Social Media Markting for Military Housing: Presented at NAA 2011


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  • In-house training on standards, expectations, appropriate use of time
  • Online training through sites like GraceHIll, MultifamilyProTV, and Multifamily Insiders
  • POST Method: a systematic approach to a social strategy
  • People: Understand your audience. What do they want? Where are they online?
  • Objectives: Are you listening, talking, collaborating? What is it that you want to accomplish? Are you trying to establish thought leadership in your field or improve resident retention? Start with one objective.
  • Strategy: Imagine the end goal.
  • Marketing? Operations? Regional Management? Onsite teams?
  • Technology: Blog? Multiple blogs? Wiki? Facebook? Twitter? Once you have established a clear understanding of your audience, what you want to accomplish, and you’re goals, then determine the platform you’d like to use. Currently, most communities are choosing blogging and/or Facebook as tools for communicating with their residents AND their prospects.
  • eMarketer stats as of February 2011
  • eMarketer stats as of February 2011
  • eMarketer stats as of February 2011
  • eMarketer stats as of February 2011
  • eMarketer stats as of February 2011
  • eMarketer stats as of February 2011
  • eMarketer stats as of February 2011
  • eMarketer stats 0-17: Target children of families/parents: activities, crafts, stories 18-24: Target young military families, service men & women 25-44: Target military families, service men & women, veterans 45-54: Target military families, service men & women, veterans, and retired military 55+: Target military families, veterans, retired military
  • eMarketer stats as of February 2011
  • Listen using social media tools
  • Recommend marketing creates the accounts and sets up admins
  • Assign onsite teams responsibilities Marketing/Regionals/VP’s should monitor accounts
  • Is the strategy a success? List next steps
  • Instead, be friendly, outgoing, and forgiving.
  • Consider posting more about the local community and about the military community in general.
  • Not necessarily. Lincoln Military Housing is a good example of combining multiple communities. In addition, combining communities by location may be a good idea. *Recommendation: Use events, post more photos of events. Create photo albums for individual communities. Create a “Welcome” tab with links to individual communities online, like a search feature.
  • Social Media Markting for Military Housing: Presented at NAA 2011

    1. 1. Social Marketing for Military Housing MilitaryHealth
    2. 2. Presented By: Charity Hisle
    3. 3. Social Media Basic Training expertinfantry
    4. 4. Train The US Army
    5. 6. Strategize USACEpublicaffairs
    6. 7. P.O.S.T. NYCMarines
    7. 8. People expertinfantry
    8. 9. Objectives NYCMarines
    9. 10. Strategy DVIDSHUB
    10. 11. Who will manage your strategy? The U.S. Army
    11. 12. Who will manage the day-to-day tasks? The National Guard
    12. 13. Technology Randy Son Of Robert
    13. 14. Deploy DVIDSHUB
    14. 15. Why Social Media? The US Army
    15. 16. Word of Mouth The U.S. Army
    16. 17. 60% of Facebook users are likely to recommend brands on Facebook The U.S. Army
    17. 18. Connect DVIDSHUB
    18. 19. 22% of Facebook users say someone recommended the page DVIDSHUB
    19. 20. Engage expertinfantry
    20. 21. 29% of Facebook users enjoy interacting with brands expertinfantry
    21. 22. U.S. Social Network User Data 2011 The US Army
    22. 23. U.S. Social Network User Data 2011
    23. 24. Getting Started Official U.S. Navy Imagery
    24. 25. Listen expertinfantry
    25. 28. Build Accounts The US Army
    26. 29. Manage Accounts Official U.S. Navy Imagery
    27. 30. Evaluate Regularly familymwr
    28. 31. Challenges expertinfantry
    29. 32. “ I now discourage families because of the changes that have occurred to military housing. I use the community pages to share details that many are unaware of prior to signing a lease for military housing." expertinfantry
    30. 34. What to Avoid expertinfantry
    31. 35. <ul><li>Defensive </li></ul><ul><li>Offensive </li></ul><ul><li>Aggressive </li></ul>expertinfantry
    32. 36. Success Stories dbking
    33. 39. Think BIGGER expertinfantry
    34. 40. Should Each Community have a page?
    35. 41. Connecting expertinfantry
    36. 52. What military families want RobBixbyPhotography
    37. 53. “ Military wives are a tight, supportive group.” The US Army
    38. 56. “ I would like to see newcomer info, base events, volunteer info, and mom/tot info.” The US Army
    39. 57. “ I would like to know if there are any flights, ships, battalions, or squadrons deploying.” The US Army
    40. 58. “ When is my Dad coming home.” familymwr
    41. 59. <ul><li>“ I would &quot;like&quot; to see my housing on Facebook because it is a convenient way to keep up with things going on in the community.” </li></ul>TrilliumAZ
    42. 60. <ul><li>“ Reading and being able to communicate with other residents is very important in the military.” </li></ul>familymwr
    43. 61. <ul><li>“ I mainly use the site for information gathering and community activities.” </li></ul>Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    44. 62. “ Contests are always fun and keep me engaged. I tend to check back weekly.” familymwr
    45. 63. “ Facebook has been a very valuable tool when relocating.” RobBixbyPhotography
    46. 64. Q & A