Using long term brand building to boost fundraising


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Claire Nuttall, 1HQ
Developing your Brand and Image Conference

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Using long term brand building to boost fundraising

  1. 1. Developing Your Brand and Image Conference, 30 March 2011 Using long-term brand building to boost fundraising This event is sponsored by Everyday Hero
  2. 2. An introduction to 1HQ Using long term brand building to boost fundraisingprepared for: Charity Comms Conference prepared by: Claire Nuttall date: 30 March, 2011 issue: 01
  3. 3. WHO ARE ?Leading Global Brand Agency.70 insight, strategy, creative, innovation and commercial specialists.UK’s largest independently owned brand and innovation agency, established in1993.Working with global, regional and local brands with clients ranging from majormulti-nationals to entrepreneurial start-ups.
  4. 4. WHO ARE ?1 hard question, asked and answered…We take the time to interrogate the hard question at the heart of every businessand brand challenge to ensure we deliver genuine differentiation and growththat is commercially sustainable
  5. 5. WHO ARE ?A Brand Agency. We offer our clients the combination of strategic and creativeexcellence to drive commercial advantage.Clients budgets, resources and time are all under pressure. They need partnerswho can help deliver entrepreneurial and innovative thinking that is vital forbusiness and brand growth.
  7. 7. The power of brand
  8. 8. Advocacy andcommercial success
  9. 9. People are choice editing
  10. 10. Charity begins at home
  11. 11. Charities need to behavemore like entrepreneurs
  12. 12. What is the ‘need’what insight do you bring? why are you unique?
  13. 13. The hard questions….The tipping point… Why do they ‘need’ you? What makes you ‘unique’? ‘Why’ should they invest?
  14. 14. Brands can create movements
  15. 15. Make yourself Be true LovedDriving brand engagement and action…Inspire & wow… Be irreplaceable
  16. 16. Layer your brand with relevance(…we call that strategic brand nudging)
  17. 17. Loved If you ask people, do they think you are okay or do they love you as a charity? Love is a highly emotional state, which leads to emotionally intuitive behaviour Make it personal…emotions stir reactions If you can move people from like to love, your brand will have a much higher degree of tipping power
  18. 18. Not only does it help disadvantaged people, it also provides a celebrity-studded night of entertainment once a year that the whole nation can enjoy and encourages the UK to raise and donate and help the charity !Comic Relief aims to bring about positive and lastingchange in the lives of poor and disadvantaged people,which they believe requires investing in work thataddresses peoples immediate needs as well astackling the root causes of poverty and injustice.One of the fundamental principles behind working atComic Relief is the "Golden Pound Principle" whereevery single donated pound is spent on charitableprojects. All operating costs, such as staff salaries, arecovered by corporate sponsors, or interest earned onmoney waiting to be distributed.
  19. 19. “We find loving owners to give rescue animals a second chance”An important way the RSPCA earns money is through re-homingthe animals they have rescued, and they have recently beendoing this through Facebook. They have almost 350,000 fans!
  20. 20. True Is your brand truthful and transparent? Are you giving people genuine reasons to trust you? Are you being true to your cause? Are you giving people reasons to feel your cause? Are you expressing your values in a way which makes people believe?
