Top reasons nonprofits Fail


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  • Great slide share, three of the top five revolve around Story management.
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Top reasons nonprofits Fail

  1. 1. Key Speaker Melanie Swift M.N.M Director of Nonprofit Services CharityNet USA Administrator Nicole Roach Marketing Coordinator HBIF Meeting 12-09 CharityNet USA
  2. 2. • CharityNet USA: A “One-stop” resource center for nonprofit organizations nationwide! • Key Speaker: Melanie Swift • Questions • Recorded Webinar Available At:
  3. 3. • Introduction to the top reasons nonprofits fail. • The current state of nonprofit organizations. • Characteristics that can make or break any nonprofit leader. • The top 5 reasons for nonprofit failure & how to avoid those dire mistakes!
  4. 4. • Americans flock to starting a nonprofit for variety of reasons:  Help the Community  Feels Good  Tax breaks  A Need to Contribute  Personal development
  5. 5. Nonprofit organizations are prone to a variety pitfalls.
  6. 6. These can be so dangerous that they can turn any organization belly-up!
  7. 7. • Damage to the nonprofit sector from the recession is mounting. • The financial situation for nonprofits has worsened in the past six months, while the need for their services has increased.
  8. 8. A Head for Business Confidence Goal Setter Desire to do Good Joe Nonprofit Leader Organization Sincere Skills Flexible Responsive
  9. 9. • Build a Solid Capital Structure  Keep Strict Money Records  File all Documents & Forms Correctly & On Time  Set Aside Seed Money  Evaluate Want vs. Need
  10. 10. • Consider the following: • Small donors are just as important as large donors. • Don’t expect donors to maintain or increase the size of their contribution each time they give. • Thank every donor in every way possible! • Build Strong Relationships.
  11. 11. • Learn how to market cost-effectively and time- effectively. • Target your marketing efforts with intense research. • Create a marketing plan with a budget. • Build strong relationships - Word of Mouth is one of the strongest marketing tools! • Make the marketing campaign and materials interesting and accessible
  12. 12. ?
  13. 13. • Get a Website ! • If you have a website Make it-user-friendly by: • Avoiding Bulky language • Making sure your contact information is accessible & accurate • Having strong content • Making sure nothing is further than “two clicks” deep • Displaying your mission in a clear area • Having an online donations page
  15. 15. 501(c)(3)
  16. 16. • Do not pay federal corporate income tax. • In most cases, do not pay state corporate, franchise, excise, sales, and use taxes. • Can offer individual and corporate donors a tax deduction for their contribution.
  17. 17. • Eligible to receive foundation grants. • Eligible for lower postal rates. • Viewed as a whole as reputable organizations.
  18. 18. Nonprofit Does Not Mean Tax Exempt!
  19. 19. • Growing your nonprofit and building awareness is not impossible during the current economic conditions…. It may just take a little extra creativity, planning and motivation along the way! • Build a solid source of funding, plan and execute marketing initiatives and take things one step at a time!
  20. 20. • Nonprofit Grant Writing: 6-3-2010 3pm EST • Nonprofit Board of Directors 20 Best Practices: 6-10-2010 3pm EST • Developing a Strategic Plan: 6-17-2010 3pm EST
  21. 21. • CharityNet Nonprofit Services • 501c3 Prep • Grant Writing • Strategic Planning • Website Development • Graphic Design • Marketing • Bookkeeping & Accounting • Nonprofit Services
  22. 22. • Contact Us • Nicole Roach: • Melanie Swift: • Visit or Call 407-857-9002 Facebook Fan Page: CharityNet USA
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