Growing your base 052212


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May 2012 workshop presentation on growing your nonprofit base.

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Growing your base 052212

  1. 1. NEW YORKMAY 22, 2012
  2. 2. Salsa Labs:Lisande Bissonette • Integrated online organizing  Integrated online organizingAccount and fundraising platformAbout Lisande: • 2,100 organizations • 50K Salsa users New York Representative • 75 million members12 years selling SaaS • $25 million raisecovering US and Canada • Billions of emails sentScientific/technical/medicalresearch publishing;advocacy, fundraising, et al
  3. 3. Salsa Platform Capabilities Email Social Media Fundraising & eCommerce Supporter CRM Database Website F W b it Forms3rd Party Plugins Events Advocacy Reports & Statistics
  4. 4. Blake Groves: At Charity Dynamics, we help nonprofits Vice President leverage technology to Bgroves • Reach more people • Raise more money and Over 15 years of online consulting incl ding orking cons lting including working g g • Drive more engagement at IBM, Netscape, and AOL Our solutions consist of a mix of The last 9 years focused • Strategic Consulting Strategic Consulting exclusively on helping non profit organizations leverage • Creative Services the internet. • Innovative Technologies • Platform Expertise
  5. 5. Can I have your email? • No. • Why? •
  6. 6. How do you gather emails?• Petitions P ii• Pledges• Newsletters• Offers• Great Content• Viral• Chaperoned email• Paid• Social Media +Video
  7. 7. Petitions 7
  8. 8. Pledge to Stand with ….
  9. 9. Action Redirect
  10. 10. Opt‐In 
  11. 11. Pledge to “step up”
  12. 12. Downloadable Materials
  13. 13. Great Content
  14. 14. How much would you pay for a list of:• Subscribers to a magazine with similar content  to your issues to your issues• Who lived in a certain geographic territory• And met specific demographic criteria A d t ifi d hi it i
  15. 15. How much would you pay for a list of:• People who you KNEW were aware of your  organization• WANTED to get content from you• Were ALIGNED with your mission W ALIGNED ith i i• And had VISITED your website at least once
  16. 16. Chaperoned eMail Campaign Getting someone else to send list promoting your issue.Small Big Inward Outward
  17. 17. Ecard
  18. 18. Video
  19. 19. Viral – Planning versus hoping• Plan – You know what is going to happen• Focus – The goal of the program is growth Focus The goal of the program is growth• Campaign – Multipart and multichannel• Value – Get buy in up front on the right metrics
  20. 20. •P R O T E C T   O U R   D E F E N D E R S :   A C T I O N   PA G E
  21. 21. Petition Re‐direct
  22. 22. Email Response
  23. 23. Call2Action Video Platform
  24. 24. Ecosystem
  25. 25. About John Hlinko• Founder, Left Action Founder Left Action• Author, Share, Retweet, Repeat  Guidebook to using viral marketing,  Guidebook to using viral marketing especially for a cause or movement  # 1 “Hot new release” in web marketing –• TV pundit
  26. 26. About Left Action• 1,000,000+ activists• Nearly 700,000 Facebook fans• Built primarily via viral marketing
  27. 27. Left Action: Paid ServicesFeatured campaigns from Left Action partnersFeatured campaigns from Left Action partnersRapidly grow email list or Facebook fan base 
  28. 28. Recruiting: Setting up Your PagePonder your title(s) • Organization name the most logical Organization name the most logical • But… think in terms of what will appeal to your  target audience target audience • This is especially critical if most of your  potential fans have no idea who you are (yet) potential fans have no idea who you are (yet) • Think of what will appeal to them in 2 seconds 
  29. 29. Picking the Right Title
  30. 30. Multi Page Strategy
  31. 31. Advertising• There s no such thing as a free launch There’s no such thing as a free launch• Targeted • Get creative Get creative• Explicit asks for likes• Watch the data like a hawk
  32. 32. Microtargeting Your Ads
  33. 33. Testing & Optimizing Ads• Ask for a “like” in the ad itself• Look for price per “Connection” Look for price per “Connection”• Test different ages, genders, locales, etc• Change the picture every few days
  34. 34. Engagement: Drawing in Your Fans• Post interesting content Post interesting content• 1 a day or more• Ask explicitly for likes and comments Ask explicitly for likes and comments
  35. 35. Converting Fans to Emails• Petitions typically the best way Petitions typically the best way
  36. 36. Mobilizing: Don’t Make it ALL Work
  37. 37. Thank you! y