  21. 21. Unicef is very clear on their website They also regularly update on Twitterabout where your money goes, helping about work they are doing, and the to make it a trusted charity results it is having
  22. 22. Oxfam is a global movement of people working with others to overcome poverty and suffering. They have a worldwide reputation for excellence and over 60 years of experience. Oxfam is a highly recognised and trusted charity, partly due to having had shops on high-streets all over the UK for years, selling everything from clothes, to books, to homeware.Oxfam is also now present on a number ofsocial networking sites. If you have readan article about Oxfam on their websiteand found it interesting, they encourageyou to repost it e.g. on Stumbleupon, tospread the word about the charity
  23. 23. Motivating If people feel inspired or moved by you, this will cause a reaction People are looking to be inspired in their lives…charities are well placed to be inspirers Creating strong reactions can stir up action…. Doing things in a different way, can encourage reappraisal…. You can move people from a passive to an active state via inspiring behaviours
  24. 24. ‘Race for Life’ calls women of all ages to take part in a 5/10k walk, jog or run, to raise money for Cancer Research. Since Race for Life began in 1994, 4.7 million participants across the UK have raised over £327 million for the charity
  25. 25. “We grant magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening illnesses”• There are 20,000 children and young people living in the UK with a life-threatening illness• Make-A-Wish has granted 6,400 wishes over 25 years• This year alone 1,200 children will turn to them to have their special wish granted
  26. 26. Irreplaceable What makes your charity different? If you didn’t exist, would you be missed? Could another charity do what you do? What is the one thing you do well..? Tell people about it! Be proud!
  27. 27. British Red Cross are a volunteer-led charity that helps people in crisis, whoever andwherever they areTo do this they need people to donate and encourage people to do so through arranginga large range of sporting and social events throughout the year, and also giving peoplehelp to arrange their own eventThe British Red Cross website also has an Online Shop, selling items ranging from £2 -£1000, with all profits going towards their causes
  28. 28. The NSPCCs vision is to end cruelty to children in the UK. They campaign to change the law,provide ChildLine and the NSPCC Helpline, offer advice for adults, and much more. On the NSPCCwebsite, you choosehow much you want to donate and youcan see exactly what your money couldhelp pay for. With a lot of speculation around about how much of a donation actually goes to the cause, this is reassuring for donators
  29. 29. What can you do todrive long term brand success?
  30. 30. Key strategies for long term brand success& more effective fundraising 1. Ask the hard questions upfront to define a clear strategy - know what you stand for as a a brand and define your vision and role, what you want to communicate will become much easier
  31. 31. Campaign for real womenThe principle behind the campaign is to celebrate the natural physicalvariation embodied by all women and inspire them to have the confidenceto be comfortable with themselves.The campaign featured normal women of different shapes and sizes recruited in a numberof ways; one was approached in the street, another answered an ad which was placed in alocal South London newspaper, giving all women the chance to be involvedDove wanted to celebrate women by using a photographer who also shoots supermodels,giving them the same star treatment.As part of this campaign, in 2006, Dove started the Dove Self-Esteem Fund that claims tochange the Western concept of beauty from ultra-thin models with perfect features tomaking every girl (and woman) feel positive about her looks, no matter what they are. ✓ loved✓ ✓ wow✓ true✓ irreplaceable
  32. 32. Key strategies for long term brand success& more effective fundraising 2. Invest in insight around your key stakeholders, do not underestimate the value of the general publics perceptions and perceived role of your branded charity. Insight is brand power.
  33. 33. A personalised snacking scheme:Select what snacks you do/don’t like,choose when you want to receive yourgraze box, pay online and wait toreceive your box.And, if you recommend a friend andthey order you get £1 off your nextgraze box or can choose to donate £1 tothe graze school of farming in Uganda. ✓ loved✓ ✓ wow✓ true✓ irreplaceable ✓
  34. 34. The Red Bull Student Marketing Programmehas a workforce of 80 university studentswho drive the 35 ‘Energy team’ VolkswagenBeetles and Mini Coopers. This youthmarketing programme has been at the heartof all marketing activities in the UK for morethan six years and the purpose is to createunderstanding about the functional benefitof Red Bull and its usage occasions.The Energy team support the Red Bulldriving campaign by hunting down drivers inneed of energy. They communicate that RedBull is proven to improve concentration,reaction speed and alertness whilst driving. ✓ loved✓ ✓ wow✓ true irreplaceable
  35. 35. How Tango was savedWith sales in the fizzy drink market declining, Britvic launched the “Save Tango” campaign. Online,offline measures, PR, word of mouth (an all encompassing kind of guerilla campaign) were used tocommunicate the message ‘Save Tango from extinction at supermarket shelves.’ Protests - Dom Joly leading protesters across Save Tango website – An Interactive site London Bridge and through the capital with a blog from campaign ‘reporter Alan and a great bunch of measures allow you to dive yourself into saving Tango. Posters (e.g. to hang in your local store), stencils, a When Tango was saved, petition, and lobbying letters were Britvic’s rebranded Tango provided to download. Britvic gave cans with “Thanks” ✓ loved✓ ✓ wow✓ everyone the equipment to become a true irreplaceable ‘Tango-saving’ hero!
