Driving traffic to your site via search


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Rachel Collinson, consultant
Web effectiveness workshop

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  • About me. (Rechord, University of Westminster, Engaging Networks, Greenpeace, freelancing) That’s how long I’ve been working on this problem. Hint: if you only remember one thing about this talk – MAKE PEOPLE LIKE YOUR SITE. Entertain. Be useful.
  • Anybody remember this? This is where we were in 1999. Altavista searched pages for mentions of keywords.
  • Most people used eitherAltavista or Yahoo. Yahoo was a human-edited index.
  • Then along came this little upstart. Instantly millions of people started switching over. Why?
  • This is the reason it was so successful – Google combined these two things so that no manual workpower was necessary.
  • You just need to put the right keywords in your meta tags. MYTH!
  • If you build the site, people will come. MYTH!
  • An SEO expert can ‘get you to the top of Google’
  • Caveats: Google is a black box. Following these rules is no guarantee of success and Google may change their mind at any time. And it may take six months to have an effect.
  • Time from when a user clicks on a link from Google to your site and then goes back.Time spent on each page.
  • But keywords are important, obviously.
  • Where to put them
  • Howpagerank works. You want links from sites with a high pagerank.
  • One shortcut is to create and/or edit a Wikipedia page to include links with keywords. Example: WWF’s page.
  • You can also create your own page on Buzzfeed, one of the web’s most popular news sites.
  • It’s a bit difficult to find; you have to scroll down – and here it is.
  • Google webmaster tools is an hour’s topic in itself. Suggest you watch the video on the home page of the site and find out more for yourself but trust me, it is incredibly useful.
  • Pinterest - characteristics
  • Reddit
  • Stumbleupon
  • Google Adwords
  • Display ads (also mention remarketing)
  • List exchange / newsletter adverts / paid promos
  • Newsletter adverts or paid/feature articles
  • Care2 find new donors and supporters for you (explain how care2 works)
  • Same with change.org
  • Driving traffic to your site via search

    1. 1. Get more visits to your site Common myths and how to REALLY succeed Rachel Collinson Director of Knowledge Sharing and Innovation
    2. 2. 15 years
    3. 3. High traffic website Authoritative website High traffic website Link mentions animals Authoritative website Link mentions animals Link mentions animals Animal website Link mentions animals
    4. 4. SEO
    5. 5. SEO
    6. 6. keywords
    7. 7. Other things you can do (that you might not have thought of)
    8. 8. You send an email to their list They send an email to yours
    9. 9. You pay to send an email to their list
    10. 10. ANY QUESTIONS? (Oh, and thanks for listening!) Rachel Collinson Director of Knowledge Sharing and Innovation