overwritten users can retrieve their WAV files back. In this regard users need to be dependent on lost file recovery software which also supports lost WAV file recovery.
  6. 6. Introduction to recovery software Best solution towards lost WAV file recovery from corrupted or formatted SDHC cards is SD Card Recovery software. This powerful software also retrieves other files from storage cards or other storage devices.
  7. 7. Features of the software  Advance search algorithm to recover WAV files from SDHC, SD and MMC cards  Along with WAV files the software recovers MP3, MIDI, M4b, M4A, AIFC, AIF, AIFF, RA and AMR music file formats  Signature search option is available with the software  Easy to execute user interface comes with this software to recover lost WAV files
  8. 8. How to execute recovery of WAV files? Steps to follow…
  9. 9. For any details about the software visit the link below: You can also follow us on YouTube