  36. 36. Google Pizza AmbassadorsStudents on selected university campuses aregiven a starting budget of $500 to spend onpizza to feed the ‘late-night code crammers’from Google plates and napkins.Though $500 is the initial offering, the pizzabudget is bottomless as Google PizzaAmbassadors can request as much pizzamoney as they need.The job requires computer science majors with“strong pizza eating skills” to commit to theprogram for one year. Posting pictures of theirGoogle pizza parties also seems to be part ofthe deal.“Google hopes that its small investment paysoff later in the form of talented grads flocking loved ✓ wow✓to the company on the strength of its gesture”. true irreplaceable
  37. 37. Key strategies for long term brand success& more effective fundraising 3. Within your strategic planning, think about the insights you have gained and plot what you might do to gain longer term relevance and fit with your target audiences. What benefits could you bring to meet needs, rather than just facts?
  38. 38. Do us a Flavour!More than 1.2 million people took partin the competition to invent a newflavour for Walker’s crisps to launch!‘Builder’s Breakfast’ eventually won, Flavour Cuppicking up 232,336 votes! The Flavour Cup was Walker’s latest competition where people would vote for their favourite out of the 15 new flavours, and by voting you had the chance of winning prizes too. You were also given the choice to become a ‘superfan’ and win £10,000 by showing them how passionate you are about your favourite flavour in the most ✓ loved✓ wow✓ ✓ fun, creative and original way by true✓ irreplaceable uploading a video or picture on their website
  39. 39. Key strategies for long term brand success 4. Think about what makes your brand stand out from the rest…be cohesive rather than consistent with your strategic communications. You need a clear Brand Heart first to drive this.
  40. 40. For the Big Knit, Age UK and innocent ask knitters ofall ages to get creative and come up with their owndesigns for mini-wooly hats. These tiny masterpiecesare then placed on top of innocent smoothie bottles,which are then sold in stores across the UK. For eachhat knitted, innocent donates money to Age UK.With the help of Online games to win money-off vouchersthousands of for new products in rangeindividuals acrossthe UK, in 2010,625,360 hats wereknitted. This raised Innocent Drinks was also praised as an£177,976 for Age effective Twitter user, producing an averageUK to help make of 900 tweets a week.winter warmer for The report put Innocents success down to itspeople in later life. informal and playful stream ofwow✓ messages,There are also ✓ loved✓ ✓ matching the tone of its other marketingprizes given for the true✓ irreplaceable activities. ✓most creative hats.
