10 X 10 PROGRAM: Combining Capacity Building & Fundraising to Grow your Nonprofit


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In this 1 hour webinar hosted by CharityNet USA, we discuss how CharityNet can help your nonprofit raise $10,000 in 10 weeks! For more information on fundraising, please visit: http://www.charitynetusa.com/fundraising.php

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10 X 10 PROGRAM: Combining Capacity Building & Fundraising to Grow your Nonprofit

  1. 1. A Program that Combines Capacity Building & Fundraising to Grow your Nonprofit! Key Speaker David Pulver 10 x 10 Program Leader CharityNet USA Moderator Nicole Roach Marketing Coordinator CharityNet USA
  2. 2. • CharityNet USA: A “One-stop” resource center for nonprofit organizations nationwide! • Key Speaker: David Pulver • Questions • Recorded Session Available At: http://www.charitynetusa.com/webinararchive/index.php
  3. 3. • Conflicts Facing Nonprofit Organizations • Overview of the Program • How the Program Works • Getting Started • Q&A
  4. 4. – As of July 2009 there were over 1.5 Million registered organizations in the U.S., including: • Public Charities • Private Foundations • Other or Unknown Nonprofits • Source: IRS Business Master File (BMF) (July 2009), Urban Institute National Center for Charitable Statistics(NCCS)
  5. 5. • The recent economic downturn increased the demand for nonprofit services, while increasing financial constraints. • Specifically, startup organizations are in a struggle to obtain the startup funding necessary to instill strong foundation and administrative basics.
  6. 6. • Raising money to support its operations and programs is usually the most difficult task that any not-for-profit organization faces. So, where does that leave nonprofits? To shifting the focus for heavily on: • Building Relationships • Recruiting Volunteers • Motivating & Retaining • Identifying & Allocating Funds
  7. 7. •Fundraising for Capacity Building: – Would you build a house without a foundation? – If you don’t have the basics in place - a strategic plan, web presence, marketing, grant campaign, accounting systems- you have nothing to build your programs upon. – As you start out, it is important to ensure your organization’s future success by investing in critical capacity building initiatives early on.
  8. 8. • Unfortunately, many startup nonprofits do not have the funds or expertise to obtain the necessary business fundamentals such as: – 501c3 IRS Tax Exemption – State Exemption – A Strategic Plan – Grant Funding – A Web site – Bookkeeping – Marketing Collateral
  9. 9. • CharityNet USA has developed the “10x10” program specifically for startup & early-stage nonprofit organizations. • We can help you raise the funds to invest in these essential business fundamentals! • More specifically, if given a 100% effort by your organization you can raise…
  10. 10. $10,000 in 10 Weeks!
  11. 11. It’s Simple…  The program works by providing your nonprofit with an achievable plan for success over a 10 week period.  This will include multiple fundraising events designed to raise money and build awareness of your organization!
  12. 12. • You will begin the process by completing our nonprofit review form.
  13. 13. • We assess what critical elements are needed to build a solid foundation for future growth of your organization. • These items may include: • Obtaining 501c3 Status • Developing a Strategic Plan • Building a Website
  14. 14. • We will place each of the identified items into a different phase, with a goal to achieve it during the 10 x 10 timeline. • Example: – Phase 1: By the end of phase one your organization should begin paperwork to file for 501c3 tax exemption and begin the process of building your website. – Phase 2: By the end of phase two it is critical to file for 501c3 status by the IRS.
  15. 15. • Each phase is accompanied by a simple fundraising event that is already planned out with easy to follow steps and ready for your organization to conquer. • Once you implement and complete the event you will return to us for the next phase of the program. • A portion of the funds raised in the previous phase, will then be put toward the fundamentals identified for that specific phase.
  16. 16. • Before you begin executing each phase of the 10 x 10 program you should begin by organizing a core fundraising team.
  17. 17. • Car Wash – Cost: $25 – Planning: 1 Day – ROI Goal: $500 – Timeframe: Execute by Week 2
  18. 18. • Small Business Sponsorship – Cost: $100 – Planning: 1 Week – ROI Goal: $1,500 – Timeframe: Execute by Week 4
  19. 19. • Restaurant Silent Auction – Cost: $250 – Planning: 2 Weeks – ROI Goal: $3,000 – Timeframe: Execute by Week 7
  20. 20. • Sports Event – Cost: $500 – Planning: 2 Weeks – ROI Goal: $5,000 – Timeframe: Execute by Week 10
  21. 21. • At the end of the program you will not only have raised the necessary funds to support your organization, but you will also have taken the critical steps to raising awareness and growing capital for your organization.
  22. 22. I. Startup Basics IV. Increase Funding Strategies – EIN – Develop Fee-Based Services – Incorporation – Seek Corporate Sponsorship – Open Bank Account – Implement Foundation Grants – 501c3 – Develop Donor recognition – Bylaws Program – State Registration & Tax exempt V. Management Initiatives II. Startup Fundraising – Utilize CharityNet Professional – Recruit Volunteer Fundraising Team Consultant – Train, Motivate & Reward Fundraising – Fiscal Sponsorship Program Team – Establish Bookkeeping process – Plan & Execute 3-5 Fundraising Events – Develop Strategic Plan – Develop Donation Letter – Policies – Develop Programs for board III. Creating Awareness Governance – Biz Cards/Flyers/Brochures/Post Cards – Develop Board Member – Develop Website or Add Content Handbook/Forms – Recruit PR Spokesperson Volunteer – Develop Volunteer Recruitment – Seek letters VIP Public Officials Process & Establish
  23. 23. VI. Marketing Strategies – In Some states—Tax Returns (ex. – Develop Tag Line 990-IL, CA Form 199) – PR Campaign – Meeting Minutes – Publish Newsletter to Create – Renewal Charitable Organization Awareness of Upcoming Events Registration – Write Press release - Local media – Register in Social Media Networks VIII. Major Funding Strategies – Register in Nonprofit Directories – Identify Local Professional – Establish a Blog Fundraiser – Develop Website SEO Strategies – Plan Major Capital Campaign VII. Financial Management & Reporting – State Annual Reports – IRS Form 990 – Formal Annual Report to Constituents
  24. 24. • Provide a steady stream of income for your organization! • Give you the money to invest in developing a strong organization through getting in place the essential administrative needs. • Create a more "visible" presence of your organization, making fundraising easier in the future. • Set your organization on the right path to mission fulfillment and future success!
  25. 25. Free!
  26. 26. • The truth is that fundraising will always be a long-term, ongoing project. • This starts with recruiting volunteers, motivating and retaining those valuable individuals, and by identifying the best sources of short-term income to help build organizational capacity. • All of this can be achieved by participating in the 10 x 10 Program!
  27. 27. 1. Select the option to “contact you” in the exit survey. 2. A nonprofit consultant will contact you to take care of the initial setup steps. a. Nonprofit Review & Informational Discussion 3. You will receive your fundraising team kit along with the first phase to the program!
  28. 28. • Contact Us • Nicole Roach: Nicole@bizcentralusa.com • David: David@bizcentralusa.com • Visit www.CharityNetUSA.com or Call 407-857-9002 www.twitter.com/charitynetusa Facebook Fan Page: CharityNet USA