  41. 41. The Love it or Hate it campaign was born out of talking topeople and discovering that most of them really either love or hateMarmite! A bold move for the brand, it brings the effect of thespread on different people to life. Even people who don’t like theproduct can still feel involved with the brand and a website for‘Marmite haters’ has even been set up. The various pop-up shops which Marmite has opened, give consumers a chance to engage with the brand in a different way and different environment to what they’re used to (for a limited period of time), whilst also encouraging people to talk about the brand and buy branded merchandise to take away with them. ✓ loved✓ ✓ wow✓ true irreplaceable ✓
  42. 42. Key strategies for long term brand success 5. Become an active brand, rather than a passive brand. Behave as a challenger brand, which means not just taking the easy path. Be unique, be confident and passionate in your actions, not sterile
  43. 43. Unlike most brands that have to recruit brandambassadors, Apple has attained what a lot ofbrands can only dream of: avid loyal fan-atics whoact as brand-ambassadors without prompt!How have they done this?The Apple Brand Experience – from queuingoutside the store waiting in anticipation for thelatest products to go on sale, to being individuallyhelped once in the store by a ‘genius’, gettinghome and opening the beautiful packaging toreveal the even more beautiful product, through tothe high level of customer service all the waythrough your ‘apple life’Consumers are listened to- Apple also askcustomers what they think of their products andhow they can be improved – and then actually doit!Innovation – possibly the most innovative companyout there, they continue to amaze the world withwhat they can offer, and the public just can’t wait ✓ loved✓ ✓ wow✓to see what they will invent next! true✓ irreplaceable ✓
  44. 44. This new campaign by Cadbury really seems to recognisethat social media doesn’t just take place online.As an official sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic andParalympic Games, the thinking behind the currentCadbury campaign is to split the nation into two teams,the spots and stripes, to compete in game play in the leadup to London 2012. All people need to do is join one ofthe teams by signing up on the website to begin scoringpoints for their chosen team.The Challenge Bar is a milk and white chocolate bardivided into three sections; one spotty, one stripy and onechunk in the middle which the Spot and the Stripe mustplay for.The campaign will also see Cadbury touring the country inorder to get the whole of the UK involved with both theCadbury and Olympic games, and, more than likely,promote the Challenge Bar. ✓ loved✓ ✓ wow✓ true irreplaceable
  45. 45. Key strategies for long term brand success 6.Key to successful charity brands is ‘awareness’, ‘engagement’ and then ‘a strong call to action’ – use some of the tools to help layer and enrich your brand to have longer term pull, rather than push. Think about and feed every touchpoint to create a charity brand movement.
  46. 46. Giant brand leaders like McDonalds prove that socialmarketing is not just a fad—it’s a way of interactingwith consumers on a level that’s unlike any other.Television, radio, and direct mail pieces speak to abroad, universal consumer audience—nice if you’retrying to reach the world, but not ideal for today’sneed for marketing that’s personal and cutting edge. Apersonal touch is not optional, it’s a must.3 things that McDonald’s have realised are a essentialto do if you want social media to work:•Be Engaging – they know that personalengagement—the golden ticket to social media—is thekey to reaching and compelling their audience.•Add Value to the message - Twitter followers want anincentive to follow you. A monthly coupon code or asurprise discount is all it takes to make your followersloyal•Conclude with a call to action - Promotions, newproduct assortments, sales, or even insiderinformation that compels the follower to click on yourweb link is a success, and the ultimate goal of anyonline social media marketing strategy ✓ loved✓ wow true✓ irreplaceable
  47. 47. Besides from all the Facebook groups andblogs, Starbuck’s Loyalty Card Scheme is agreat way of engaging customers andencouraging them to choose Starbuck’sover the other coffee chains. The cardoffers users various benefits including:•Free Extra Shot, free syrup or whippedcream for your drink•Free Tall drink when you buy a bag ofwhole bean coffee•Tall Fresh Filter Coffee for £1•Free WI-FI with BT Openzone ✓ loved✓ ✓ wow✓ true irreplaceable
  48. 48. For Adidas’ latest campaign ‘Adidas is all in’, they have enlisted a selection of A-list superstars to help promote their new “all in” mantra. Fans are able to follow the campaign’s progress online via social networks such as Facebook, where the brand is offering daily exclusives on different events and designs and launching new products through competitions. For example, they are giving people the chance to become a music reporter or to influence what will happen in a big football and skating event.Adidas also has a very active and popular Facebook page with almost 7 millions fans.In the lead up to Christmas, Adidas used a daily series of official posts called the“Adidas Originals Holiday countdown” in order to engage fans with the AdidasOriginals line. The social media content is focussed on the loved✓ products, but also tries to ✓ wow✓ ✓keep a personal tone by introducing employees and asking consumers to list their true irreplaceable“greatest ever gifts”.
  49. 49. Investment in brand,will reap long term commercial rewards